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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Fakin' the hammy agane!


Trade Boozer!!!!!! Millsap plays better when he starts!!! Dont know who to trade for maybe a big and a shooter?


Booze, I am from Juneau and I think you are doing great! I used to cheer-on my wrestling sons at JD High,now I gladly pay to watch you! Keep up the good work, good luck!!


What do you Amare fans thinking. Boozer is a better ALL around player then Amare. Amare is aweful at defense. But on the other hand i wouldnt mind having him and booz along side of each other.


Todd seems to have it right today.

Most teams are struggling financially. In seasons past players that are available such as Bosh, LeBron, Amare, Boozer, DWade would have been snapped up and been members of franchises like the Knicks or Lakers as historically they are used to buying championships. This year all bets are off.

the salary cap has teams perplexed and so you have players like TMac very much available but owners are counting their shekels and wondering how competitive they really have to be.

The Jazz are very fortunate to have 2 all stars on their team plus a great supporting cast. Only teams like the Lakers have 3-4 very high quality players. Were the Jazz to trade they need to find someone of the higer caliber and beyond the names already mentioned here the pool of great players gets really shallow in a hurry.

The Jazz have proven they can score with anyone in the league, and they have been sucessful lately in defending as well but they still would love to have help inside on defense. There are few players that could help the Jazz and fewer yet that would consider playing for them.


would help but what can you give to get him?

todd to doug

Doug, I will admit something. I admit I was pretty upset in the off season watching all these players change to other teams and we did not make a move.

The more I am watching the majority of these players that have been moved either through the stats, info on these pages or watching games on the computer with League Pass, the LESS I AM IMPRESSED WITH THESE GUYS and find no BIG DIFFERENCE the majority of the time I check it out.

I would agreee a good selective trade would be good. You at least have admitted the same along with Jesse and some others.

Example: Richard Jefferson

what has he done little

Tyson Chandler?

Injured or Little

Andre Miller?

One lucky game of 52 points, 7 out of 10 games bad or indifferent

so little


Ho Hum


After slow start and looking out of place in New Orleans he has come on. Maybe he is the one I regret not getting. i think with him we would be 2nd behind the Lakers


He is good-how much better than Booz though?


You can have him


I'd like to see them trade Okur for a big defense-oriented center and resign Boozer. Against most teams, play Boozer at center, Millsap at PF, Kirilenko at SF. Against teams that are too big for that line-up, play the defense minded center and rotate the other three. Won't happen, but I think it would be a better team.

comma man

Miles is the best player in the world,better than kobe,better than lebron,


Write it down people... I get this feeling the Jazz are going to trade for someone before the deadline! I just have a gut feeling.

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