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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Boylen's excuses

The excuses to justify a loss to CSU are already in the works. But the utes won't lose much firepower from missing gunner Henderson (his 5 of 15 performance last Saturday was worthy of Tavernari before the Cougar senior benched himself). Henderson is a selfish player, evidenced by his punch and his on-court play.

No big deal

Let him play. It was a sissy slap and then a dive. And on top of that, it won't matter if he plays or not. He plays no defense and on offense he hangs out in the corner for threes. He is completely one-dimensional--and irrelevant.

Boylen needs to play Tillie and Foster together more and let them create for each other on offense.


He has two more 3pt makes this season than Fredette. Fredette has made 46 of 96 from beyond the 3pt line while Henderson has made 48 of 148. The kid is shooting less than 33 percent. Tavernari has had a terrible year and is at 37 percent. I think it is high time somebody else got a look at Henderson's spot. He is too inconsistent to be playing the kind of minutes he gets. Haws shoots 55 percent from beyond the line. Wake up Boylen. No wonder we are at .500.

Oh, ya...

Because we've never heard excuses from the Y before because of injury.......ever.


Watch the tape. The kid maliciously threw an elbow. He should be gone for a whole lot more than one game

Starting Lineup

"Boylen... said he wasn't sure of his entire starting lineup yet."

uuuumm; the season's 2/3's over; when do you think we might decide on a starting line up?


Let's be serious Cougar fans, the one game suspension is fair, it was a poor decision but Emery wasn't hurt, a one game suspension is fair, also he is a freshman and still has to play 3 more games at the Marriott Center, where we will boo him every time he touches the ball.

re: swimdork

I did watch the tape.... as I'm sure everyone else did too. Strange how you missed it though - he didn't hit him with his elbow he caught him with the back of his hand - you have to watch some news channels to see it because of course the Mtn network only had one angle.

I'm just glad Emery didn't suffer any whiplash from hitting the ground so fast.

The Coach immediately addressed the situation and they delt with Henderson the way the rules clearly stated.

Please notice the lack of a media relations department in all of this. Coach Boylen took responsibility for the situation and didn't make one excuse for it. He said that he will be punished and hopefully learn from this. That is something that the beloved y could learn a lot from.

Go Utes!!!

RE: swimbiff

Maliciously? you have got to be kidding me. It was no more than a slap and a great flop. It was very uncalled for and not neccessary for a freshman. But lets not over exagerate here.

Where are the whiners?

So a guy that says that an organization is classless (one players opinion) gets excoriated in the press and by relentless fans.....

and on the other hand, a guy that shows he is classless (one players actions) gets a slap on the wrist, hardly any media attention and not much whining by opposing fans, it is swept under the rug, no big deal because he is not in the spotlight.

Hypocrisy at its best.

Its 3 days later and this is over....not much attention. On the other hand, dedicated fans will continue to buy Honk for Max bumper stickers til the end of time.

Wha, wha, wha....its not the same, you say? Its sports. Athletes act in the moment when the adreneline is pumping, right? Have we heard an apology by Henderson yet? You expected it from Hall and then didnt accept his apology when it came.

Why are not all athletes held to the same standard? Be it a Hall or a Henderson? Dont actions speak louder than words?

Hypocrisy at its best.

flop my eye

NOBODY, and I mean, NOBODY, could have possibily reacted quickly enough to a sucker punch to first see it and then deviously decide to flop just to make it look worse than it was.

Utah fans live in this fantasy world where evil Cougars are continuously cooking up schemes just to make the Utes look bad.

Show a little backbone Utes and just admit that Henderson popped Emery in the nose hard enough to knock him to the floor.

re: flop my eye

Maybe you should watch your cougars a little closer...they have a reputation of flopping all over! It is a requirement for any cougar to know how to flop before he can be on the team and then many hours are spent on the development of the BYU FLOP!

Boylen's a joke

I love how Boylen interprets the NCAA rules. Even though the rule book clearly states that using basically any part of one's body to create malicious contact is defined as a fight, Boylen doesn't call what Henderson did a fight. Then what was it coach? That's like saying "I wouldn't call taking three steps while holding the basketball travelling." This guy's a joke. And he didn't even encourage his player to apologize. Nice role model the yewts have hired.

@flop my eye

someone needs to donate you an eye to see reality. "Popped him hard enough to send him to the floor" (okay). Emery gave a better than Vlade Divac performance. Henderson pinky flipped him. Emery Jackson is not that wimpy (or maybe he is). Stand up for golly darn cougar sakes.


Are Utes fans really justifying the Henderson hit because of the "BYU FLOP"? Hahahhaa! Maybe there should be more punching and swinging because BYU deserves it! The only classless Ute fan is the one justifying this behavior.

Calling a ute is

An assumption that a ute is capable of having any class at all which they have shown time and time again they don't! A coach that justifies the committed offense and a player that offers no apology for "being caught in the heat of the moment", Utes you are not capable of even being classless, you simply are a Ute, errr
I mean LOSER-see your teams record for proof, see your team's actions for more proof, see your coach's actions for even more proof, shall I go on?

It takes two to tango!

Hmm, what caused Henderson to react as he did. What could Emery have said prior to the reaction? We'll most likely never know. To 'where are the whiners', remember it wasn't done at a news conference following an explosive game! Let this type of behavior end and hope that the athletics show more self control so that we can all enjoy a good game and remember it for the outstanding plays.

What if?

Imagine the outcry from the Utes if it had been a BYU player who slapped, slugged or punched (you define it) a Ute player! What words would we hear about BYU from Utes? Hypocrites, self righteous, throw the bum out for life, etc. As it is, what's the big deal, what do you expect from Utes who throw beer into opposing players faces, threaten their families and make it necessary for a police escort of opposing players families out of RES. Classless? If the shoe fits......

Thanks Max

I've always felt the same too.

Dear Ute Fans

Say what you want, all we have to say is: scoreboard.

Conversation's over. You lose, again.

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