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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Recruiting advise

I just attended a recruiting seminar last week put on by Paul Putnam. He is a recruiting expert that gives out free advise on how to maximize your opportunities. He taught 3 things that coaches look for. Academics, charactor and being committed/playing hard. According to this article, he is spot on. I know he speaks every week at a different High School. If you get a chance to go. It will be worth it.


Morgan Scalley doesn't care so much about making Utah better but rather trying to make BYU worse. He "hates (BYU)...ever since (he) was born!" Wow! I didn't know a baby's first words could be "I hate BYU." But, apparently his were. Just go look at the tapes. Although he did sound like he was crying like a baby when he said it.


Morgan is one of the U's very best recruiters. He as recruited many of the U's best recruits in the short time he has been a coach. Coach Whit has rewarded him my putting him in charge of recruiting.

Scalleywag is obviously a jealous Y-ner who has nothing better to do than deposit his cat scat in some one else's sandbox. He is like most Y-ners a knownothing when it comes to Utah athletics.


Morgan Scalley is a GREAT recruiter. If he hates BYU - all the better!


So many haters in Provo... Max and Bronco forever

Aggie Watcher

Getting a recruit is basically a sales job by all universities. Coach Andersen, staff and administration at USU knows how to sell USU and Logan to athletes. Go Aggies.

Max is great

I didn't like him before, but after those comments I became the biggest fan ever.

Don't Worry

at least women's gymnastics could beat byu this year

to: Utefan

If Morgan is one of your best recruiters you better hire someone else that can get the job done. With two bsc wins under your belt the Utes should be getting a lot better recruiting class than they are. Even the so called experts at ESPN says that Utah has dropped the ball in recruiting over the last couple years. But I guess it must be hard going after recruites especially in Utah when you know you are just getting BYU's leftovers.

to: Utefan | 8:14 a.m

Dear Utefan / 8:14

You do understand if just 2 or the 4 targeted recruits choose Utah tomorrow the Utes will have a higher rated 2010 class - right? As it stand now BYU is rated only 5 spots higher.

V.J ( LB) 4 star 90% to Utah
Cullen ( OL) 4 star 75% to Utah
Ricky Heimul ( DE) 4 star 50% to Utah
Lucky Radel ( ATH) 4 star 50% to Utah

It’s a very tight race and as usual, zoobs have declared victory before it’s over.

Recruiting Problems

The reason why Utah's recruiting is down is because of the BCS. Just because Utah busts a BCS bowl dosesn't mean that our recruiting is going to skyrocket. Kids want to play football where they are going to get national exposure and BCS schools are the only ones that can promise that. Recruiting won't get better for any non-BCS team until the BCS offers a playoff system or is done away with.

Same old story

Every year byu gets this so called great recruiting class. They never make the BCS and always lose at least 1 non-conference game, (every year since they have been in the MWC).


Morgan Scalley is doing a great job up at the U. Keep it up Morgan! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Go Utes!


All this doesn't matter until you put them on the field and see how they do. Can't wait for the season to start. Until then children calm down.

re: scalleywag

Yeah he does hate byu as do I. However he has never been so dumb to make comments during a press conference right after a game in which they won.

I'm sure your post made you feel a little better but it's off topic and pointless.

Morgan has done a great job for the Utes and I'm excited to see what happens tomorrow - hopefully they can lock down a couple of those 4 star guys mentioned above.

Go Utes!!!


Re:Same old story. And usually end the regular season by beating Utah. 3 of 4 and counting.

Dont Worry...really

Dont Worry

You seem to be really impressed that your cougs needed overtime with a team full of Seniors, playing at home to beat a rebuilding Utah team with a freshman QB. Looking forward to the rematch in SLC. The accute beat down coming will be difficult for the Cougs Nation to witness.

Floyd Johnson

To: Same old story

I did not check, but it seems BYU went undefeated in conference play 2001, 2006, 2007. I do apologize if that is incorrect.

The exciting thing about football in Utah is how close BYU and Utah have been over the last few years. Both programs have brought in good recruits, and are very closely matched. This may be the best time in history for football in Utah. Imagine if Utah State is able to put some winning seasons together.

Looking forward to see how both programs come out this week.

TheHailstorm RE: Scalleywagg

Let us know when you guys win more than one bowl game.. BYU and all of their great recruiting still owns 1.5 million dollars that the UTAH BCS wins handed over to you ungrateful alley cats and yet you can't win 2 post season games , let alone 9 in a row. I get tired of listening
about the great recruits- if you don't have the coaching to do it right.
Also , quit pulling the honor code card.. I don't hear the Naval Academy or Air Force making a big deal but the blue bloods treat it like their honor code is a yoke around their neck and that it is a burden to live with.
Max didn't do real well with it when it comes to respecting others and portraying a good image for the school, ( as written in your honor code ). Bronky did not reprimand Max as they had a bowl game to play , but the MWC issued a strong reprimand that was ignored. Scalley may have said something but we have no gag order like YBU.
Two faced Prima Donnas is why your treated like hypocrites , rustlers , liars, outlaws, and thieves.

TheHailstorm : A laugh a little

Then Making a fool of themselves by winning a bowl game once every three or four years. Like 5 years in Vegas and counting.

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