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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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this is one of the worst ideas i have ever heard. how stupid can politicians get?


Buttars should grow a brain. That single brain cell he has up there is getting lonely.

Butter comes up with a good

Butters comes up with a good idea?

Kill the 12th and Buses for most High School teachers.

Can't believe it

Honestly, the only Buttars has ever proposed that makes sense.


How stupid can people in Utah be to continue to elect this nutbar.

Anyone sure that he passed his senior year?


Will Mr. Buttars foolish statements never end? Please, someone close to him, make him stop! Or at least edit him.


This really is a weak minded idea! I'm curious as to how there can be no need for 12th grade? My high school experience included the following requirements(had to look it back up)4 years English, 4 years Math, 4 years Science, 4 years History, 3 years Foreign Language. 1 semester Geography, 1 semester Language Skills(English Reading and Speech Presentation) Required Classes also included 2 semester Art/Music and 4 years of Physical Education, plus other electives. Maybe the education requirements are too weak or the classes are too easy? Or the Legislature is to Lazy or afraid to do the job they need to do!


All right, I've had enough. This guy just keeps making those who he is supposed to work for look stupid. Will you people who keep electing this guy please stop voting for him? It's time for Buttars and his generation to retire and fade away.


Who keeps voting for this guy? ...One bad idea after another. Time to retire.


This Guy is awesome! And he's absolutely right. ..we cannot keep things as we always have. Buttars has a real spine and shows some creative solutions to the budget shortfall...I haven't even heard anyone else up on the hill suggest anything to deal with the issue at stake. People, wake up! Most of you in Salt Lake County voted for change last year, and all I see on the comment board is people wanting to keep the status quo.

It would work great for lots of

students! Many have finished most college requirements by 11th grade. If they would "free" the kids to just take one or two last classes (and NOT financial lit - they should exempt kids with a test for that class)it would be GREAT! Kids could start taking classes at SLCC, get jobs and earn money for college - anything but spend countless endless hours in the high school halls wasting their time with friends, "hanging out"!

Now lots of kids still would need and want a Senior year, but why not allow an "opt-out" for the MANY who would take it?

GREAT IDEA!! Just needs a little tweaking!


Buttars is an embarrassment to his constituents and to the people in the state of Utah. I would hope that those he represents cut him from the legislature.

RE: joe | 7:48 p.m.

I agree that "Thinking outside the box" is something our congretial leaders need to do more. However, cutting back on our students education is not thinking outside the box. I see Buttars idea as a week minded solution to a big problem.



ejucashon, whoe neds it?

Recent HS Grad

I recently graduated and I must say, that I am sure thousands of tax dollars were wasted on me taking 4 art classes and a few gym classes senior year. I was not a slacker though. By senior year, thanks to concurrent enrollment, I basically had my associates degree. It is my experience that most high school students really do waste the senior year because there is little the school has to offer them. If anything, senior year should be completely run by SLCC and students should start taking college courses instead of filling the day with underwater basketweaving.


How can anyone take him seriously....why does he keep getting re-elected? Inquiring minds want to know. Is he really the best this state has to offer?

The Factor

Why not get rid of 12th grade? Get rid of ALL the grades. The entire school system is just another government entitlement program. If people want their kids educated they should let the private sector do it. I'm sure private schools could do a better job than the socialist school system we have now!

Let the free market decide! GOP in 2012!

bad idea

In response to Sen. Buttars wanting to discontinue 12th grade: he is saying that we should fast track schools to get kids out by the end of 11th grade. This is a terrible idea and will not save us as much money as he claims.
1. Many, many kids take seminary during school hours. If we fast track them then seminary goes away during school hours. That means we now have all those kids needing to be in a school classroom. If they are not in seminary they will be in a school building. That will cost a lot of money to get more classrooms for all those kids- which means more schools and more teachers. There goes a lot of Buttars supposed savings.
2. Kids are not mature enough at 16 and 17 (Juniors) to be heading off to college. Heck most 18 year olds aren't mature enough.
3. Utah kids will not go to college. Since most universities in the USA require 4 years of English and Social Studies and want 4 years of Math, Utah's kids will not be accepted into any university.
No thanks, Sen. Buttars.


what about athletic programs or educational programs where your senior year is what colleges are looking at. very few athletes get looked at there junior year in high school its not til senior year comes around that scholarship offers start rolling in. this might not make a difference if all utah colleges change on how they approach this but it will make a huge difference on if out of state colleges even look at these athletes because they are interested but not quite satisfied to offer a scholarship. if they are looking at two different athletes both have a good junior year but only one gets a senior year and obviously outshines the one who doesnt even get a chance and either misses out on a scholorship or has to go to a smaller college and try to work their way to the bigger school. either way they miss out on an opportunity.

is anyone

suggesting that we drop all athletics? They did that for us in Alaska in the late 80s due to budget. Just wondering.

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