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Published: Monday, Feb. 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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An Observer

All of these "claimed" jobs are government jobs,

and many are simply temporary.

What has Obama done to "stimulate" the private sector?

Not me

I've been looking for work for 7 months...had many interviews in software sales, but have not had a single offer. Kudos to those that did find work though.


how many of these "jobs" were in the phantom 5th congressional district?


I found work....in SEATTLE

WOW !!!

Boy is this stimulating.....! WOW....Obama is truly a (select one)
1. A genius
2. My Hero
3. An Idiot, regardless
4. A Phoney
5. A Mess
6. A Terroiists best friend
7. Eric Holders puppet

(Duh, uhh, uhh, duh, and to think he went to Harvaaarrddddddddddd)


What is that famous quote? "You lie!" I don't believe anything any politicians people spew. I've worked with statistics for years and there is one truth. You can make statistics and numbers prove/support anything you want to.

Zero jobs

Government doesn't create "jobs," it creates work. When the money runs out, the "job" goes away.

Businesses create "jobs." An investment in a business creates an enterprise which is self-sustaining, so the "job" remains.

That's why tax cuts work: The money in people's pockets is spent on goods and services which sustain businesses. Those businesses take in the money and pay it out in salary and inventory (goods). The salary is spent on goods and services.

Some say tax cuts lead to deficits. Not true. History shows tax cuts ALWAYS increase government revenue. What creates deficits is SPENDING more than you take in. The same thing that creates debt in your home.


If Obama really wants to stimulate jobs he needs to free up the lending environment. I know many companies who would like to expand or at a minimum receive a loan to put themselves in a better financial situation to then allow for expansion opportunities but can't even get in the door with banks. All the banks are doing is trying to shore up their own books. They aren't looking out for the little guy that keeps this country moving. For crying out loud, they are borrowing for 0% from the Feds! The borrowing/lending gap is huge! No wonder the big banks are showing huge profits! I wish I was in the industry--huge margins and the gov't won't let them fail.


Wonderful! How many jobs would have had Mr. Pres not talked the economy down well into his presidency?


How many people believe these numbers? I've looked into a few of these as well as the grants that went to fund some charter schools. Mr. Davidson: Look into the details. Be a real journalist. You'll likely notice that in most of these the real story is the story behind the story. I'm afraid that you'll be afraid to publish it. Go with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on the first one: 1,890 jobs from a $263 million grant to the state from the Education Department to help retain administrative and faculty positions in the state's higher education system. That is $139,153 per job! Ask for a copy of the grant and how it was executed per line item. What you'll find is a lot of mish-mash-balder-dash? You'll notice some fun stuff! Report it!!

UTA Lies

UTA does real Good at LYING to the Taxpayers.

Failed again

When will the Obama Administration realize that they fail to convince "True Americans" that they are stimulating the economy? I see them stimulating the national debt at the fastest rate ever recorded in history. Temporary jobs funded by grants, do nothing to stimulate an economy. You will see my Democratic vote change to Republican in 2012!!!


I'm sorry, but taking our money to make goverment bigger does NOT create jobs. It is a huge net loss. It sucks money out of the system.

You want to help the economy? Quit spending!


This incessant whining is boring. It's the same old song. We know nothing Obama can do will please you. Your opinion is meaningless.

Hey Anonymous

Wise up, they count jobs created? How many have been lost. I saw 11,000 jobs being cut at Sams Club. UTA is cutting trains, that will mean jobs lost. People who operate a shovel are getting Obama jobs, but what about the software guy? Government does NOT create jobs, it creates spending.

Have Obama do

Somthing right and he will get praised. So far he has done nothing right.


Is anyone truly surprised by Obama's failure? We (well, not me) elected the worst possible person for the job at the worst possible time. We couldn't have timed it any worse! To 'Anonymous @7:02, that isn't whining you hear, that is the rumble of the backlash that is coming in November. The best thing the administration and congress could do for the economy now is take a 3 year vacation, or better yet, resign.


The government is not in the jobs creation business. They are playing us for fools, using our money to supposedly create jobs. We spend more money creating them than the jobs are worth, much more money!
I just wish the scummy politicians would get out of the way and let the free market take care of the jobs problem.
@anon, "we know nothing Obama can do will please you." It sounds like you are part of the administration. Obama could stop the crazy spending, that would please me.


I get very suspect when the claim is creation of jobs and the first explanation says " to help retain administrative and faculty positions"

How can they honesty count these as jobs created unless they were first lost? The claim is only that they "helped" to retain.

Smoke & mirrors again.


Yes, let those bad old banks make small business loans just like they did when the liberals pushed for sub-standard mortgages. Check around and talk to any banker that understands the business. Ask him how his last FDIC Federal Examination went. Once again our government creates problems and then blames the problem on the private sector (this time the banks). Then the government agencies, (the Federal Regulators)(the FDIC) overreacts by punishing banks for making any loan that is not AAA. The FDIC can, on a whim, rate any loan or groups of loans as "substandard" and put an otherwise good bank out of business. Stop buying the BS about the Banks being the bad guys. Did you not see all the major bankers, most of which had paid back their government loans with interest, stand up and let Obama treat them like criminals. Big government is much more tyrannical than big business ever could possibly be. Yes and class envy works, so please don't tell me how those bad old bankers spend their entire life trying to screw you. You know, I from the government and I want to help you. Right?

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