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Published: Monday, Feb. 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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They knew it was coming.

Their only hope was that if they did it first, the MWC will respect it.

It's hard to overule a programs suggestions so it will probably stick, but with the hair pulling incident in soccer, and the commercials the MWC runs on sportsmanship, I think they just might give a few more games.


Should be more. Cheap and totally CLASSLESS!!!


Let's give this young man a break. His action was one of frustration; the kind of emotional flare -up that young men sometimes exhibit at such times. As he matures he will learn better to control himself in such situations. No harm was done. He will serve a (deserved) suspension and I'm sure he will represent the University of Utah well in the future.

I would hate to be judged for life for a few of my actions when I was 18.


CAUSING Emery to hit the floor? You mean causing him to FLOP! See you at the Huntsman Center!

Up and Down

Basketball is a game that ilicits great emotion at times. If you don't believe me go and attend any church basketball game up and down the Wasatch Front. You will see plenty of "classless" behavior when there is literally nothing on the line. This 18 year old kid will serve his time and learn from his mistake.


Why is it that we are raising such immature young people? What about that young lady who pulled the soccer player to the ground by the pony tail? What about Max Hall saying stupid things about the U. When are we going to raise children to be respectful no matter what. This is totally rediculous.


My mother always said that actions (Henderson) speak louder than words (Hall).

re: One Game

What was really classless was superstar Jimmer Fredette trash talking below average role player Jace Tavita after hitting a three late in the game.

Part of becoming a great player is just playing the game. And if you choose to go after someone, at least make it a player of consequence on the other team.


Don't youse blokes think that it is ironic that this remark came from Coach Boylen? He said, " He has got to control his emotions" Yeah right coach!
When you control your emotions then maybe your players will. How many of you have seen Boylen just out of total , control? Yeah, me too! Course, Dave "I never swear" Rose always has his emmtions under total control right?

Players will DO when coaches will DO!!!

Oh, by the by Go AGGIES! IN STEW WE TRUST!


Talk about a soccer flop!!! I am surprised he could get up after that flop!

re: OOtahrules

Sounds good. You'll lose there too.
Have you forgot how awful your basketball team is and how good BYU is?

This should be fun...

Flip Flop

That flop was worse than just about every politician that has expressed an opinion openly, but it goes to say that if he can put on that good of a show on the court, he is probably even classier off the court... Honor Code....

@OOtahrules | 3:53 a.m. Feb. 1,

Get hit in the mouth and see if you flop or hit the floor. Henderson is undisciplined and fixing it is a quality coache's task. Oh wait, Utah doesn't have a quality coach.


See you in the tourney... Oh wait you won't be there.


onegame, we have no players of consequence. The utes stink and it is Boylens fault. Fire Boylen!

My Thoughts

I love the way issues like this can be manipulated any which way. The bottom line is fans and players from both universities have proven themselves to be classless at times. Justifying Henderson taking a swing at Emery by saying that Jimmer was trash talking Jace Tavita is simply priceless. Come on classless fans, keep the comments coming. I need some entertainment!

Great Joke

"Stay Classy Utes"

Way to show your team's true form Saturday Henderson. Yes, Emery flopped a little, but slapping someone should still receive a harsher punishment than this. Hypocrite Utes wanted Max suspended for a game, bowl game non the less. Now this guy tries to slap someone and many dont think he should be suspended?

Hey utes - at least you have women's gymnastics doing well


Onegame, that would be possible if we had a player of consequence! Fire Boylen!


Even if byu has a one and done again, it will sure beat trying to end the season .500

Read the Story

Emery went after Henderson after he fouled him by taking offense to Henderson trying to throw the ball off of JT.

I don't excuse Henderson for what he did but to say that he deserves more is a joke. Emery went after him then flopped. You tell me which is classless?

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