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Published: Saturday, Jan. 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Esto es fantastico! Hay muchos que leeran este periodico.


I'm not sure why Spanish speakers need a separate forum. US Citizens should be able to speak English passably well. It seems like the only people who would benefit are people who have no need to learn English. People who have no roots here and no reason to integrate. Doesn't seem like a population that should be encouraged.


Boy, any questions as to why the Deseret News' editorial page is ALWAYS pro illegal immigrant on every single issue?

Hilarious. Nothing like a news organization being objective and straightforward.


I'll give it 6 months.


The D News in English is losing readers so now they are going to branch out into spanish?

Good one.

separate but equal

The DNews needs a logic lesson. We do not bring people closer together by catering to their differences.

The publication of this paper is just another step in the LDS Church's "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward illegals, and is, frankly, disappointing. There was a time when the Church and the DNews were promoting integration and assimilation, in the true spirit of our national motto - Out of Many, One. They at one time encouraged becoming quickly proficient in English and learning how to function in mainstream American society. Now they openly embrace balkanization and a separate but equal approach to dealing with illegal Latinos.

This new publication is not something to be cheered. It does not join us together but instead is one more thing to keep us apart. DNews gauzy assertions aside, this will do great harm to our state.

Invisible Hand

This will be an interesting experiment. News organizations are in business to make money. If there's a market for a Spanish language newspaper, then more power to them. It's called free enterprise.


People and organizations who tend to benefit financially from illegal immigration and the 2-part society that has been built from it always "embrace" the "Hispanicization" of our society. They try to tell the rest of us what a benefit it is to embrace the Spanish speaking culture rather than try to help them embrace our English-speaking culture.

Come to the west side of SLC, and I will show you how it hurts society. None of you elitists that made this decision probably live in Glendale, etc.

This is extremely disappointing. It simply emphasizes our differences, not uniting our various cultures. It turns us into a 2-part culture, with all the various problems that does/will entail.

My support of the Deseret News will go down because of this. I won't be renewing my subscription nor will I use your web site as often.

I doubt this post will show up because of your spineless ability to embrace differing opinions that won't benefit you financially.

Give me a break

If I am in Mexico I expect to speak spanish, if I am in Japan I expect to speak japanese Etc. If I am in the United States I expect to speak english. Wasn't it just a short time ago that English was chosen as the official language of the United States? Spanish persons already have many outlets to turn to if they want to state their opinions or get information the cable and satelite companies have many channels for spanish speaking people already. Do you think Mexico will facilitate english language t.v. or newspapers in their country? How absurd !! How many atm's in other countries give you a choice of which language you want to use? If you live in the United States you should know how to speak english. How many classified ads for jobs that say must read and write english are there? Get real people and quit trying to placate everyone.


Might I also mention that I work in the computer industry and work along side many immigrants from India. They speak English and respect our culture. And we all benefit from it. That is what we should embrace.

Could be a great bridge

to our US culture for Latinos if done right! I work with many Spanish speakers and what they need MOST is to learn English. This benefits them the VERY most - and they need encouragement and opportunities to learn.

Suggestion to the editor: print one column each time you publish that is in Spanish AND English. Challenge your readers to read it in Spanish and then in English. Then at the end, ask some comprehension questions in both languages, and make it a game to see if the reader can answer in English.

At the end of this column EVERY PUBLICATION - list the places and times of free English classes all over the valley. They happen every day - we teach them 3 days/week at our public charter school and everyone is welcome!

Please use this newspaper to encourage and help our Spanish speaking citizens to LEARN ENGLISH for their own sake - so they can get better jobs, and start speaking English in their homes which will help their children to succeed in school.

Carolyn Sharette - Director American Preparatory Academy and The School for New Americans in West Valley City.

Lew Jeppson

I have no problem at all with this new media outlet. What would really be neat, however, would be for it to have an independent voice, distinct from the Republican lockstep of its management. Ain't gonna happen, though. Too bad.

Compassion Please!

I expected the comments from the racist overboard illegal fringe groups. It's a business decision plain and simple! Even grocery stores and advertisers have caught on that the Latino segment is a large group of consumers in the US. I know several languages and have no problem with people speaking other than English. The "speak American, your in America" nonsense is ridiculous. I regularly pick up our local "Spanish newspapers" and read them. Many of them are tools for Spanish speakers to learn English! There are columns on speaking English with lessons. They are not some conspiracy paper. It might surprise you anti-illegals but with our down economy many of those folks left the US two years ago. Also, not everyone who speaks English and has brown skin is illegal!

Recently Retired

Wow, some of the people is this State are very close minded. I welcome the spanish edition of the news. Having worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years before I retired and now continuing to serve the public in my new profession, I wish I could speak spanish. I have tried over the years to learn on my own. I have developed the ability to get and give basic information and can hold brief conversations in spanish but I wish I could do more. I have to wonder if any of you who demand they learn english ever take the time to enjoy the culture at a mexican resturant? Do they make you speak spanish in order to eat there? How silly it is that we expect them to abandon their culture when they move here.

I do agree that they could beifit from english as a second language but I could surely benifit from spanish as second language as well. I have spanish speaking neighbors that live next to me and down the street from me. I enjoy talking with them and having them help me learn to speak their language.

Please open your minds!


Why is it that those who want English spoken are racists? But those who DON'T want to embrace English are not racists?

Spare the racists comments, please. They don't contribute useful discussion and only incite anger. Also, spare us the compassion-less accusations also. Personally, I think that helping people to embrace English is the most compassion-filled agenda there is. Both sides have arguments for compassion. By the way, I am multi-lingual myself.

hmmm.... agendas agendas.

Re: Recently Retired

Well put and good for you. If we could have more objective minds like yours in this State, we would all be translated by now.

I understand the bitterness of citizens with those people who are here illegaly but come on people, this is just a newspaper. What is the harm in that? If you don't speak the languange, then just don't buy or read the newspaper. I don't speak any other language but English and I intent on reading the English speaking newspapers out there and no harms done to my intellectual faculties.

Free Market

I thought the Deseret News was a privately-owned newspaper and could do whatever they want, as long as it is legal. Why do you people care if they publish a Spanish edition? If you don't want to read it, then don't read it. Let the market decide if it is a good move. Isn't that the conservative way that most of you drone on and one about?

@Thanks give me a Break!

I was born American have Spanish Ancestors.
Speak American&Spanish.And Im proud of my Culture)

Everyone is Equal have One Heart

Let them learn more Good for them!!
And The Broken English Would be more easier to Understand.

If they are not From America they should LEARN How to Pronounce Our English Vocabulary-

English papers in LatinAm

There are English newspapers all over Latin America and newspapers all over the world. A strong belief in the rule of law is no excuse for treating people as sub-human beings. Many Hispanics are here legally. The unavoidable, real life situation is that these people, illegal or not are here. Most all want to learn English. Not all are capable of learning English right away or at all.This paper will provide them with a humane outreach of basic information. It will likely benefit all our community in bring understanding between cultures.

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