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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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out of utah

One thing's certain: Either Washington or NotreDame will be getting a motivated (angry against BYU) recruit.

I love rivalries

I've never commented before, but I just have to say... I love rivalries. Ute fans acting like everything Bronco and BYU does is so different than any other school in the country. I would suggest this Uties... learn what other schools do before you comment. USC, Texas, Ohio St., Florida, and even the school you cheer for all offer more scholarships then they have. Everyone knows that kids change their minds, and you'll loose some to get back to the number you have. No different than airlines overbooking flights. And pulling scholarships is very common for uncommitted recruites at all schools. You never hear of them because its a no news issue. Of course when you look through your Crimson glasses, everything BYU does is exotic and unjust.

My suggestion to you Uties... just worry about how bad and embarressed your team is going to be tonight in Provo, and try hard to wake up tomorrow morning not feeling like your life is over.

Cougar Butcher

My frail, feeble and extremely dilusional cougar friends......wait, I have no cougar friends. Let's just call you the "misguided". This deal is nothing more that a picture into the world in which you exist, a picture that reveals how ignorant of reality you actualy are. BYpew will never again bask in the national glory of football reverance. Events like this will not galvanize the young and upcoming mormon athletes out there, it will make them question the heart of the staff and face it, you can't do it on mormon athletes alone, BYpew has to bring in high quality non-mormon athletes to compete and this is going to close that door. While I find nothing good about the state of Utah aside from your snow, this brings a smile to my face, go utes, I guess.

re: awsomeron 3:51am

"If you pull a Scholarship form a Student for just Visiting another Campus that is wrong."

No, it isn't "wrong" to do that. It is the program's POLICY to do that after a player has committed to the school. Many other schools have this same POLICY. If it appears highly likely the kid has changed his mind and is going to go somewhere else then the coaches will want to give that scholly to another kid who really wants to be in their program.

"The Coach is right. You should really want to go to BYU or Not Go There. However you should have the right to look."

He did have the right to look. But he gave it up by verbally committing last summer and saying BYU was where he wanted to be and not at any other school. What he should have done was not commit so quickly, make ALL the trips he wanted, and THEN accept a scholarship offer to a school.

So you were actually up at 3:51am posting your comment, huh? I think that might have affected your ability to think clearly.


It is fact that a byu coach first contacted the family or a friend of the family in the Nelson trasfer case.
That was reported in both papers.
After they fact they 'forget' who contacted who.


Phillips gave his word...100% committed to BYU so he cancelled his trip to Cincinnati. Bottom line he showed that he's more mature and wise than Kona.

Good on ya coach!

Utes whine big time

Hey utes, you are the biggest whinners in the world. Guess what, BYU is better than you in football and in basketball. There is nothing you can do about this. This assures the rest of us that you utes will continue to whine and show your true colors. Utes want your binky?


Hey, for anyone having a little problem understanding what "committment" means, go read the Jan 27 story in this same sports section about Joshua Quezada. See if you can spot the not-so-subtle difference between him and Schwenke.

Tyler Stewart

This seems ridiculous. Would Bronco do the same to Jake Heaps? Is this common BYU practice? Not cool.


RE: ridiculous
Remember Manti Teo (?) the guy from Hawaii that was such a good linebacker ? Broncow thought he had him sewed up but what does he do when the kid orally commits to Notre Dame... that's right he ships Brandon Doughman over to the islands to camp out on the doorstep and talk to dad for a week.
Don't you agree that The coaches at the Y are just a bit schizophrenic... Say one thing then do another when YBU is on the short end.
Something is just not right about this article.

Get over yourselves

I hate to break it to BYU fans, but Kona's not "losing out" at all. BYU is a 2nd-tier, 2nd-rate, non-BCS program. Nobody cares. It's cute when the Broncos do well, just like when BSU does well, for example. But at the end of the day, Kona's a 4-star recruit who will make a big-time program (either UW or ND) very happy in a couple of years on the DL. BYU fans need to get over themselves, because the only one "losing out" in this transaction is you. Happy middling your way through the non-BCS. You'll never be relevant. Accept the truth.


Don't worry BYU the Huskies will welcome this fine young man with open arms.To bad your recruiters are burning the bridges over in Hawaii but that's OK well take the cream of the crop when it comes to the great athletes that come out of the south pacific.

NCAA Observer

In the business world of college football it is wise to have your bases covered whether you are the recruiter or the recruitee. D-1 coaches often times offer nearly TWICE as many scholarships as they have available with the understanding that they can pull an offer at ANY TIME. That's called having a backup plan and CYA. I think it would be naive for a recruit not to have a similar plan. CYA and commit to a good school early. Trip later if good options become available and choose the best option still on the table. Go where you really want to go and don't buckle under the hard selling tactics of professional salesmen. Please don't live in the past either. Last year's record for each team isnt nearly as relevant as coaching tenure and recruiting class makeup. ND and UW both have huge upsides with new coaches and strong talent/recruiting bases. That's the difference between those who make things happen and those who wonder "what just happened?". Learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future.


after reading kona's father's remarks, im convinced that he is the main problem there.

It's all really quite simple

To future college athletes:

A committment, whether verbal or written, IS A PROMISE! Period. If you want to take recruiting trips, BEFORE you commit to a school, THAT'S FINE! Trip yourself out until you're blue in the face! But DON'T go back on your word AFTER you've given your word!

Now, CAN you go back on your word? Sure, you are free to do so, but there will be consequences for it. I would make a safe bet that 99 out of 120 other college coaches would have done the same thing Bronco did.

There are hundreds of college athletes that have done this the right way. Jake Heaps is a prime example, he had like 30 offers, he took visits, he thought all of them through, and then he made his choice. Simple as that.

What happened is a more attractive opportunity to Kona (Notre Dame) presented itself late. Notre Dame had no intention of recruiting Kona until they lost some of their own defensive recruits. Bronco was testing out Kona's committment level, and it went how he thought it would.

Kona is now better off, and in the long run so is BYU.

USU f@n

Riley Nielson bailed on my program for BYU, but we Aggies don't care about that at all. It's not like we were so bent out of shape about it that we went crying to the NCAA demanding a rule change. It's not like we post bitter comments about Bronco Mendenhall on message boards TWO YEARS later. Of course not, we are so over it. Only a whiny little girl with no self dignity would hold a grudge for over two years, and that's definitely not us. Go Aggies!

Re: t's all really....@11:35a.m.

Amen to what "It's all really quite simple" said.

And another piece of advice, young men, don't make a commitment to another school and then expect an offer from BYU.

If you've committed to another school, as a matter of principle, Bronco will not recruit you or extend an offer to you, period.


Kona's dad is a joke and he's trying to make BYU look bad over this. That's really classy to bash BYU to the media when you know the coaches are forbidden from commenting on it and defending themselves. Just fess up to the fact that you cared more about taking a free trip on ND and UW than you did about your son going where he committed to go and stop blaming BYU. If Kona were commited to BYU then he'd care more about keeping his scholarship offer there than taking a trip to hang out. Now his father is playing the blame card because he probably realizes his own stupidity.

Neither UW nor ND are as good of programs as BYU. UW is certainly heading in the right direction, but not there yet and ND just fired its coach. It's a shame Kona's dad is such a joke that he cost his son a great opportunity, but I'm sure that trip to freezing south bend in January will be worth it for you. Have fun with that.

Re: USU f@n

Wow. thanks for noticing the time frame. I'm sure TWO DAYS after Aggie fans got the news about Riley Nelson they were freaking out too. And I'm quite sure BYU fans will be over it in TWO YEARS, PROBABLY a LITTLE sooner, I'm thinking.

Come on, use that thinking cap before you write.

Two sides

There are two sides to the story. And the alleged honor code comments aren't helping byu's case. Kona's dad has been suspect, but byu doesn't appear to be free from guilt. Pulling the scholly for a visit? No problem with that, but questioning the kid's ability to live an honor code as a result? Low.

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