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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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BYU vs Utah

I read the article and most of the comments. Here is all I ask. If the news writers write some story about Utah or their program, what ever it is. BYU fans, please don't write such stupid things like the BYU haters are saying about this article. This was pretty well cut and dry. The Utah fans are so hateful, and they sure look dumb.

Hey Utah Fans

Why can't you go away? I didn't read anywhere in this article that made mention of the University of Utah, yet the discussion ALWAYS comes back to the hatred between these schools, no matter the topic. You people need to get a life, and probably a job too. You and your fans are pathetic.

Kewger Spin

is really THIN ! What happened to all the yappers last week when some Ute recruits decommitted ? All of the sudden we are talking about honor and committment. And the spin..........Easy for Bronco to throw a kid out in the media who was going to leave anyway, just to say he did it first. Why would this kid go to a school who doesn't have a D lineman of note in the NFL in who knows how long ? And Ute fans, who cares about Harvey Unga ? It sure doesn't feel like we missed out on anything special. And for everyone else, I don't ever hear Kyle crying through the media about things like Mendenhall does even though I'm sure he gets frustrated too. Man vs gradeschool mentality and maturity.


In perspective if a guy asks a girl to marry and she accepts and a date is set, and then two weeks before they say I do, she want to try out another guy, it's time to dump the girl...

On and off the field.

lets not forget that we are talking about a 17 to 18 year old kid here. Playing "hard ball" when YOU promised a child a scholarship is not living right off the filed.

A Few Thoughts

1. Why would ND, Cincinatti or any other program use their resources to bring in a kid who is publically saying he has committed to another school and is just looking for a fun trip for his dad and uncle or to hook up with some friends? I suppose they are still hoping to convince the kid otherwise but it sure seems like a waste in a very tough financial environment for almost all universities. Student services are being cut while spoiled athletes are being flown around the country when they are admittedly just looking for a fun litle trip.

2. Obviously we would now expect Mendenhall to refuse to bring any kid in who has verbally committed to another school. Even if there are hints that he could be persuaded otherwise. Unless he officially decommits Mendenhall should not influence kids to be dishonest even if it is to BYU's potential advantage.

3. I hope Mendenhall did not really insinuate that if this kid tripped to ND then he may not be able to keep the honor code. That sounds more like Roger Reid talking points than anything. Use the LDS angle as a carrot not a stick.

Pre-emptive strike

It's about time. Remember Ngata, who lied to Crowton? BYU shouldn't take these guys at their word because they lie. If they can't keep a commitment to stick with the Cougars, they won't be able to keep commitments for 4 years.

boylen agrees

When Jim Boylen was asked on the radio what he would do it was the exact same thing.He makes a good point of all the peoples time at another university you are wasting by going after you've already made a commitment.I don't like BYU at all but chances are Whit would do the same.

ND hasn't offered

Won't it be hilarious if Notre Dame doesn't even offer this guy? Too much shopping around should carry some consequences.


You reap what you sew. Again

Could end up a ute

If ND doesn't offer him, the Utes will. They are always willing to go after BYU rejects.

I mean

sow. before someone goes nuts about spelling and grammar

Lack of Commitment

The biggest question with Kona is this:

If he was 100% committed to BYU, why did he wait until a week before signing day to take recruiting "visits" to other schools?

I don't blame BYU's coaches for being a little suspicious of Kona's true intentions given the timing.

Dr. J

Two things come of this;

Kids are going to think twice before committing to BYU so early. And, Kids who do committ will understand that their committment is binding. Both are good things.


I love what bronco is doing your either committed or your not.Like everyone has said good luck at 500 or under N.D. Or for that matter Washington.Kona you really screwed up Manti didnt do anything last year, and niether will you. Sounds like to me the party life best fits you.

I got something for ya

You called the Utes new Texan o lineman a midget at 6 3. How bout you look at that new "holy" midget of yours in Heaps; 6 1. If you got such a big line, how will he see over it?

You guys will miss Kona. This is the truth and you know it, you have no D line at all. You lost 3 starters and 2 backups and now you lost Kona and Bronson is going on a mission and is hurt.

no integrity to either school

how fair is it to either school if they committed already to one, and expect the other school to shell out the cash just to entertain them ? Don't do this when you get job offers either; if you're certain you're going to take one job - cancel with any others you have lined up and explain that you don't want to spend their money. I had a kid make that call to me about 25 years ago, and he called me 3-4 years later and asked if I knew of any open positions, he'd been downsized - I hired him on the spot due to his earlier integrity and honesty...

Notre Dame

Are we kidding ourselves when we think that BYU is the only school that does this! EVERY SCHOOL IN AMERICA DOES THIS! All I can say is that it is about time that BYU gets with the rest of the nation. BYU will survive with or without him.

Economic integrity

Thanks 9:59,

High school kids need to know that they aren't given "free trips" to colleges everywhere just because. If Kona was "100%" committed to BYU then it is a lack of integrity to waste "Notre Dame's" money. Nothing is free. This economy needs to figure that out. Quit looking for free rides and hand outs. No one owes you anything you haven't earned.

Bronco Fan

I like it. Bronco wants kids that are committed to BYU. So do I.

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