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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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But if they are wavering and then you rescind the scholarship offer, they definitely aren't wavering anymore and you can so good-bye. I guess I somewhat understand it because we've seen how many times people are committed to other schools and then turn around and commit to BYU, so it goes both ways.

Don't worry about the haters

BYU fans. They find some way of twisting every BYU decision to fit their own warped sense of reality.

The most important thing to get from all of this is that Coach Mendenhall only wants players who are 100% committed to BYU football.

If they aren't, they and BYU are better off having them play somewhere else.

That's all that Mendenhall wanted from Kona, an assurance that he was 100% committed to playing for BYU.

Good luck Kona. I hope you have a very successful college football career, wherever that might be.


So was Riley nelson 100% committed to BYU when Bronco recruited him on his mission?

SD Blue

Mendenhall is a cowboy for calling this kid out. Is he committed? It would seem not since he is taking a trip to another school with only a few days until signing day. If someone is not committed then whether or not he is an amazing player would only be negated by his wavering to the program. And once again, why are utes (yuck!) commenting on BYU giving up a scholarship. You guys should be stoked to hear that BYU has one less recruit to beat you up. But once again, there is no such thing as a ute fan but only a BYU hater. Go Cougars!!


Kona will commit to Washington! Shame on his dad for being dishonest and a bad example. Taking money from ND and Washington than saying BYU should trust that his son is committed to them. Just take advantage of everybody! What a poor excuse of fatherhood.


This is what I hate about players waiting until signing day to tell the schools where they will go. Dont they know that it hurts the schools that dont get chosen?

I also felt this was a pretty hard line to take but coach Mendenhall knows more of the details of this recruit than anyone here. In fact, he has been seen other players go at the last minute and decided he didnt want that to happen again in this case.

Some other player will now get this scholarship and perhaps both will be happy with their decision.

I hate to see BYU lose such a talented player but if he doesnt want to be there then he shouldnt go.

Now the questions is

What does the BYU Defensive Line look like for 2010?

It's not as bad as it seems

I'll start with the bad news:

The 3 starters from 2009- Jan Jorgensen, Russell Tialavea, and Brett Denney are gone.

BYU recruited 3 defensive ends for the 2010 class.

Bronson Kaufusi is going to be an awesome defensive end for us. In fact, he was the best one in the class, but he can't compete due to high school injury, so he will just go straight on a mission and probably red shirt. So he won't be able to make an impact until 2 to 3 years from now.

Hauoli Jamora from Kahuku committed and changed his mind to go to Washington, Kona (also from Kahuku) may just do the same or go to Notre Dame from what it looks like. It hurts cause both were great players and we needed both of them bad.

I'm crossing my fingers that Vic So'oto can be granted a medical hardship. If so, then we have a decent starting lineup. The starters would them look to be Vic So'oto, Romney Fuga, and Matt Putnam. That's not bad.


I find it funny that coaches can criticize a kid for taking trips and seeing other schools. If the NFL came calling for Mendenhall and he checked out a pro team, should BYU then fire him? Coaches have all the power with respect to jumping ship and breaking "commitments" to players and Universities, while the players are virtually locked into the schools to which they sign LOI's even if their coaches leave (unless they want to sit out a year or go to an FCS school).
Also, wouldn't you want a kid to do his due diligence and then find out that your school was the best place for him? I think that it is a sign of weakness and a lack of confidence on Mendenhall's part.
An oh yeah, BYU blows and plays in a lame conference with no chance of winning future national championships.


It really doesn't matter who this kid commits to, Washington is going to smash BYU in the opener in Provo.

Riley Nelson...

is 100% committed to BYU now, which is the only thing that matters.

USU fans are simply bitter that Riley decided that BYU was a better fit; especially with all of the coaching changes that took place at Utah State while he was on his mission.

Riley's situation was not much different than Ben Olsen, Max Hall, and the miriad other football players who were recruited while they were serving missions.

Anybody who says that missionaries don't make after mission plans while they're still in the mission field is simply being dishonest. Practically every missionary I knew had plans for after their mission that they openly discussed.

The President of the Quorum of the Twelve, in fact, visited my mission and talked with all of the missionaries about things they should be planning to do soon after their missions--education and marriage plans being the primary focus.

re: hypocrites | 12:58 a.m.

None of your criticisms have any validity whatsoever, but you have proven, conclusively, that you're simply a BYU hater.

Kona has had since last summer, when he verbally committed to BYU, to do due diligence.

IF was 100% committed to BYU, why did he wait until he was only a week away from national letter of intent signing day to start his "due diligence"?

More and more it sounds like Bronco did the smart thing to challenge Kona's commitment, since it appears that Kona was already getting ready to jump ship anyway, and leave BYU high and dry.

Now BYU will have time to offer Kona's scholarship to a player who really is 100% committed to BYU.

Dear Hailstorm and Hypocrite

Both of you are as clueless as the day is long.

Hailstorm: You must have been hit in the head with too many hailstones. Those scholarships are not for just this year. Pay attention and you will find out some are for kids who will come next year also. QUIT TWISTING THE FACTS TO SUIT YOUR HATE.

Hypocrite. Again you twist the facts to suit your hate. The NCAA says that when an athlete has not been in school for 12 months they are released from their commitment and are free to move or to be talked to. Those are the rules. So get a life. You are most likely a USU grad and continue to hate and hate and hate and hate. Grow up.

So how about all you self-righteous people close the mouth and quit searching for garbage, because you most likely have a ton of it in your own house.


If it is as reported in another blog his dad says that he was only going to visit his friends, but was not going to seriously look at the program, then this young man has an integrity problem. To d0 that in the business world, to have a business pay for my expenses and flights to accomplish something, then I go and do something else is called fraud. ND would have been right to bill the entire expense back to the family for this young man's vacation.

If you change your mind before signing day then have the guts to stand up and call the coach and say, you have a change of heart. According to his dad he prayed about it and felt BYU was the right place. IF that is the case then he knew the answer and should have let ND know that he had no interest in their program. To do what he was doing is blatantly dishonest. Honor Code and Honesty go hand-in-hand.

ANyone else who comes on here to justify his actions simply doesn't understand what Integrity means and needs to look seriously in a mirror.

Re: 0-1

Perfect, that's just the attitude we need from the Huskies coming into our house. . .

It'll be fun to unpleasantly surprise you.


Try again:

BYU is a hard School for a lot of reasons. A lot of people think twice or as many times as they need to and go somewhere else.

NCAA allows Students to Visit X Number of Campuses and check out the programs. The Student has the right to do this.

If you pull a Scholarship form a Student for just Visiting another Campus that is wrong.

It is Not Communist or China, because No One Makes You Do It At The Point Of A Gun.

BYU can have the Rules it wants to have, but Not Everyone is going to follow them, perhaps it's best all around if he goes elsewhere.

South Bend has an Institute Of Religion.

This Kid is among the Best In The Nation. From a State Champ Team.

ND will be on National TV 500 or Not. If they Win 7 they will be in a Bowl Game. ND = Ratings.

Also the Mission Pressure will be off, and the Social Development can take place at the Normal Rate.

The Coach is right. You should really want to go to BYU or Not Go There.

However you should have the right to look.



You can not be serious!@! Most young men take trips even after commiting, I did and guss what? I still attend the university I commited to.

As for missions, that is a preference for the individual. It appears you are attempting to say they are bad LDS if they do not take a mission trip...

Finally, If you thing Washingting or ND is going to be 500 or worse over the next five years you need to share some of that weed you have been smoking. I guess you will find out September 4 when the Huskies come to Provo. Most are picking the Huskies to be one of the most improved teams in 2010. They bring a senior QB on the Heisman watch list and a veteran team that has many upper classmen at skill positions.

I think it should be a good game but be careful when a proud football school that has endured 7 years of frustration comes to town. I could get ugly for the cougs.

Tom Rose

What does the word commitment mean? Do not commit until you are ready to commit. Our word should be our BOND!


The coaches sounds a little insecure if you ask me! Let the kid see what is out there!

hypocrites | 12:58 a.m

"If the NFL came calling for Mendenhall and he checked out a pro team....."

Please. Let's keep our posts in the realm of reality.


This is a high school kid...he doesn't have it all figured out. It's rediculous that BYU is so insecure. If a kid commits, but then wants to be sure he's at the right school and wants to visit other schools, he should be able to take those visits.

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