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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: 9:28 p.m.

"How many Ute Basketball players did Majerus just pull the rug out from under when he was coach?


Cougar fans universally despise Majerus and then point to his behavior as justification for Mendenhall pulling scholarships.

Wow... and... Wow.

A few comments

To: Hmmmm

The trip Kona was taking was a paid recruiting visit by Notre Dame, and Kona was claiming to be "visiting friends." There are two reasons that this is inappropriate. 1. He had verbally committed to BYU so going on a recruiting trip to Notre Dame are actions speaking louder than words in terms of his college football interest. 2. If he was still firmly committed to BYU, as he said, then he is using Notre Dame's money as a free, all expenses paid trip to visit a buddy. That isn't being honest to Notre Dame. Can I get a college to pay for a pleasure trip for me to visit friends too?

To: Anonymous

Some "island" kids have made less than fully thought through decisions. There are plenty of players from Polynesia that are fully committed to BYU. It so happens that some that have broken their promises to BYU recently have been from Hawaii. If one gets a DUI, one goes to a beer party, and two others break verbal commitments, how is that BYU's fault?

To: dubbs

I'll admit that it sucks to lose him, because he was a solid DL committ.

Some fans just don't get it

What Bronco is concerned about is loyalty to HIS program, that is BYU.

Bronco is willing to commit a scholarship to a player in return for that player committing to sign a letter of intent to play for BYU.

If player is still out there taking recruiting visits to other schools, BYU has every right to question whether that player is truely committed to playing football at BYU, in fact, BYU's coaches would be inept if they didn't keep an eye on every recruit until they had a signed letter of intent in hand.

Scholarships are much too precious to the success of a college football program to be wasting them because a player you thought was going to sign with you changes his mind at the last second.

See ya

It's like me, if I told my wife that I'm 100% committed to her, but I'd still like to date other women and see what's out there. She would send me out the door, too. BYU may miss out on a great athlete, but he seems to have some character flaws. If he was genuinely committed to BYU, he's giving up his dream school for the sake of a little flattery and a free trip to Notre Dame. I wouldn't want that kind of 100% commitment.


Are you sure Unga committed to Utah? The story I very clearly remember being reported is Unga told both BYU and Utah he was going to the other school and based his real decision on the respective coach's reaction. Bronco wished him the best at Utah and Whittingham went ballistic. Hence Unga goes to BYU.
As far as Bronco showing hypocrisy by taking players that decided to transfer or had committed to other schools he never told Kona he couldn't go, just the consequences of him going. And he has never refused to release a player that wanted to transfer. If you don't want to be there, he doesn't want you there. What is he supposed to infer from Kona taking two trips? And why is he taking trips if he is fully committed to BYU? Kona did what he felt he had to do and so did Bronco...end of story.

Here's the bottom line

BYU got the raw end of the deal.

This didn't hurt Kona Schwenke one bit. He went where he wanted to go. He was fully free to choose where he wanted to go, and he did. All Bronco did was give him a choice of what he wanted, and he made his choice. This hurt BYU and other players who would have wanted to be in his place.

If all it was was a trip to see a friend, then he was using Notre Dame's money to do it. That was a trip that wasn't his right to take anyway if his intention was never to talk to Notre Dame about playing football there. I'm sure Kona is a decent young man who is going to be a great player wherever he goes, but both ways he really was being selfish and not thinking about how it would affect both BYU and Notre Dame.

In the end, BYU is left without a much needed player at defensive line and Kona will still have a scholarship where he wants, with his friends, at a big time program. So you can't really feel sorry for the kid.


Howard, Howard, Howard...show us the evidence of your accusations. There is none. In fact, the complete opposite is true. Bronco doesn't waste the university's time and resources on players who have committed to other schools.


i am fully committed to getting season tickets but then again i may just get comcast.

Come ON!

I'm a season ticket holder and very supportive of Bronco. But if we are trying to get kids to verbal as early as their sophomore season and then balk when they want to take their trips that is just wrong. I was recruited and signed at the Y, but I wanted to take my trips during the process. This was in bad form; the kids dad said he wanted to still come to the Y. I think the truth is we have offered more scholarships than we have like we do every year and this is an easy way out of a commitment to the kid.

I don't like it and I think it sets a sour taste in many peoples mouths. It's one thing to get a verbal from a senior but we are recruiting kids awfully young and then telling them that they can't even take a two day visit? COME ON!

Pathetic fans

Let me see now, BYU has just lost a very highly recruited, talented defensive end and our Ute friends only care about lambasting Coach Mendenhall??? Ute fans should be tickled pink that this kid is not going to BYU!

This confirms that there are only BYU haters when it comes to most Utah fans. You guys hate anything that comes out of BYU. Pretty sad.

By the way, my son goes to the U and I am proud of it. It is a shame that such a fine institution has sooooooo many pathetic fans.

@See ya

You got half of the analogy right. What if you were a single guy cruising for wives wavering on their husbands? Cool?

Whose running the show

Coaches can never allow a recruit to dictate things, or run the show. So I say "see ya later Kona", and glad he's gone. But, I am nervous about they've let Heaps do a lot of their recruiting for them. Because is Heaps doesn't start next year, he and his parents might just round up the entire recruiting class of 2010 for a transfer.


Personally, I think the BYU coaches took too hard of a line on this one, but I don't know the whole situation so maybe there is more to it (and nobody else posting here knows all the details either). But on paper, I think BYU's stance was too strong.

That being said, hardly anyone is talking about how dishonest it is for ANY player to take trips after committing. If Kona was solidly in BYU's camp as he claimed, then he simply wanted a vacation on someone else's money. That's just not honest. If you're not serious about their school, don't make the trip.

Colorado Cougar

To those few Utes who like to mention that BYU's D-line will be "Swiss Cheese" next year: At least we know it won't be the Utes running through those holes. In 2009 the Y rushed 131 yards vs U's meager 97 yards while BYU claimed its third victory in fours years.

To all the Ute fans who cry "Well it 5-3 Utes favor over last 8 years": Not really relevant since the coaching regimes have changed and the programs are in different eras. At best I'll give ya that Bronco is 3-2 vs Whit, that's relevant. Yeah, Utes have the overall series, but do I really care about games that occurred before I was alive (BTW, pre-1972 the Utes had a 37 - 16 home game advantage, perhaps this explains Y so many early Ute wins, no?)? Since I've been alive (1972), it's BYU 26 vs Utah 12 games. If this trend continues, it'll be BYU 52 vs Utah 24 by the time I'm thinking of checking out of this life.

Waaaaaaaa....Bronco's a "hypocrite" because he wants commitment. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Come to Utah!! Even if you don't we'll still love ya for not going to BYU!!!!

who cares

Did you see Texas get Jackson Jeffcoat and Jordan Hicks. The 2nd and 4th rated player in the nation. Hicks is a complete stud. Watch his highlights and BYU will be sorry the signed up to play Texas.There is recuiting class is loaded.

Texas 45-BYU-14. Im feeling nice.
Sorry but I think its ok for kids to look at all schools. I would want to make sure I am making the right choice for me. Some people are just build that way.


I liked Bronco when he first started coaching, but every year he's getting on my nerves. Edwards used to let kids take as many recruiting trips as they wanted because he knew it was about competition. Trent Williams (kicker) from Provo High went to Arizona State right after he talked to BYU because he wanted the free trip. Bronco needs to lighten up. Bronco just ruined every recruiting chance from Hawaii in the future. Bad move. Give up your pride and let people do what they need before signing day.


Oh come on guys...this would not be as big of an issue had Kona taken this trip well before the last weekend before LOI signing day. LOI day is WEDNESDAY. FEB 3rd. Once Sunday hits, coaches can't try to recruit or contact the guys that they want. I would highly doubt that any coach would be ok with how the Schwenke's are handling this. I think it's obvious that Kona was having thoughts about this previously...so why didn't he man up and tell BYU before 2 days ago? Lame.

re: Roy S.

Yes Nelson committed to USU. He also went on a mission and RM's can be re-recruited by any school, per the NCAA. And it was his dad who contacted BYU and then told Riley they were interested.

Yes Kavenga committed to USC. He also requested a release and got it on his own so he could come to BYU. It was his idea and desire to switch to BYU.

Appo was recruited away from Texas by Jake Heaps, our future QB who is going to drill utah stupid.

Yes Hall committed to ASU. See RM comment above. It was also his own decision to switch to BYU.

Unga was recruited by utah but didn't commit to them.

None of the above committed to BYU and then wavered showing signs of jumping ship 5 days before national letter of intent day which would leave BYU with nothing.

All you are doing is holding Bronco to a standard you just made up, expecting him to only accept players for which he was the original recruiter and not take on players from any other source even though it was their idea to come to BYU.

Nice try whiner.


He is a kid!!!! He isn't even out of High School!!! You've already got him so locked up in a commitment that he can't breath wrong or you'll question his commitment, motives, and intelligence level.

Do you not tell your kids to date around - find out what you like and don't like. I bet you even try to break your high school kid out of a steady relationship because it might be too serious. This has nothing to do about eternal relationships. Its a game!!!

Kona I wish you the best! Work hard and find the right fit that works for you!

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