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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Most of you need to get your facts straight before comparing athletes. First off having an athlete change his mind 8 months before signing day (Apo) is a lot different than coming to a university on a recruiting trip 2 weeks before signing day and confirming your commitment (Schwenke) and then wanting to trip to other universities. It is also different for Hall who left on a LDS mission, came home early and didn't have a scholorship waiting for him at ASU because they weren't expecting him back so soon. Riley Nelson looked elsewhere on his own primarily because his father was the team physician at USU but was basically fired as they gave the contract to another MD group. You can't blame him for looking elsewhere. Kavenga might have left because his coach was leaving? Bronco has been up front from day one that he wanted athletes that wanted to be at BYU. He promised them that when they committed to the Y he would commit to them and wouldn't pull their scholarship at the last minute, even if a better recruit were available. Its about time coaches take a stand. Good for Bronco!

Agree with Win Win

I agree with Win Win...

Best of luck to Kona at ND. He will get a great education and a great football experience. (I hope they stand by him by following up with an offer.)

And I think Bronco wins too. His system seems to be working just fine and if you want to play in his system, you need to be committed to his rules. This sends a message to all new recruits what is expected of a committed player.

BYU is getting a lot of great kids lately. One product of having a successful program is being able to pick and choose a little. Seems like the stable is full with others banging on the door to get in.

Again, best of luck to Kona and his family.


I'm a ute fan. I get that you want kids that are 100% committed. I get that bronco has the ability to take away the scholarship offer. What I don't get is why all you cougar fans are saying you'd be better off without him? Losing a 4 star stud on a team that is losing all of its d-line starters doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I hate losing recruits too. (Utah lost some good ones this year as well.) But to say your happy he's not coming to provo is puzzling to me. I also would have a 4 star that is 90% committed come to my school than a 2 star that is 100% committed. Just my opinion.


What a bunch of whinning Ewets. Why don't you all worry about your own program and the 7 decommits of recent days.

You nothing of substance about the Kona situation and yet you are so loud and outspoken. Bronco has bent over backwards for Kona in an attempt to get him to BYU.

Good luck to Kona and I stand firmly with coach Mendenhall and his decision.

Re: Dodgerkid | 7:46 p.m

Disloyalty can be rationalized a thousand ways.

The truth is that for Bronco disloyalty to other schools is fine. Disloyalty to BYU is inexcusable and even reflects poor character.

re: dubbs | 8:02 p.m.

Problem is 90% committed at BYU may mean that you could end up breaking honor code rules in the first year and then your value to the team plummets as you are suspended or expelled. It is more than studs and stars at BYU and that is the way we like it. Just like at Stanford you've got to have Ivy League grades to play. At BYU you have to also live the honor code. It is a choice we as fans are willing to make.


Having spent 10 years in the military, Armored Corp, you need commitment. When you run a tough program and ask alot of the troops they had both better be committed. Both the troops and the leaders. Having a soldier in the unit who isn't committed, they become the weak link. They moan about this and that, loaf all the time, always day dreaming of being home with the girl friend, on the beach with his hommies, etc. All the while the mission at hand is lacking because everyone is having to both pick up the pace to compensate and deal with having the 'downer.'

When we took tough Cav missions it was strickly volunteer. Only those who wanted to chew dirt with one or two hours sleep for a few weeks at a time were allowed to particpate.

If I were in the trenches of BYU football I would want no less commitment then what I had in a different uniform. He is welcome to go to Notre Dame. Let him daydream of "Touchdown Jesus" all he wants. We stick with 'Rise and Shout' and are pretty happy for it.

Just my huuaaaahhhh speaking!

Right on Mendenhall!


The "Island" kids (as BYU coaches and fans refer to "them" will remeber this....

Looks like the Hawaii pipline will only grow stronger for the Utes.

FYI: Whit had a great in house with V.J and looks like a 4 star shoe in for next week.


Good call Coaching staff. I support what they did 100%.


Next years BYU D-line will be like swiss cheese, You'll be able to drive a doublewide through it.



Since BYU continues to recruit players who have verbally committed elsewhere (Unga comes to mind) this seems a bit heavy handed. The trip to Notre Dame may have cemented his decision to come to BYU. I can't see where this is evidence of Bronco's "integrity".


Kona said he was still committed to BYU, just wanted to visit a few friends in South Bend.

No trust from BYU? Jealousy? Fear? Or...wanting to get out of a sticky situation BYU had got *itself* into - too many offers and not enough scholarships.

The spin is ripe on this one!

Maybe the trip is how they decid

"I can't speak for coach Mendenhall," Tidwell said, "but I think his approach is, he wants kids who want to be here, who are 100 percent committed. If the kids aren't 100 percent sure about coming to BYU, then it might be best that they take a trip and go somewhere else."

And maybe the trip is how they make sure.

Are you really that clueless?

Example of hater message:

"Byu didn't mind taking harvey unga when he gave his word to Utah. How come Byu and their fans still wanted him. Or max hall at arizona state. They gave their word somewhere else. What happened to your code of ethics?"

When Unga and Hall left those schools and committed to BYU, Utah and ASU BOTH rescinded their scholarship offers. When I left The U and went to UCSB, I no longer went to the U.


Kids move. Non-athletes also go to other schools, and lose any scholarship offer from the University that gave them the scholarship.

The guy knew the rules, the scolarship was pulled, he's not whining, what's the deal? It's a college decision, not prison or military service.

It's like so many Utah fans, and BYU haters, they just run at the mouth and throw any logic or common sense to the wind. It really is too bad so many Ute fans never had the college experience so they understand what really happens.


is just weird.

re:Roy S. | 7:16 p.m.

Glad there is a Utah fan out there that understands it.

How many Ute Basketball players did Majerus just pull the rug out from under when he was coach?

The kid knew wht would happen, you you Utah fans just sit and cry...

You guys are really just pathetic little kids.

Re: 9:24 p.m.

Still searching for a rational verifiable comment in your post.

Care to clarify?

Kewwgawr Logic

Why so much passion and fuss for a game that is played on SUNDAY - the most holy day of the week?


There is nothing wrong with trying to get a player from another school. What you want is a player who will be giving you 100%. If he decides to change schools, that's his right. If a school wants to revoke their offer, that's their right. I say good for him to go on to ND. It will be his loss in the long run of things.
BTW, to Re:8:33p.m. above, I have witnesses that beer was thrown on me at RES. All the Utes who sat there and did nothing and said nothing. Not to mention my two buddies who were with me. Karma took over though when I saw him a couple of days later and I stopped in to a 7-11 and saw him working. I just had to smile and thought to myself, "yeah, he's a Ute, he may not be pumping my gas, but it is pretty close to it"

Re: 9:28 p.m.

Oh you you...

Mojo is no longer the coach at Utah.

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