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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Im glad he came to BYU. sleep well Uties.

Staying Committed

Kona gave a solid verbal commitment to BYU.

BYU gave a solid scholarship offer to Kona.

When Kona showed signs that he wasn't fully committed to BYU, by taking recruiting visits to another school, BYU asked him to reaffirm his commitment by cancelling his visit to Notre Dame.

No solid commitment; no solid scholarship offer.

It's not a double standard to recruit unsigned players, even if they have already committed to other schools. Every other school, including Utah, does exactly the same thing.

But BYU is fully within it's right to expect a player who has verbally committed to BYU to demonstrate that he's still committed.

Dozens of other players are waiting in the wings who would love to have that scholarship that was reserved for Kona. If Kona's not committed enough to cancel a recruiting visit to another school, when asked, then give the scholarship to a player who is fully committed to BYU.

BYU shouldn't risk losing another good player while waiting for a player that may or may not sign on signing day.

re: communist

do you know anything about communists? or China?

apparently not - I'm having a hard time figuring out the connection.

Also, how is this "out of touch" with reality rules? guess what, this happens all of the time in other programs. You wanna play for a big name school. You better be the best their is or, if you are marginal, you better not show any signs of waivering in your commitment or they will can your scholarship.

What is the definition of Commitment anyway? I don't want people hear that don't understand that word.


I meant "here" and not "hear", just thought i better correct that before some Ute goes berserk.

re: why

then why did you bother to read it. I think you are secretly envious of BYU, which is why you just can't resist reading every tidbit of any article. the only joke around here is you (well, and a few others too.)

re: Bronco is Crazy

Your right these players like Kona need to go to Utah where there is no commitment.

Howard S.

Bronco is perfectly happy to recruit players who have committed to other schools.

It escapes him that they are displaying disloyalty to their commitment by talking to him.

But as long as he stands to benefit, his standards of loyalty become more flexible than when his commits talk to other schools.

Please Utah hypocrits

Call Kyle and demand that he never recruit another player who has already verbally committed to another school.

And while you're at it, demand that Kyle never revoke a scholarship offer to a Utah recruit who doesn't seem fully committed.

Until you do that, who are the real hypocrits here?

hold on a minute

There is no rule about how many scholarships can be offered in one year. All I can find is the following:

To retain division I status, a football team must have 76.5 football scholarship players and can carry 85 active scholarship players.

Do you have all the numbers calculated and know everyone in the programs intentions to know for a fact that BYU only has 22 scholarships available for next year?

I'm sure the coaches know a little more about the situation than you do. To have a coach say we may have committed more than we should doesn't mean he doesn't have enough scholarships available for the number of commitments, just that maybe he wishes he would have held some for next years class that may be shaping up as better than this one.

Bottom line - there is no rule on # of offers per year or # of scholarships awarded to one class so you don't know anything.

Would it be foolish to offer all scholarships to one class - yes - unless you only want to have a great BCS season once every 4 years and then dwell in a cellar the other years :-)

Good Decision

Coach Mendenhall is allowing Notre Dame or any other college the opportunity to work with an athlete that isn't committed to BYU. If another athlete decides that they aren't really committed to some other school and wants to commit to the Y, I see no reason that this should be prohibited. People can, and have apparently, changed their minds.

So, is Coach Mendenhall being hypocritical? Not unless he broke his commitment without cause. I think he has done no such thing.


Lolz no Quarterback and suspect defense, I would much rather go play at a school where I could get some recognition for my defensive play. Especially if I would like to further my football career via the NFL or another professional league. Hated the Red Raiders when I was at Kalaheo, but they always had a stout defense. OIA East Ftw!

re utah hypocrits

Coach Whitt did let a 4 star receiver go to texas am last weekend. I guess it shows that coach whitt wasn't scared to let a recruit visit. Now the 4 star recruit is even more on the ute bandwagon. It will be fun to watch teams driving trucks through your d-line next year though.

Roy S.

Didn't Nelson commit to Utah State?

Didn't Kavenga commit to USC?

Didn't Apo commit to Texas?

Didn't Hall commit to Arizona State?

Didn't Unga commit to Utah?

They all broke their commitments.

Bronco seems fine with the disloyalty of these de-commits as long as they show unwavering loyalty to their BYU commitment.

re: Howard S.

No commitment = No scholarship

It has nothing to do loyalty.

It has everything to do with whether the player will actually end up signing a letter of intent on signing day.

Would you really expect Kyle to hold a scholarship for a player he didn't think was fully committed to signing with Utah?

It's really not that hard of a concept to understand if you think about it just a little.

reporting fact or fiction

All this story states is that a father of a kid who fully knows his son is wavering on his committment (or wants him to) told a reporter (not even a DNEWS reporter) about an interaction with Bronco he says he had. He knows full well that Bronco can not and likely would not even respond to the accusation. But by it being reported that his scholarship was being threatened his son would not be the bad guy in any scenario that unfolds.

The recruiting coordinator did not validate the report. He did mention they wonder about recruits true committment based on various actions they take, but did not validate this story.

If Bronco did have what seemed to be described in the other report as being an angry agressive conversation filled with threats of revoking scholarships then he is not the same person that everyone else that knows him and talks about him publicly knows. There are too many hounds out there that would love to air dirty laundry on him. If this 3rd hand accusation is all they got I'm not convinced it actually happened.

Vulchers everywhere starving because no meat to be found in this story.

Re: 7:24 p.m.

It is about loyalty.

Bronco told the family that if he didn't have the loyalty to hold true to his commitment by not taking the trip to ND, then he didn't have the loyalty to conform to the honor code.

If however a player breaks his commitment to another school in favor of BYU, that doesn't reflect poorly on their loyalty.

Bronco is all about loyalty as long as it breaks in BYU's favor.


He didn't show 100% commitment?

Commitment in what? going to Vegas Bowl ever year and loosing most? Yea, sign me up!

Notre Dame can lose 3 or 4 games and STILL go to a BCS game. Oh Yea, and the Nation gets to watch ND EVERY Saturday.

Decisions, Decisions.



Kona will miss out on a National Championship. His loss.Bronco did the right thing. People need to honor their commitments,and to be fully invested if they want to play with the best. These men are stripling warriors ready to do battle. they will crush Texas and all comers in 2011.


Oh waaahh waaahhh I'm a Utah fan who's jealous because BYU's recruits are actually worth talking about. I can't handle the fact that their program is heading up and we've hit our ceiling and are going back down...
The jealousy from these Ute fans is pathetic and laughable. Go follow your own team.


Bronco doesn't drag kids through the mud. Not once has he said, yeah this kid is no longer on the team because he broke a rule, beat up his girl friend, went out drinking, etc.

No Bronco says, this player has decided to leave the program and we are helping him transfer.

There wasn't much talk about Manti last year for many reasons. One Bronco can't talk about him unless he signs. Two Bronco wouldn't disparage him. But do you really think that after Manti went to a beer party on his recruiting trip that the scholarship was still available to him? Do you think at that point he went to ND over BYU? That would be hard to do when I'm guessing the scholarship wasn't available anymore.

I wish Manti the best at ND and hope he makes choices more aligned with his chosen faith in the future. But I could understand if coaches at BYU rescinded a scholarship offer in that situation. If you can't go one weekend without breaking rules like that how will you go 4+ years?

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