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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Hailstorm

This has always been the case at BYU since with those that sign and then leave on missions do not count to that total etc... it's nothing new.


message to knoa... you snooze, you lose.


I think it was a great move. BYU had limited scholarships and offered them all out. With or without Kona they have the Best recruiting class amongst the non-BS (sic)schools and are 20th including the BS schools. If Coach does not hold a hard line, it hurts the University and is not fair to them. It seems like no one wants to see the logic here. For me, a school MUST depend on commitments, if not, they would offer 30 or 40 scholarships and then take the top 25 and tell the others, "Sorry." What a mess that would become.

Coach offers to the best top 25 who say, "BYU is for me. I don't want to go anywhere else". It's not fair for Coaches to depend on a committ and then in the eleventh hour have NO TIME to go recruit a replacement. Kona tripped TWICE this weekend to ND and UDub. It's not right to BYU and it's not fair. To McKay (Dad) and Kona I say, so long, farewell and enjoy either a .500 season or a losing one. Pick your poison.

Bronco Mendenhall

What does this guy eat for breakfast? I recall that when Bronco Mendenhall took over as head coach some players left just because it became too hard.

What does he think this is? the Marines?

Double Standard

This is just great. Coach says while on your mission if you change your mind come to BYU. It doesn't matter that you gave your WORD to another school. If you say that Coach you can't solicite or go after any Young Man who has committed and or signed an offer or this is hypocritical. You can't have it both ways.


hope Kona enjoys the next four years at .500 whether at Washington or Notre Dame. all these kids thinking the grass is greener elsewhere are almost always sorry. the LDS missions rarely happen for these kids after attending schools outside of Utah. bad decision by Kona just to get to hang out with Manti for a couple of days.

re: The Hailstorm

Sorry sir - you don't know what you are talking about.

When a recruit makes a commitment it is a two-way street. The school also makes a commitment. I have heard Bronco say that he would never pull a promised scholarship if a player were injured. He pointed out the risk of injury as a potential pitfall in gaining early commitments from recruits. Kona committed last summer (before his senior year) and BYU committed to Kona. For that year BYU was taking all the risk. What happens if Kona has a bad year? what happens if he gets hurt? BYU is still committed to a player who may never play a down of football for them.

Did Kona make the commitment last summer because he was looking at BYU as an "insurance policy?" I'm not saying he did, but if that is the case then his actions were not fair to other potential recruits who may have been really committed to the BYU program. If Kona is visiting ND on their $$ with no real intent of signing with them is that not deceitful?

You have no idea how BYU is balancing it's scholarships with missions, etc..


It is a bold move for BYU and for this young man. If he committed to BYU, BYU has a scholarship reserved for him. What if BYU had to turn down someone else because the scholarship limit was reached? Then on signing day it becomes available too late to offer it to someone else, what good is that?

There's no loss of free agency here. This young man is not being forced to do something against his will. He made the decision that he would commit to BYU. Then he made the decision to take a recruiting trip somewhere else.

Bronco is Crazy

Commitment? What is that? What he is expecting from these kids is too much. I would rather play at Utah.

Buck up kiddys

Listen to the wynners


Feels kinda like communist China. Go ahead and stick with your our "out of touch" with reality rules. BYU will continue to be marginalized on a national scale and will NEVER be thought of as anything more than some outpost religious school.

Truth is the kid was leaving anyway and this is just another transparent attempt to save face from a program out of touch.

Good luck in the future with any recruite that isn't a hardcore LDS.

re: the hailstorm

You know not what you speak of. The assistant coach did not break the rule because he said nothing about the specific recruit only BYU's concern. You have no idea nor do I what the specific conversations and commitments have been between the two parties. I'd say it's a bold move on Bronco's part to pull a scholarship this late. If Bronco doesn't feel the kid is respecting his commitment then I support his decision. You on the other hand will be critical no matter what anyway, so nobody of consequence cares!

cry baby

waaaayyyyy! Coach Bronco is unfair! Its to hard! He has a double standard! Hes a Hypocrite! Why cant I bring my stuffed bunny to practice!?

Dear Hater's

It is called integrity!!! Unfortunately some of that is missing in today's society. BTW, Bronco Mendenhall did not approach Riley Nelson. Riley's dad had a ugly business "broken marriage" with USU that started the ball rolling. To the person who signed as double standard, please, your facts straight and maybe learn to lose some hate at the same time.

no double standard

The question is who goes after who, recruiting someone that approaches you is different than "going after" a recruit. This seems more like a test of loyalty, and now we know who the recruit was loyal too, himself!


Byu didn't mind taking harvey unga when he gave his word to Utah. How come Byu and their fans still wanted him. Or max hall at arizona state. They gave their word somewhere else. What happened to your code of ethics? How come byu still recruited them even after they had committed elsewhere? Byu can recruit verbally committed players but everyone else can't? The fact of the matter is, if your a good recruit (like a 4 star d lineman) schools are going to call, and want you to visit. Byu is going to suffer from this mistake by bronco with their whole defensive line gone or going on missions. Just my two cents.


a savvy coach has to put pressure on athletes to commit. those that do early get a spot, those that wait may not. Too much pressure by idiot fans to leave it to chance. Coaches have to play hardball to survive. you armchair coaches don't understand much about the politics of football.


is this a story big whoop i hate BYU they are not good and Bronco is a joke.

come on people

does it really take much character and commitment to play football?


We never said we wouldnt take players from other schools who had allready verbaly commited. Nothing wrong with that. The test is, are they commited to BYU. Its fine for people to change their minds.


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