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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Pack Lambert

I am with Tom Rose above. I think people should not commit until they are committed. Maybe we should have a limit to how early people can commit. I wonder if commitments to teams have been pushed too early. I think we need to not allow so early commitments.

John Pack Lambert

To the 4:12 commentator,
Maybe over all time Notre Dame has been better than BYU, but does that matter for current players?
I think if you want to be a player on a team that will win, you will care more about the last five years or so than the record for the last century plus.

A Mountain out of a Mole Hill...

This is NOT a BYU only issue. EVERY school has similar issues EVERY year. BYU has a policy to deal with these circumstances so they can give scholys to those that are fully committed to BYU. Kona has a right to do what he did and so does BYU.

Kona verbally committed early and was promised a scholy. Last minute he decided to look around. BYU reminded him of the policy that if he looks around after making a verbal commitment to BYU then BYU can't promise him a scholy.

No big deal. They both knew what they were doing and what the consequences were. I don't see deceit, dishonesty or hipocracy, just a 17-18 year old that changed his mind and wanted to make sure he was making the right decision. Two people doing what they have the right to do and knowing exactly what the consequences were.

Kona is a great player and would have helped BYU tremendously. BYU coaches have to be disheartened that he chose to look around. Kona is a great athlete and I wish him the best. I hope he realizes that in the end BYU is for him!


It's a shame BYU lost out on Kona, but he was obviously not 100% committed and his father is just blowing off steam to the press. It's kind of sad because he blew his best offer for the sake of a trip to South Bent...in January. ND has a great history, but it hasn't been as good as BYU the last three or four years and they just canned their HC. I guess there's something to be said for being able to lose on NBC every week if you're into that. Washington is an up and coming program with a lot of excitement surrounding it, but they haven't arrived yet. BYU is better than both programs at the current time. That could change next season, but BYU has been much better over the last five years without question. Kona could always come back to BYU if he wanted to as a walk on for one year. That would definitely make for some awkward dinner conversations in the Schwenke household.


BYU, ND, and UW are all fine schools with good athletic programs. We must remember that a verbal commitment is NON-BINDING. For me the best comparison is the deposits we sent to colleges to hold our places while we made up our minds or waited to hear from other schools. We wanted an ace in the hole while we figured out what was truly right for us. The colleges understand that this happens. God tells us to treat one another as we want to be treated. If it is true that BYU contacted committed players then they should expect the same treatment.


so the young man, the recruit, should lose his potential scholarship because he actually traveled somewhere and...

how about thinking and acting on the premise that you care for the young recruit and wish him the best and happiness? Or do you just want a slave at the Y?


Really! Is it that big of a deal? If they come they come if they don't who cares.

Totally committed...

is a good thing.

Those who mock shall mourn.

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