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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Is it true?

What Mendenhall supposedly said. All we have is unsubtantiated claims from Kona's dad. I wish that Coach M. himself could address the media about this. Something about "if you can't follow through on your commitment to attend BYU then you can't be trusted to keep the honor code?" That's rubbish! Ross Apo de-committed from Texas. Can he be trusted to keep the honor code? He broke a committment to another school. Or is the principle it's okay when players de-committ from other schools to come to BYU, but it's not okay when players decommitt from BYU to go somewhere else. Either it is fine both ways or it is not. It's not a one way street. That's what the problem with this is. I'm fine with what Mendenhall did, but his bringing the honor code comments into it was not right, because it paints the university and the other players who have broken promises to other schools in a false light and that isn't fair to them. Can signing day come so that Mendenhall can address the media and tell us the truth, please?

Anon 808

The kid is 18, he lives on the North Shore Of The Island of Oahu. There is a chance that except for BYU he has never been further then Honolulu.

With a High Speed Modem and Good Dish Reception that does not have to be a bad thing.

ND is Not Stupid, they know he is committed to BYU and they thought enough of him and their program to invite him and his family anyway.

That is not Taking Advantage. That’s taking a Trip. He might like the L&L Take Out in South Bend better.

The NCAA watches this closely to make sure that No one gets much out of a Scholarship except an education.

The Purity of Amateurism and all that.

The School and the NCAA need to have the same rules. Lincoln Freed The Slaves. You have the right to look.

Kona, BYU doesn't

value you and doesn't deserve you. This is typical of the BYU attitude (and I am a BYU grad). It is BYU's way or the highway. It is the idea that everybody is expendable. No loyalty at all for anything. This is why so many active LDS (including BYU grads)are not BYU fans. Again, it is that superior, smug, attitude... Frankly, it is difficult to really put my finger on it. Anyway, I digress. Kona, you are lucky that this has happened before you signed. Now you can focus on finding a program that is worthy of your skills.

Kona, BYU doesn't

To Kona BYU doesn't...

Post your BYU degree, so we can all see it...we don't believe you!

Nice try Ute.

re: Husky Fan

Your elitist attitude and false sense of superiority based upon Conference affiliation, has been exposed for the fraud that it is.

You know...
Vanderbilt, Duke, Louisville, UConn, Baylor, Iowa State, Washington State, Arizona,
Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Mississippi St. North Carolina State, etc.
all play in BCS conferences.

And nobody, including new recruits , believe they will ever play in a BCS bowl, Ever!

Also, glancing the last 4 years of the final top 25 polls, I do see BYU, Utah, TCU, Boise, and yet, Washington is nowhere to be found.

I see BYU producing Super Bowl winning QB's and NFL and Super Bowl MVP's and yet nobody from Washington? Huh!

Don't see a Washington player with a ...

Heisman...Outland...Doak Walker or Sammy Baugh attached to it, but we do see BYU players with their names on these trophies, don't we now?

Didn't see a Husky make the Consensus All-America team this year either, and yet, BYU's Dennis Pitta did.

Also you won't see any former Washington player playing in next week's Super Bowl, but you will see former BYU players.

However-Washington will come back, with
"BYU's own S.Sarkisian.


You can't commit earlier and take the safe harbor that is having secured your Div I scholarship you so much sought after, and then later flirt with other schools a week before signing day and AFTER you just barely came in and took part in the team building trip to BYU.

The kid had no leverage which is generally why they commit so early and then at the end somehow believed he had leverage as if he was some 5 star recruit. Hopefully things work out for him. He may end up like the LB that went to supposed "greener" pastures at USC only to rarely sniff that very pasture and is now headed back to BYU after red-shirting this year. Both he and Kona waffled at the end.

Nothing wrong with this at all but like most things in life, it's okay for everyone else to do just not BYU or the Mormons. Pretty amuzing.

re: Anonymous | 4:12 p.m

All time history does favor ND & Wash

1) ND 837—291—42 (.733); 11 NC, last one in 1988; 14-15 all time in bowls

2) Wash 656—398—50 (.617); 2 NC, last one in 1991 (split with Miami); 16-13-1 all time in bowls

3) BYU 494—372—26 (.568); 1 NC 1984; 10-17-1 all time in bowls

* National Championships (consensus, AP or Coaches)

Last 30 years

1) 269-110-2 (.709); 1 NC; 10-13-1 in bowls; 15 Top25's

2) 230-126-4 (.645); 1 NC; 7-13 in bowls (includes an NCAA record 9 consecutive bowl losses); 13 Top25's

3) 217-139-3 (.609); 1 NC; 11-9 in bowls; 13 Top25's

Would you believe the order of the last 30 years is 1) BYU 2) ND 3) Wash.

Yes that is right folks all time history those teams have better stats. Last 30 years BYU is tops.

Past 10 years favors BYU even more and that would include the dark years under Crowton. BYU 81-44; ND 70-52; Wash 49-71

Rescent success has relevance in addition to tradition and history.

re: Anonymous | 4:12 p.m |

Dear Anonymous 4:12

It's sooo sad zoob nation must always attempt to validate their program. Do you ever think the day will come that zoob's will not find the need to rely on mind freezing stats and spin? A great first step would be to go to and WIN a BCS game.. Until then, it's just sad.

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

The so-called real program chickened out and droppped BYU from their schedule after this coming fall. If they are so great why not come to BYU and show us how the BIG BOYS play. Give me a break Huskey Fan. You should be in Alaska pulling a dog sled.

Dear BIG 12

Or should I say small minded 12. Jake Heaps had the press conference, NOT BYU. Get your facts straight or get off the Internet. Because it shows your lack of knowledge. BYU is not making this an issue. It is the bloggers like you who are making it a big issue. Get a clue on life and make cogent comments that are supported by fact. BYU can't comment on this and Kona's dad is counting on throwing out his garbage to cover his lack of Integrity.

Those who say BYU went after Riley Nelson have not given one single shred of evidence where Riley Nelson said they came to him and talked him into changing schools. Not one single schred of evidence. NCAA rules said when a player leave a school for on year or longer their is not commitment to that school any longer.

NCAA could solve this very easily. Rule 1. You make a verbal commitment to a school, all future trips to another school are off. Rule 2. Any school offering more scholarships than they have available will lose a scholarship for each case. That loss will be for two years. Case Closed.


I believe Heaps talked APO into changing schools, it wasn't the coaches.

Back on subject

This is so simple it has nothing to do with Notre Dame and it is a lesson for all of us in this economy. The cougars are over booked on scholy's and some kid thinks he has one locked up. So he is acting a bit bullet proof in the mean time Coach M is looking for an excuse to pull a scholarship. So here comes this kid who gives him an excuse. problem solved. That is a great life lesson for everybody.

Recruiting is a business

No matter what people think about Kona, this teenager is going to do what he wants to do. I would expect an adult 25+ years and older to be firm in what they say, you can't expect that from a high school kid. The old saying goes, "promises are made to be broken." I don't care what business you are in. BYU and its fans need to take a chill pill and quit hating Kona because he decided to go look around. College football is a business, believe it or not. Players have de-committed from other schools to commit to BYU, I don't think BYU or its fans would complain about that, now would they. Its a two edge sword. You win some, you lose some. Same goes for recruiting, BYU is NOT a BCS school, so recruits will be tempted to go checkout a powerhouse school with a "big name", tradition, and history. You may want to burn Kona at the stake for this, but wouldn't expect that from Mormons, but we are all humans not exempt from bitterness, hate, anger (its human nature).


It looks like pride has become an issue to both parties. At this late date, what difference does it make? 17-18 year old kids need to grow up, but our coaching staff is already suppose to be there.


The excuse to Heimuli, also on the Defensive Line, was that BYU did not have any scholarships available. As a result, he is looking at several schools, including Utah. Now that a scholarship is available, why does BYU not go after him? I understnad he is a top 10 player in the country at his position?

The Truth

This is being engaged to a hot chick who still wants to date.

If BYU waits for this dude and he decides to go somewhere else, they lose out on another recruit.

He obviously wasn't good enough for them to take that chance.

Come on people, your hate for BYU is clouding every judgement. Try therapy and some medicine, maybe some yoga but you all have to get over yourselves.


The one phrase that comes to mind is "get over it". This is not the first time this has happened to ur program and it will not be the last. Stop roasting the kid. Can everybody tell me at the age of 18 we all were thinking about anybody but ourselves? If u say yes ur kidding yourself. Nice job w Heaps.

whatever haters !

go away yewts! Seriously, all of u haters have no valid points, atleast none of which make any sense. Why dont all of you take a note from one of your own that being Gunther, who was quoted saying that the savior of the ute program himself that being Urban Meyer threatened him to yank his scholarship away when he asked if he could go visit another school. Its called recruiting and yes its a game all schools do it.
So sorry your beloved yewt recruiting class has no top notch recruits to speak of, but come on, bad mouthing Big Brother down south serves no purpse, unless of course it make you feel better.

Go Cougs!!!!!


A verbal commitment isn't set in stone is it? I thought until you signed you could visit as many schools as you like. Shouldn't you take your best offer? How do you know what your best offer is if your a junior and you haven't even played your senior season yet?

John Pack Lambert

The 8:16 commentor has a good point. Bronco has to make sure the players he brings in really want to stay there, because the last thing he wants is another honor code violation scandal and the player switching elsewhere.
For Bronco what he needs to measure is a players commitment and loyaty to BYU. If they lack these, than they are a potential risk.

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