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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Florida did the same thing

Meyer rescinded an offer too because if a commit isn't solid you run the risk of getting burned. Might as well give the offer to someone who is going to take it.


Florida dropped a 5 star recruit because he started to shop around. Meyer didn't want to get burned on signing day and I don't blame him. Might as well save the spots for those who have a better chance of showing.


Wow...as a WASHINGTON fan it is nice to be one of espn's top 20 most important programs of the last 100 years. Having said that I have always had respect for the fringe programs like BYU. Listening to some of these cougar fans make me sick. He is just a kid trying to make an important decision while the cards are still in his hands. We know once he does his ride can be taking away at any time or he could be penalized for what his coach does while the coach takes another job to make millions. I have no sympathy for Bronco or any other coach. The Dawgs just lost one of my favorite recruits to hated Oregon and I still wish him well except when he plays the DAWGS.


It's nice to get attention.

Huskey Fan

hmmmmm, the kid is a 3 star recruit.... This wouldn't get a second of attention at a REAL program.

Trust me when I say both ND or Wash are looking at this kid as just another no name but BYU thinks of him as some kinda program changer.

Sorry cougars your so very very far away from having a REAL program.


Huskey Fan, you're ridiculous man. Who cares how many "stars" your recruits have when you perform as poorly on the field as Wash and ND have.

RE: Husky Fan

Really?? You actually said that?? Washington is a REAL program? Wow, talk about dilusional.

Well, now that you have an ex-byu quarterback coaching, maybe it will become a REAL program in the REAL world-- not the one you live in.

MWC stomped the PAC 10 in their bowls this year-- oh and yes, Oregon St. and Cal were better than that REAL program you cheer for.


I'm not a BYU fan but RE: Husky fan is right. Washingtons most storied seasons aren't recent. And now that you have a former Cougar at the helm you won't be seeing any good years anytime soon.


Re: Howard S

And the rival is even more bitter and jealous about the BCS. They have yet to go, even with their 1984 championship which I believe they feel is not respected these days because people around the country respect Utah. Its like that monkey are your back you want off because you haven't been there or done that yet. Utah has been to the BCS twice and BYU hasn't. You can also tell BYU is making every effort to ensure they are recognized on the national stage with recruiting, amongst other things. They don't want to be considered a "little brother". I've seen people try so hard but always fall short because they try too hard. Can't force it, has to come natural, if you know what I mean. Good luck to BYU.

Sounds like??

It sounds to me like, "I'm dumping you before you dump me!!!

PS. He is ranked between 3 and 4 stars (78 overall... by way of comparison.... Wunderboy Heaps is an 80)

And Husky boy..... (this is coming from a Utah fan) How did your last meeting with the Cougies turn out??? Just giving our conference some love!!!


UofU would not have pulled the scolarship, because they have plenty of scholarhships sitting around at the end of the recruiting period. Not the same for BYU, as theirs are all used up.

Who knows?

Maybe he will change his mind and transfer to BYU later on like Riley Nelson and others have...

Wherever he ends up, I wish him well and hope he will be happy with that decision. He should be 100% committed.

No intelligent person would expect any less in a marriage or relationship. Coach Mendenhall has every right to expect that from his recruits just as well. Otherwise he is doing a disservice to them.

He's Still Welcome

He's still welcome to play for us, but scholarships go to those who commit early. There are a limited number. Makes great sense to me. You might be surprised to still see him in blue.

Also, those that transfer don't get an automatic scholarship.

Bronco would much rather coach a walk-on who is completely and totally committed with or without money.


Re: Awsomeron, I live in Hawaii so what comes up as 3:15 am is only 12:15 AM HST. It shows up on the board as MST. Clarity is something that comes and goes at anytime of the day or night. I just go with the flow. I usually take a nap in the afternoon so it is not as bad as one might think.

Have you ever heard of anyone who Married the First Person who would Merry them, just to get out of the house. Doing that often leads to an unhappy life or a Divorce.

Being Equally Yoked has to do with more then just Marriage. If you wear a size 10 shoe and own a Size 11 shoe you would get the idea.

Maybe BYU is Not The Best Fit. Have you read the Moral Code. You cannot do in anyway what some Football Players Do. Plus you have to report those that do.

The Rules are meant to protect the Students.

Where he lives getting a Shot at BYU is like getting the Yellow Ticket on American Idol. Every Season some don't get on the Plane.

He will do well wherever he goes.


I read one news account from Hawaii that this player told the media that he wasn't considering attending Notre Dame but he just wanted to show his dad (and mom too, I believe it said) what the recruiting world was really like so they were going to go to Notre Dame.


so if this was an official visit to Notre Dame, wouldn't it have been paid for by Notre Dame?

And if it was paid for by Notre Dame wouldn't it have been dishonest for this athlete to use their money in a trip he knew would be fruitless for Notre Dame?

So, something doesn't add up. If he's telling the truth about wanting to show his parents the college football recruiting experience on Notre Dame's dime then he's dishonest towards Notre Dame.

If he was in fact NOT just using Notre Dame's money but he really was interested in possibly going to Notre Dame then he wasn't being honest with BYU.

Either way it looks to me like this kid wasn't being honest with someone and if that's the case we're better off without him.


I find it interesting that people are calling Mendenhall a hypocrite. He never said he only wants players committed to a SINGLE university; he said he only want players committed to BYU. Just because a player plays a year for one university does NOT mean that when BYU offers them a scholarship they aren't committed to BYU. In fact, playing at another school for a year might even strengthen your commitment.


For all of those drones and cloned blue bloods that keep harping about others " Hateing " YBU we can all learn about that in Max Hall 101.


Kona and Jamora(UW commit, BYU decommit) got kicked in their league quarterfinal by a kid that Bronco really should be looking at. Both of these DL 4-star athletes got rung and dominated for 4 quarters. Not a loss at all.

Floyd Johnson

To: BleedCougarBlue

Yes it was an official trip to Notre Dame. Notre Dame paid for the trip. Dishonest and unfair to Notre Dame? I don't think so. Notre Dame knew the situation and was willing to make the investment on a small chance that he would change his mind. Looks like it paid off for them.

This is a rule that all athletes are made aware of when they commit to BYU. BYU does not want their scholarship offers to become safety nets for athletes who want to shop around. That causes problems on signing day. Players are welcome to visit as many programs as they want, but it has to be prior to making their BYU commitment.

Drew Phillips faced exactly the same situation last week. He had commited to BYU and wanted to take family on a free trip to another program. He was contacted, reminded of the requirements, and canceled his trip.

Is it fair of BYU? Yes. They make athletes aware of the rule up front and enforce it as promised. They take on enormous risk by offering kids very early in the process, and require this in return.


I like Mendenhall. I like him being tough.

I remember what a change came over Utah when Urban Meyer came around. There was no "slacking" on his team. If you were "injured" and couldn't run sprints, you got to life rocks in his little "penalty area." I remember wishing that BYU could get a "tough guy" as a coach. Coach Mendenhall has more than met my highest expectations.

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