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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Guate Again...

This is directed to the person who asked me this question:

"But can you help me understand if Bronco is a hypocrite by recruiting athletes who have committed to other schools?"

Please read my post a little more carefully. I explain exactly why Bronco is not a hypocrite by recruiting athletes who have committed to other schools. Just as there is nothing wrong with ND and UW recruiting Kona, there is nothing wrong with Bronco inviting a committed player on an official visit to BYU.

The problem is when the committed player accepts the invitation...

Re: Guate @ 2:01 p.m

Guate says: "Those of you who are making the argument that Bronco is being hipocritical are intellectualy lacking."

Guate - I think you are making too much of those that accuse Bronco of being hipocritial.

I have never... ever heard Bronco say one word critical of hippos.

I think the whole issue is being overblown by oversensitive hippo activists that should just chill and get a life.


Why do "Utah = Haters" ever care about this? The kid isn't going to BYU so REJOICE! This is one less defensive player you need to worry about.

But I guess the stereotype runs true - Utah = Haters.


BYU is hated

It is great to be HATED! Means we are winning on the field and on the court. Throw that in with your typical Mormon-haters out there and I understand exactly why BYU is hated! Go Cougars!

Dead horse

Please stop beating me.


Dead Horse IS funny.

RE:Dead horse | 3:13 p.m.

"Please stop beating me."

It's always wise to cut the head off a snake (bronco) even if you think the snake is dead. Just to make sure.

Heimuli anyone?

Call me crazy, but could this open up room for another Defensive line stud: one Ricky Heimuli?? I mean the guy was going to commit to the cougs before he found out there were no scholarships. It would be a long shot, but maybe they could try and mend the relationship with Heimuli.


SLC said:

"Utah fans = HATERS.


BYU fans = HATERS.


Dyed in wool blue

I'm as loyal of a BYU fan as you will ever meet, and a huge supporter of Bronco Mendenhall. He is a great coach, and has done tremendous things for BYU. I have never called into question anything he has ever done or said.

I think Bronco did the right thing by giving Kona a choice of his BYU scholarship and telling giving him a choice. For the first time though. . .Bronco supposedly said something that still doesn't quite sit well with me. Him saying that Kona wouldn't be able to live the Honor Code because of changing his mind about what school he wanted to go to and questioning his integrity? What about all the other players that have de-committed to play at BYU? What about their integrity?

I think what he did was fine, and giving Kona a choice was fine, but to call a someone's integrity into question based on wanting to change schools was wrong. I think them wanting to take a free trip to Notre Dame with their money wasn't honest, so questioning that might have been justified, but not his wanting to change schools.

Bronco made a mistake.


Notre Dame Wins: 837 Losses: 290 Ties:42 0.733 wining percetage (ranks #2 all time) 4-2 vs. BYU 11 national championships
Washington Wins: 658 Losses: 404 Ties:50 0.641 wining percentage (#18 all time) 4-3 vs. BYU 2 National chanpionships
BYU Wins: 505 Losses: 374 Ties: 26 0.572 wining percentage (#39 all time)

Really....BYU is a better both UW and Notre Dame?? Intresting stuff they're smoking up there :)


Kudos to Drew Phillips, the running back from Alabama, who saw all that was going on with Kona and cancelled his trip to Cincinnati. Regardless of whether any of us agree with Bronco's calculated risk (threatening to pull Kona's scholarship, risking the loss of a highly-touted, 4-star defensive lineman, and subjecting himself to all of the scrutiny here and elsewhere)one thing is indisputable by either side: Drew Phillips got the message loud and clear and set a fine example of what honoring a committment is all about.

RE:Anonymous | 4:12 p.

Thank you for putting some National perspective on zoobie logic.

I really think they're brain washing in the Provo compound.

Re: Anonymous @ 4:12

Stretching back throughout history UW and ND have much better programs no doubt.

But as far as the past 5 years are concerned BYU blows both of those schools out of the water as far as winning percentage and ranking goes.

So ultimately, do you want a long abandoned tradition of excellence or do you want to be a part of winning program that looks to be on the rise as far as national prominence goes. Is BYU there yet? Probably not but if they continue on the course they are on, i.e. 11-2, 10-3, 11-2, 11-2 plus finishing in the top 25 each season, they will become a nationally recognized powerhouse just as BSU is starting to do after their consistency throughout the last decade.

Ultimately ND's new coach may lead them back to prominence only time will tell. Bronco Mendenhall's time is starting to tell what kind of a progarm he is building - and numbers don't lie.


DYEDINWOOLBLUE.....Your ethics are fading!

Bronko taught a lesson to a young man and his Father, and every future BYU recruit, a little thing or two about the word "Honor", as in "Honor Code".

You make a promise, keep it, or don't make it at all.

It's very simple, see if you can keep up.

You cannot rationalize away the fact that Kona broke his word. That is indeed dis-honorable.

Issues much smaller than this, will get you kicked out of the Service Academies.

Too dang bad if that's a little too rough for your liking. You probobly subscribe to the notion that every team gets a trophy, and don't tread on little Jimmies self esteem.

Take your new age psycho-babbling, mamby pamby, approach to life and hit the bricks.

Your atttitude would not last one day in the Service Academies, the Marines, or even a Mission for that matter.

We have a generation of wimps in America because of men like you who won't stand for something and hold a man to his word.

I'm proud of Bronko today, for taking a stand with these spoiled twerps.


Not a BYU or Utah fan. I live in Honolulu and know that BYU has a strong recruiting base in the La'ie/Kahuku/Hau'ula area due to religious affiliations. That said I would not want to disparage a player from Kahuku and his family because BYU is not the only game in town for those kids anymore. Oregon State, Utah, UW, UH, want kids from the Kahuku.


Utes fans or whoever...stop saying that BYU recruited Riley Nelson!

Riley's Dad had a deal gone bad with USU and thus the real reason behind the change to BYU for Nelson. It's been all over the papers but Ute fans loved to keep bringing it up.

Good for Bronco! If you don't want to play for BYU don't take a scholarship offer. If you want to keep "shopping" don't take the offer. BYU put themselves out and offered Kona a scholarship before his senior year. If he had been injured or whatever they would not have taken it back. I say "see ya Kona" hope it works out for you at Notre Dame.

Re: bluto

But, if Kona changed his mind to go to another school and that's a lack of integrity, then what justifies Harvey Unga, Max Hall, Riley Nelson, Uona Kaveinga, Ross Apo from going back on their commitments to other schools? Answer me that. That is my only question. How is that any different than what Kona did? All I'm saying is that maybe Bronco said something that might make him look like a hypocrite, and I hope for his and BYU's sake that is not the case. Maybe he went a little far in his righteous indignation and made a mistake with what he SAID, and HOW HE SAID IT. Is Bronco a great man and a great coach? Absolutely. Is he immune from making mistakes, even off the field ones? No, it doesn't look like he is. Maybe what he SAID about Kona was stepping over the edge. NOT his decision to pull his scholarship, but his PERSONAL ATTACK on his character for decommiting. Be careful not to judge, lest ye be judged. It is the attitude and the tone of your last post that make outsiders label us as being self-righteous.


Good job Bronco and BYU. Stick with the guys who are committed and ready to live up to BYUs standards. If they can't walk the walk, get someone who can. Better that they never come than make a big scene. BYU has much higher standards regarding committment and morality. Most other schools, including Utah have lax standards. BYU will loose some recruits but that is just the way it is.

Re: bluto

I'll have you know, also, that I served a mission honorably for 2 years. I can also be a hard nosed non-appropriate mormon word too. But being a communications major with a public relations emphasis, I'm also smart enough to know that there are some things that you just don't say publicly. Do I support what Bronco did, yes I do. Do I even support Bronco calling into Kona's character for not being honest, yes I do. But to CALL him someone who lacks integrity for de-committing to another school? That, I question. In principle, he called Harvey Unga, Max Hall, and all the other players who de-committed from other schools players who lack integrity. So what justifies it? Is it justified when it favors BYU? The purpose of the BYU football program is to stand for honesty and integrity as a flagship for the LDS Church. Are we living by our own principles? ARE WE? Believe me, if it's justified then I fully support it. As a fan I want just as much as the next guy to have great athletes on our team. But how is it okay for us?

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