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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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That was a bold move.


Good, well done coach. Enjoy .500 ND next season buddy.

Desert Coug

I like the spunk of the coach to play it tough. Sorry Kona, see ya!


That was a BAD move.


Gone are the days when BYU was soft.

win win

Good for Kona
Good for BYU

Its that song...

another one bites the dust.


As per NCAA rules, coaches can't talk about specific recruits until they sign.
So we talk specifically about the Athlete and forget the rules but let an assistant coach break the rule. As for black balling the student if he takes a visit elsewhere.... oops there went free agency out the window.
Has Bronco any ethics left in his little bag of tricks, double talk , and stretching the rules.
This year he had 22 scholarships allotted from the NCAA to give out, but he has already dished out 29 -30. Which player does he let down and break his promise , or does he wait and let the NCAA come down on his tactics ?
Will the real Mendenhall please stand up ?


You can still walk on.


This is ridiculous; I’d want to take all the recruiting trips I could if I were a high school player looking for a college.

Re: ridiculous

Yea but wait to commit after your trips.



You got to respect a program that sticks to their guns. When Crowton was the coach he let all sorts of things slide, and look where the program ended up. When you are tough you get tough players, and it is the tough players that play the best on the field for you.

The real Hailstorm

Agency. Kona made his choice.

to ridiculous

So would I. The difference here is he accepted an offer while at the same time working for something better. He should have made his recruiting trips before making a commitment.


No playing patty cake with Bronco.

bronco is a hypocrite

if bronco wants only kids who are 100% commited to byu will he and his coaches stop recuiting kids who have verbaled to other schools? How about the kids who are on their mission being recuited to change schools for byu?


"I’d want to take all the recruiting trips I could if I were a high school player looking for a college."

You can . . . . I'm not sure anyone said you can't. There is no such thing as agency with freedom FROM consequences. Don't like the consequences? Don't do the action! No one has taken this young man's agency away.

The principle is sound.

If you were engaged and your future spouse went out on a date with another, how would you react? Would you question their commitment? If you didn't/wouldn't you need to think about that some more.

Is it the same situation? No.

It's all concepts and principles and the coach is correct. This is why he is the coach.

Convenient Truth

This could be a hard rule that BYU follows, OR this could also be a convenient opportunity for Bronco to rescind an offer since he over-offered this year (he admitted it himself). The scholarship situation will be tricky this year.

i would encourage all the trips

Why not ask all your interested recruits to take their trips early, and have BYU be the last trip? This way, if they still want BYU, and BYU still wants them, they have no regrets, they have seen what the competition has to offer, and then chose BYU. If it were me, why not take a ton of free trips? It increases your value and experience. It promotes recruits who come here with their eyes wide open, not with the blinders on.

BYU Grounds

HateStorm, um a number of those commits are going right on a mission duh. And if a recruit wants to take his trips then take them before you commit. You will find many programs do this exact same thing. Ask Kyle Gunther he talked about it today on 1280 the Zone

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