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Published: Friday, Jan. 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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When you trade don't the parties exchange? this sounds more like a shopping trip to the grocery store. The nets have .....to trade. Nobody or no names leap to mind. If we were to trade lets trade...

thats right nobody because that is who they have to trade back to us.

Your dead Uncle

Well, I wouldn't say nobody....
We could trade C.J. for one of their ball boys and a hot dog vendor.

todd from santa ana

For once we are in agreement. New Joisey has zero, i cannot believe the Clops lost to them wow....

They have the worst personnel ever i have seen. Take away Lopez and Lee and Devon, that is basically theyr'e team. Who would be traded from those 3? I doubt anyone or they would never win a game

Boozer for Lopez and an Expiring

Call us when you're ready, New Jersey.


No dissing on Boozer. I want to keep the guy. I think he'll play well the rest of the year.


Boozer is a good player when he wants to be. He'll play the rest of this year, but what will happen next year if we resign him?


maybe for the rest of the year....he is undependable and certainly no leader. He has not heart for defense, a big minus.

The B.I.V.

I could see a Brewer for Harris trade...

Don't Forget This!

Boozer is all about Boozer, Boozer is all about money, Boozer wants to control where he goes, Boozer WILL not be missed here!


I like New Jersey bug man Yi!


AK has taken the lead on defense on the floor. He is also talking about help defense in every interview. Has he matured enough to become the leader of this team?

No one Important

I love our Jazz! And... if you trade Brewer, I won't love you any more. He's a precious find and needs to stay in Utah!!!

ER in AF

What was it, four guns? Just like in the movies:


West: Revolver

Officer: "AND"

West: OK, OK here is another gun.
Eight and ONE HALF inch bowie Knife!!!

Gotta be kidding me! I love it, probably all for personal pertection, right?


can boozer for amare work?
some one tell me why not.

King Black @ Doug

I guess you must not pay attention to any basketball
ever heard of Brook Lopez on the Nets hes a top 5 center in the league. with 19ppg, 9.4 rpg, 2bpg, 50% shooting, 2.3 assist


Re: Boozer for Lopez and an Expiring
exactly, done and done


i watch the jazz play almost every game and have for several years even though I live in ky. I know money and salary cap is an issue. The jazz don't want to lose Boozer for nothing. But if the Jazz could package Okur and Miles for a solid big man they would be legitimate contenders to win the title this year. A big man who can play d and score some down low.


trade boozer and the knicks draft pick for the nets pick this year and someone who makes the money work to pull off a trade. basically some of their trashy roster.


Those of you who want a Booz for Lopez trade are dreaming. Lopez is the center piece for the future for the Nets, so any talk of wanting Lopez for Booz in a trade is unrealistic.
Why would the jazz want Harris for Boozer? Harris is a point guard and would play behind DWill.
Those who want to get rid of Booz need to rethink. Boozer has been playing very good basketball. His D is better (still needs improvement)and his outside shot is more consistant. I have also seen a slight improvement in Boozers atitude.
We need Fes in the middle to clog the middle and Boozer's Defense won't be as big a problem.
Fes needs more PT, if he can get meaningful playing time he will improve and make a big difference.

Boozer for Amare

If you hate the way Boozer plays defense and his me-first attitude, you would pull your hair out with Amare. Plus, he's reportedly a locker room headache. He's not worth the trouble. If it's a choice between Stoudamire or keeping Boozer, the Jazz would do better to keep Boozer.

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