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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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true blue

The church doesn't get the names and submit them for baptism for the dead. They put them on film and the families research them and submit the names. The LDS church is very sensitive to this to the point that if a closer living relative is alive permission from that individual must be granted first. And when the jewish people asked us not to baptize their names we quit doing that.

To orion: God is all powerful and grants mercy and salvation to anyone of any faith that he sees fit. Contrary to popular belief Mormons don't believe that only Mormons make it to heaven. We just believe that God has given us an opportunity to serve and assist in his work.


Some of these comments are like the pot calling the kettle black. Why has the church created a new genealogy site for LDS only? It sounds like public access to records is being phased out not just by Catholics.


I was raised in the Salt Lake area and lived there until I was in my 30s. I have never heard the one about Martin Luther.
Go ahead and baptize me into another religion after I'm dead. I can accept or reject it according to my own conscience. My mom died 8 years ago. Baptize her into your church. She will decide to reject it, no harm done as far as I'm concerned. (Except, are there any other churches that do baptisms for the dead? I'd really like to know.)
The Church quit performing the Jewish baptisms on a large scale because they were requested to do so.

Voice of reason

Seems to me that the LDS church should remove all strings from the process of collecting family names. That the church only collects the research and provides research, and hold true to its own statements that it will not do work for these deceased people unless requested by family members. The change may be subtle but from the perception of outsiders it maybe enough.

Maybe all it would be required is develop PAF like programs where they don't mention LDS information. And then educate the world that we want to only collect the information out of love and honor for the dead, and that addtional services will only be at the request of relatives. If the LDS church does this they may get more approval and assistance in this area.

Common Sense

Luckily God's will can never be frustrated, regardless of the decisions of man.

Also, as the Catholic church does not recognize Mormon baptism, then in their view they have in essence condemned all deceased Mormons.

The Mormon faith desires to offer a blessing to all, which they can freely accept or reject. A significant contract.

To Julie

This is one of the biggest problems with mormon public relations that the church shows so little respect for others believes of feelings. Would you feel offended if your dead relatives were made members of the Nazi party or other disreputable organizations, maybe Hell's angeles. Why don't we all just mind our own business and not try to make others liken unto our selfes, especially when we too are so imperfect.


Joe W....you are incorrect in asserting that the Catholic Church does not release baptismal information. They won't allow wholesale copying of their registers, true.

However, many other Christian churches recognize the validity of Catholic baptism and vice versa. If a baptised Catholic later joins say the Methodist or Lutheran church, he or she is not rebaptised, and it works the same way in the other direction.

In such cases, Catholic parishes will release a baptismal record or certificate as proof to the person's current church that he or she is already baptised. The Catholic Church does not recognise LDS baptisms, but neither does the LDS Church recognize any other baptisms.

PS I am neither Catholic nor LDS.


to akl and all of you who keep calling the money given to humanitarian aid "our money" Remember that the money was given to help people. So it's actually being used in the right way. We aren't trying to buy any favors.


This merely shows that baptism for the dead must be a good thing and that there are powers that are always trying to frustrate the work. Everyone knows that the adversary is continually working to slow that which is good and true, even if we all don't agree on what is good and true.

If any other group wants to go to the genealogy library and get some info on my ancestors so they can perform some kind of posthumous ceremony then by all means be my guest. If it is something performed out of love of God and fellowman then I am honored. If it is anything else then who cares.

BTW if the individual who is dead doesn't want to accept the baptism then they can remain a catholic, even on the other side. At no point does God force us to believe anything against our will.

Re: Just Me

We're giving many the opportunity for membership in the LDS church who were not given it here on this earth. There is no harm in that.

Mormons Not Only Ones in Heaven

For you non-Mormons, I would like you to baptize my dead ancestors. It is a great lesson that members of your faith are not the only ones that will go to heaven. I realize that officially Catholics believe that I am going to hell. So the actions of the Pope make sense. Also realize that Mormons can baptize for the dead, without names, it is the lesson of turning our hearts to our fore-fathers that is helped by having the names. So, don't believe that withholding records stops the work done in Mormon temples. It does make me think that the current Pope is petty and small minded.

Catholic III

I think the Catholic church is going to back WAY OFF from friendly associations with LDS because they probably associate the LDS as being like Muslims and the FLDS religions. This is not good to the rest of the world.


Imagine for a moment that you are at a great feast where every food imaginable prepared by the greatest cooks ever. Many of your friends and relatives are there with you but many more are not.

They are on the other side of a huge fence. On their side the "feast" consists of chips, dip, sandwiches, cookies and water. Okay but not great.

The only way for people on the other side of the fence to get to your side is if someone on your side unlocks one of the gates. But this gate is weird in that you can unlock it fron your side but you can not open it. The person who you unlock it for must open the gate and pass through. It is a two step process. Once you unlock the gate for that person they can pass through at any time but it has to be thier choice, if they choose not to pass through it is thier right.

Babtism for the dead works the same way it does not automaticly make some one Mormon any more than grabing a person of the street saying the prayer and pushing him under the water would.


I would like to make two points:
First, while I was doing my family research in Poland a few years back, the Catholic Priests were the only church officials who had to be PAID for me to see the records of my great-grandparents. In Belgium, the other churchs were gladly opening the records, so I could trace my family roots. So, I guess if you want to PAY for your own family records, I guess the Catholic don't object.
Secondly, my Mother is devout Catholic and relished in the idea, when she broke her hip, that her LDS daughter put her name on the prayer roll, her Jewish niece had the members of the synagogue praying for her, her Cahtolic sister lit a candle on her behalf, her Protestant sister-in-law had her name included in the weekly service prayer list.
This problem with the Catholic church is from the leaders, not the members. The members don't care, the priests want their bribe money, and the adminstration wants to be devisive.


lithophysa1 - I could care less. If it isn't true, then why would it matter? Why do people get so worked up about baptisms for the dead - if they don't believe it is true, then does it really matter?


Well folk, What did the Pope observe while visiting the USA 2 1/2 weeks ago? Think about it. He probably thought the LDS church and FLDS were two of the same. The Pope was here while the raid in Texas was going on. The FLDS church is going to cause us lots of problems. The Catholic church probably thinks of us HERETICS!


to No lds should be upset: the scriptures tell us that there is no need for baptism til the age of 8, babies are perfect and have no need for baptism. when we are doing are family history, we are entitled to those records that the catholic church has if our relatives are catholic


If other churches wanted to take my records and baptize me into their church after I died, I wouldn't care because it would have no meaning to me. When we do baptisms for those who have passed, the work is done and then those on the other side have a right to accept or reject the work. It is not automatic. Satan's church could do my work and I wouldn't care because upon death, it would have no meaning for me whatsoever. The work is a gift, waiting to be given and if it's not accepted, so be it. At least they were given the chance. It is a gift of love.

family history worker

In the 35 years I have served in family history centers, very few of the people who have researched catholic records were LDS. Most of them are genealogists, who, when they find their ancestors records are so happy. And so disappointed when the records are not available. The people I know are not doing the research for Temple Work. These people do not have the means or ability to go to the parish to get the information. With lack of family input or even knowledge, they would have to search several localities. To cut the records off for them will make their research impossible.


Am I banned from posting? How the LDS church which has volumes upon volumes of documents in its vaults it won't share with anyone, and calls its temple sacred not secret can criticize anyone for withholding offcial documents is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

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