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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kate Baum - Georgia

I have spent the last 30 years volunteering as a German, then Gottscheer helper at my local LDS Family History Center and I spend a week every year in Salt Lake City doing research for others. I have traveled to Catholic archdioceses in Europe to get some of my family information and have been rudely treated in some places. No one is rude to me at the Family History Center. It is certainly less expensive to drive to my local FHC that fly to Europe. Those are some of the reason why I love the fact that so many of the records are available through LDS. I am extremely sorry that my church is being so narrow minded and "un-ecumenical".


Mark I totally agree with you. I DO NOT want someone baptising me into some other religion when I am gone whether I believe it works or not....I could just see other religions baptising Mormons after they are gone. You'd sure see an outcry. I don't agree with the Catholic Church holding back on information because of my love for family tree research, but I don't blame them for having their feathers ruffled.


How can you people compare a baptism to the Catholics lighting a candle or praying for you?? A baptism is not the same!


We must remember how often Pres Hinckley reminded members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be kind to others of other faiths. I have no doubt that as our church leaders speak with the Catholic Church things will work out. It's not always about being right. Sometimes it's about being understanding before wanting to be understood. The Lord has his ways of moving the work forward in His own time and in His own way. No one can stop this work from progressing. It is vital to all, even to those of other faiths, for we are all children of God. We must not have a holier than thou attitude, but live so that our lives can open doors, open hearts, and so that the spirit of the Lord may touch all. This is His work, not ours. We must do it his way. Why should we worry so much? Our Catholic brothers and sisters believe in their religion just as much as we do. Lets worry about staying on course in our own lives, for we are the greatest embassadors of this great and noble work. It is true and it will not be deterred.


The Mormon Church has already set a precedence when they agree to not posthumously baptize any holocaust victim without the approval of an immediate family member.

They have in essence acknowledged that to do so is an insult to family members of the deceased.

This courtesy should be extended to all proxy candidates.

Doug Forbes

I can see a law suit in this. The descendant of the deceased may have more right under the law to the records of their ancestors than any church. The church doesn't even have to get involved in this. Individuals can sue for information about their own ancestors.

How interesting....

It makes no sense to me: if the Catholic Church believes that LDS practices are wrong and invalid, why should it matter to them if Mormons want to baptize their ancestors if they believe it to be an "errounous practice?"


I was forced to attend the mormon church when I was young (mother has since left the church and apologised). I've been a Catholic for over 30 years and still the mormons show up at my door like I'm going to have some big revelation and repent. That same persistant arrogance and disrepect when mormons "baptise" the dead, has resulted in the closure of Catholic records. Good job mormons, you've ruined it for the rest of us. You reap what you sow.

Anne in Australia

With a mixed Catholic and LDS background it does not offend me when Catholics have masses said for our relatives when they die. I wish then that they would not be offended when Temple work is done for the dead as it is only to assist them to progress and affords those who did not repent in life to re-dedicate themselves or repent and be baptized, as in Paul to the Corinthians, Else what shall they do who are Baptized for the Dead if the Dead Rise not at all, maybe those who complain dont believe there will be a resurrection. I thought all Catholics and LDS did so cannot each thank the other for the kindly prayers, Masses and Temple work done in love and concern. Ecumenical understanding was thought to have replaced bigotry. Maybe it is waking up again. How Sad.
Let us pray for Catholic and LDS unity as they have so much in common, anti abortion, worship of God The Father, belief in a living Christ and hope for their own and their loved ones' salvation. What is wrong with that. Solving whether Rome had the authority from Peter is too long a debate.

Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic

1st: RE-READ the article and understand that what the Catholic Church doesnt want is LDS missionares or LDS members posing as "genealogists" mass-microfilming the records it guards. If someone wants a copy of a record, that person must show legimitate interest, for example being a descendant of the record in question he or she wishes to obtain. Period, is that simple.

2nd: Yes, the Church does have serious concerns of the destination the information given is used for. First by publicizing all the info for the sake of genealogy seems an unthreatening practice, but that info will not only be available to true genealogists and people with legitimate interest, but also to many whakos (including the LDS church) who practice for good or for bad necromancy... and for that, I thank the Pope for protectig the souls of my ancestors.

3rd: is not a matter of what you find offensive, it is a matter of what the Catholics or the Jews feel offensive, and that should be respected. "do unto others as you..."

4th: The Catholic Church is the only true Church and all you mormons are poor misled heathen. I`ll pray for you.

Emlyn Davis

I would like to apologise my family are LDS and I being one I know how important it is for members. I apologise, I had a bad exp. but that's not an attempt to excuse or justify my sin and I don't want to tar anyone or an organisation with my over-reactionary syndrome. Kind of like when someone gives up smoking.

So I sincerely apologise, I don't agree with the practice, but I feel a bit embarassed that I typed without thinking, so to any LDS reading this who have read my earlier comment I apologise, to others who are reading this and haven't read the other, please accept it as someone with way too much caffeine and anger management.


Utah Mormon

If the Catholic Church does not want to give their data to the LDS Church who cares? Jesus Christ himself declared that all will hear his gospel and have the opportunity to accept him, which I believe is true because what kind of God hides from man and punishes them if they haven't heard of the name Jesus Christ and never had the chance?

Nobody should be getting riled up about this. It's their choice if they don't want to give us the records, we shouldn't be making a big deal out of it. We should be doing what we can, and doing what we believe instead of whining, "They won't share." Then if they don't want to they don't have to! Find other things you could be doing productively instead of moping about it like a bunch of emo kids.

Stop bawling

The Catholic church is the only true church on this earth today rather any one of you want to admit it or not. Catholics have sacred records as well. Learn to respect others.


What's this old article on here for. Give it up!


I believe Heavenly Father wants us to do family history for our own benefit. We learn so much about ourselves, by getting to know and appreciate our ancestors. I don't believe for one second that someone will be denied the blessings of eternity, simply because some records are lost or unattainable. All will work out in the end. Sometimes we forget just who is in charge.


I'm a live. I've studied the history and beliefs of Mormonism and I freely choose to believe Mormonism is bogus.


These posts are hilarious.

Disclaimer: If you are extremely conservative, almost to a puritanical state of mind, and cannot find humor in life do not read any further.

Okay folks, you can all have my bones and remains and do what you want with them after I'm dead and gone. Really, I won't need them. I won't need my name as well since Joe is pretty common and I expect some more to come along after I.

With religion has always come war, as well as the war of ideas, this is nothing different. I thought WE, as the human race, have far surpassed the age of enlightenment and worked through our fears and superstitions? I guess there are a few stragglers in any bunch.

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