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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Do the people posting here have the slightest clue of World History and events?

As one reads all the posts here, it is evident that most people are not teachable or capable of understanding.

Since when have the Catholics not stated that every doctrine which does not comply with their's, is heresy?

Just don't give the Catholic authorites anymore wood or matches, we know how they dealt with heretics in days gone by.

I have an ancestor, Mother of 5, hanged as a witch by the Puritans. I've also had direct ancestors burned at the stake by the Catholic Fathers.

The Catholics can have the same agreement as the Jews, no baptisms unless family members do them. Which is the case now anyway.

The greatest arrogance in all of this is not the records ban, on only one group of people, the very essence of the definition of discrimination, but another Faith telling another, what it can and cannot believe.

Does this German Pope want to hearken to the past, and a time when freedom of religion was heretical and opposition was met with a painful death?

Keep your records, but stay out of others Faith.



I am sure the Pope prayed about his decision and he is following that counsel he received.


PJ, you sound like a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan. Same talking points and all.

To answer the question...

Posted by Knee Biter |5:59

A kneebiter is a variation of the mormon cricket and is found in Garfield and Sanpete Counties.

jonny mac

To No longer interested...

Good riddance!

jonny mac

Re: To answer the question |6:18

Actually the kneebiter is found in is found in all 29 counties of utah and parts of idaho, arizona, nevada and california as well as a smattering of other locals.


My inlaws are huge devote catholics. They had reservations about FH but after 15 years of seeing no damage done, they are excited about it and helping! This decree will stop a huge movement of FH of all peoples. So much family info has be hidden by local churches during times of war and those are the only records avaiable to verify any info (Bless those brave people)! I come from holocaust history and I am so grateful for any info that ever come available to me...I desire to know my people. Why would anyone want to keep that info from me? that is not a christian act. Seems that it would be more christ like to keep the children safe from being victimized than guarding the typed and handwritten names of my family. they're hiding the wrong stuff, child abusers get protected and families get destroyed. It isn't the FH that is destroying the diocese. BTW I respect my catholic family and do not do anything they disagree with. Respect is all that is needed. There is nothing to fear here.

To: PJ

Can I use your words as an example of extremism in this community? ... or is this kind of thinking just simmering below the surface.

Human relations 101. If one wants to understand how one is occurring in the world. Look out there for the measure ... of course if one doesn't care, then why publicly ask how some practice could possibly be considered offensive?


Memo to all Catholics and the Cathedral of the Madeline.

The LDS Church politely asks you to return the Million dollars donated to you by us to restore your Cathedral in the early nineties. We're sure it's now filthy lucre in your eyes.

However, many thanks to you from the Tab Choir for singing at the re-dedication of said Cathedral. We suppose they won't be playing that gig, any time soon.

Also, we have sent directives to all the Bishops Store Houses and all Mormons involved in Commerce,

As not sell or do business with any Catholics, who might use items in their religious services that we as Mormons may not agree with.

Some examples but not limited to....

1-Metals, gold etc.. This may used to fashion a cross or crucifix, which Mormons can't support.

2-Grains and Grapes which may be used for the Eucharist and Transubtantiation. Can't buy into this doctrine, sorry.

3-Water or bird baths, which may be used for infant baptism. Again, in direct conflict with Mormon teachings.

4-Beads of any sort. These could find their way into a Rosary, and Mormons don't believe in counting ones prayers with beads.

It's a dangerous road, Rome.

To: ajarizona

Your little church pales in comparison to the roman catholic church both in size and stature; furthermore your veiled threat on rome is pretty insignificant. You AZ mormons have gotten a little annoying in the past few months.

Re: ajarizona

I don't think the catholic church makes capital purchases, which you have stated, from the mormon church.

Our two churches are structured vary different and fund raising is vary different and it is much appreciated the donation (although I think you are overstating) to the remodel of the Cathedral.

In the larger scheme I detect much bitterness and resentment. I will pray for you and your understanding of the percepective of our two religions.


Hey everyone, Here is my idea...

Why don't we use our right to bear our testimonies and our opinions and write the Vatican each personally instead of beating each other up here on this board?


Nice comments on kneebiters. I don't think they excist as relatives of the mormon crickets, my grandmother tried to scare me with them when I was young and visited her in Provo but I hadn't heard the term in years. I can still remember her saying somthing along the lines of "let's get ready to go to the meeting house or i'll leave you here to fend for yourself against the kneebiters." wow bring back some childhood recollections. nice post among some of the rude comments.

re: ajarizona

Utah sounds to be a very hostile environment. I have spent a great deal of time in Arizona and did not find it to be unsafe. Do Christian churches in Utah require the use to security guards to protect their parishioners from the local people, or do the local people allow other faiths to worship without harrassment?


"Christian love between the churches/Seemed the twin of heathen hate."

A little info.....

for those who asked..

The Kneebiter was hunted and exterminated in the mid 1890's. It was a terrible plague to the farms in the Intermountain West but through faith and perseverance our forefathers were able to overcome. Some of the posts here are just sad and wrong but I thought I would give my knowledge on this predatory insect since there was some light interest in the name. Now you should all try to get along enjoy the evening instead of spreading hatred.


As I visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I see as many non-"Mormons" doing research as I see members. Genealogy is the #1 hobby throughout the world. Record keeping has been aided by churches, individuals, and local governments for centuries.
I don't want my Catholic relatives to be kept hidden...nor my Quaker, Methodist, or any other religion. We are one eternal family...not one eternal family minus Catholics.
Catholics can do any of their ordinances they want on my relatives. Let's be a record-keeping people.


Hey, ajarizona | 7:09 p.m. May 7, 2008
Hoping your post about placing an embargo on goods associated with Catholisism is a joke and hoping your pointing out all of the favors done by LDS church is just an immature kid. Blackmailing Catholic Church for respecting the privacy of it's members is the funniest joke yet on this thread

Erroneous how?

Will a Catholic please scripturally explain how baptism for the dead is erroneous?

I'd love to get a response on this question.

Can anyone answer it for me?

Papal Assistant

John Lambert | 12:12 p.m. May 7, 2008
If the Catholic Churh would let the LDS Church microfilm the records, then the LDS church would give them a copy of the microfilm, all free.

John, the Pope would like to speak with you on this offer STAT!

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