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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John Lambert

To those who do not understand Bapitsm for the dead. It is a vicarious ordinance that is done for the benefit of the deceased. It is not done on the body of the dead, so it is not an issue of desecration.
In the afterlife you still have the choice. If one of your relatives does the temple work for you you still have the full right to reject it. We are just giving people who did not have the full opportunity to accept the gospel now the ability to accept it latter.
I wonder if this may actually be motivated by a scheme to get more money by charging people directly to access the records. What exactly this policy means however is not 100% clear to me.


The Catholic Church's records are private. It has the right to do with them as it chooses.


What you're saying is that it's worth it to throw your principles to the wind for a few free microfilms. Get this

To Catholics, posthumous baptism is heresy. Heresy is the worst sin anyone can commit within the Catholic Church, equivalent to treason, grounds for excommunication, and guaranteeing eternal suffering. Yet what you, and all the others on this forum, expect is that the Pope and all Catholic priests should turn over their sacramental records, knowing full well that they will be used for what they consider to be heretical purposes. In other words, they should facilitate heresy in exchange for a few microfilmed records. As someone else already noted, that's a Faustian bargain.

Nice one totally self-centered. It's all about you and what you believe and want, with no respect for others beliefs.

The FHL isn't the only organization capable of microfilming or digitizing records. If Catholics wanted their records preserved, there are hundreds of others qualified to do that.

John Lambert

To Orion:
There is access to non-LDS people on New Family Search. One of my colleges at the Family History who is not a member has access to New Family Search.

Brothers and sisters

Please, please stop calling people stupid, etc. and be careful what you say.

We need to show love. This is what Christ taught. Truth will prevail.

not mormon or catholic

I can understand where the Catholics are coming from. Yes, they don't believe in or agree with baptisms for the dead, that is the point. It is totally offensive in my opinion. It was offensive for the Jewish faith and it is offensive for any faith. Not to mention it's weird and not biblical.

John Lambert

If the Catholic Churh would let the LDS Church microfilm the records, then the LDS church would give them a copy of the microfilm, all free. This would mean people would no longer have to look through the old records and the information would be preserved forever.

John Lambert

To May 5th at 1:17 PM. The LDS Church is currently in the process of digetizing and indexing records so that many records will be available from the web at no cost.
For those who think that it is anti-Catholic to claim this is about money, the only person I have ever heard claim that the Archbishop of Detroit was just after the money was a Catholic who goes to church every week.

Catholic Convert from LDS

John L. > Keep you microfilm, you miss the point!

1. Catholics think their baptism is valid!
2. Mormons think their baptism is valid!
3. Mormons think they can correct the invalid baptism of dead Catholics
4. Catholics find this offensive.

What's so hard to understand?

God Bless!

not catholic or mormon

Well said "Catholic convert from LDS"

It should not be so hard to understand for the Mormons.

God Bless!

Re: John Lambert

>>This is extremely stupid on the part of the Vatican.<<

Unbelievable arrogance and quite offensive to faithful Catholics. Please do not try to defend the Church in this manner, you are only justifying the negative perceptions that other people already have.


"If the Church is right then it won't matter if Catholics prevent the Church from baptizing Catholics for the dead since they would understand that our doctrine allows us to do so in the millenium so it would be logical to have us wait."

I've heard a few things from church leaders about proxy baptisms, and "wait" isn't one of them.


"Unbelievable arrogance and quite offensive to faithful Catholics. Please do not try to defend the Church in this manner, you are only justifying the negative perceptions that other people already have."

I've yet to see why Mormons should abandon a tenet of the faith in order to appease another group. Let them be offended. They don't own the temples.


From G: "They don't own the temples." And you don't own the records.

John Lambert

I will say again this is a short sighted policy. As people have pointed out the LDS Church has accepted restriction on the accessibility of microfilmed records. Blanket stopping of the microfilming of church records will hinder family history research.
No one is saying that the Vatican and the Catholic Church can not do this, we are saying that as far as we understand the policy is misguided and narrow minded and hurts the preservation of records and all forms of historical inquiry.

Everyone calm down

Perfect love casteth out all fear.

Catholics must understand that Mormons are a little confused by the "offense" taken where none is intended. Mormons would not be "offended" by rites done on their behalf.

Mormons must understand that some non-LDS people may be offended by the practice of vicarious baptism for dead ancestors (by proxy). I bet some of those who are offended probably don't understand that the ordinance is not being forced on anyone.

Mormons believe the deceased have the choice to accept or reject the baptism done on their behalf.

old mormon

at various catholic hospitals they used to baptize ALL babies to insure salvation, my son was baptized there, i have always been lds, but was not offended by this, because i recognized it as an act of love, the same is true of the practice of baptisms for the dead

To Everyone Calm Down

This is about mutual respect. The members of the LDS church want the same respect given to the other christian churches (yes I am accepting their claim of being christian). For this to happen the LDS church need to respect the non-LDS religions.
Being Catholic I do feel that if my deceased father is baptised by proxy into the LDS church his religious history has been defile and desicrated. This shows complete lack of respect for our religion.

To old mormon

I think the key word was "Catholic" hospital. It was a Chospital. You should expect something "Catholic" to go on in a "Catholic" hospital. Just as I would expect something LDS to happen in an LDS facility. By the way, the Catholic church no longer does this.
Just like the kids that go to Catholic schools and question why they have to go to mass.

It's called mutual respect!!!!!

Knee Biter

Before this forum ends, I would still like to know what it is the LDS are referring to when using the term "knee biter." I have never heard that term before. Thank you.

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