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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To: Cougar Royal

Just trying to understand the "anti" phenomenon that I always hear around this LDS community. My read is that any questioning or critical thinking (not simply being critical but attempting do discern) regardless of sincerity or respectfulness is: "Anti".

I've also heard it said in this community that one should think how an "elder" (not sure if that's the term) would respond and respond in kind. This sounds similar to my initial comment in terms of not questioning the elders.

is my assessment correct?

Dear Thomas

Thanks for your thoughtful response re specificity. I think that it is fruitless to expect others to act/react in a certain way. The best judge of how one is occurring in the world is to measure the response and not look inward at one's expectation. No?


It's reallt a shame. Just when I thought the two churches were gaining respect and understanding for one another, this happens. I am more interested in preserving records that are being lost @ an alarming rate due to floods, fires, natural disasters, etc than I am about being petty. I am going to follow what Pres. Monson has asked us to do, show an increased amount of love for others not of our faith. I'll let God take care of the rest.


For seventy years the LDS Church has offered other churches and other record holders FREE labor to microfilm their records, FREE permanent safe storage of the microfilms in Utah,a FREE copy of the microfilm for the record holder as well as the original records staying with the record holder. I understand it has been rather common that when a person goes to the trouble to go to an Catholic or other church in the US or Europe, which has old records in the dusty basement; they will be referred back to one of the LDS Family History Centers for easier access to the records.

If you're traveling to an old church to check out its' records it's wise to check if the records are on LDS microfilm already, when the old church is open and how much they charge to look through their sometimes fragile books.
Some people think it is more efficient to borrow, for $5.50, a microfilm from the Family History Library in Utah than to travel to France, for instance, to look at parish records -- but not as fun. A catalog of the microfilmed records the Church has is available FREE on the LDS FamilySearch website.

Achim Erlacher

My Ancestors paid and contributed towards the wealth, building up and maintenance of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. I am sure that this was in part their choice but often the consequence of a lack of choices. As taxpayer in Austria, my taxes still benefit the Roman Catholic Church (e.g. R.C. religous education at schools is at least in part funded by the State, the upkeep and renovation of Chapels is in part goverment supported etc.) My ancestor and their descentants should be able to choose whether they want to be baptised. Strangely the Roman Catholic Church was not only happy to take my ancestors contributions who didnt have a choice but also my tax money to keep and maintain records. On the other hand to be unwilling to share that information with people who have a personal interest in their ancestors being able to choose, is highly inappropriate.


People should do some research before they comment on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ----(YES that is the name and please use it properly). You all sound uneducated and obviously dont have a clue on your comments. I am sick with the arguments on this post!


I am a Genealogist, and I am not Mormon (but have Mormon Ancestors). I have read many responses that echo the sentiments of Julie who stated that if Catholics do not believe LDS Baptisms have any affect, then why stand in the way? This is purely an issue of intollerance. I suppose you could make the same argument about Gay Marriage, or any other issue you may disagree with especially if you feel it doesn't apply to you. What do you lose by it, and if you don't believe it is valid, then why choose to be intollerant of it, especially if it may mean something positive to someone else? In my humble opinion, a lot of people, including the Pope, need to get back to basics and rediscover what it takes to be a true follower of Christ. Lead us not into temptation...to judge one another.

To: Jeff

You say: "In my humble opinion, a lot of people, including the Pope, need to get back to basics and rediscover what it takes to be a true follower of Christ. Lead us not into temptation...to judge one another."
But is it not being judgmental to not let (in this case) Catholic baptism stand w/out additional and presumably *correct* LDS baptism? ... also, am I hearing it correctly that the deceased can authentically *choose* LDS baptism?


Knee biters are plentiful here. The caravan moves on and will dot the earth with temples and gods true church will continue his ordinances. No big thing here as the catholics are just bitter we are authorized and well them; not so much.

Hey, wait a second

Since when do the views put forth by an incredible minority of the the LDS Church suddenly represent all of us? There are over 5 million members in the US alone. If every single post on here was from a different LDS person, it would represent just slightly more than .0001% of US members, and .00005% of worldwide members. If you're using this, or Utah for that matter (representing about 10% of the worldwide Church) as your basis for what "all Mormons are like" your view is going to be awfully skewed.

I for one am from New England, I'm Mormon, and I don't like the attitudes I've seen in Utah because they don't represent the Church that I joined in New England. They represent the elitist attitude that has become prevalent among some people in Utah. You see this same attitude among Southern Baptists in the southeast.

The members don't represent the religion if they don't live its doctrines, like respect for other religions and loving one another.

To: Hey, waid a second

Yes, but aren't the attitudes of LDSmom and Kevin et.al. fascinating?

RE: New England Mormon...

AKA::: Hey, wait a second

An "incredible monority" of mormons have these views. Well my friend you are incredible insulated from the central office if you think the LDS church is about "...respect for other religions and loving one another."

5 Million in the US; well I would argue with that as well ...

By the way...

Non-LDS don't have access to the temple ordinance dates in the International Genealogical Index (IGI), unless they're lying and saying they're LDS and forging a username and password (tsk, tsk, tsk). All the claims about the number of times Anne Frank, Pope John Paul II or Mother Theresa have been baptized, should be taken with a MAJOR grain of salt. If you can see the names in the IGI, yes, temple work has been done, but no nonmember would know how many times without lying and sneaking around - hardly an "objective" point of view.

Catholics aren't the only ones joining the LDS Church - Jews are too. Some deceased Jews receive ordinances legitimately from a descendant who's joined the LDS Church. We're all related so it's silly to think that no Mormon can claim Jewish ancestry.

Ultimately, the whole thing is a control issue, rather like fighting over Grandma's will or who gets to dump her ashes from the helicopter.

John Lambert

If this means that the Vatican is saying to all dioceses to stop letting the LDS microfilm records this is the worst thing that has occured for Family History Research this century.
Of course Belgium putting the LDS Church on the list of "dangerous sects" did cause Brussels to cancel a contract to allow the church to microfilm the records.
This is extremely stupid on the part of the Vatican. If the LDS Church is wrong than their ordinances have no validity, and if their ordinances have validity than the Vatican is standing in the way of the progress of the work of God. There is no logically consistent view that includes halting the Family History work of the LDS Church.

To Kevin

What is a knee biter. Is that some sort of insect in Utah? Please explain.

LDS convert

what Benedict should have done was remove all those Catholic Bishops that allowed the pedophilia, who transferred them parish to parish. Rome is running scared due to many catholic priests and nuns being converted to LDS and our numbers rising. Do not tell me I am ignorant , for I am an ex monk of the catholic church. Feel nothing but love for catholics brothers and sisters, but Rome is determined now to squash LDS growth. The Lord will open the door that is temporarily closed...onward Brethren.

If right won't matter, if wrong

John Lambert, "This is extremely stupid on the part of the Vatican. If the LDS Church is wrong than their ordinances have no validity, and if their ordinances have validity than the Vatican is standing in the way of the progress of the work of God. There is no logically consistent view that includes halting the Family History work of the LDS Church."

I'm LDS and have a strong testimony of family history and temple work but your comments are the dumbest I have ever had the privelige to read. If the Church is wrong which it isn't then it does make sense that the Catholic Church wouldn't want to offend God and those who are being baptized for the dead. It seems to me that you place emphasis on the validity of the ordinances but that isn't how Catholics see it.

They see as an insult to their faith, Catholics and to God. If the Church is right then it won't matter if Catholics prevent the Church from baptizing Catholics for the dead since they would understand that our doctrine allows us to do so in the millenium so it would be logical to have us wait.

Another thing is....

I really miss John Paul II for his peace maker quality. I was sad when he died and I felt a yuck feeling when Benedict was elected....now I know why. The thing is that someday this one will leave us as John Paul did. So let's show respect for their will as much as we feel bad about it so that their is a chance they'll understand what has been said over and over here.

Catholic Convert from LDS

I happen to be a convert to the Catholic faith, and I know that there are many others who have converted to Catholism in this happy valley of ours. We appreciate our Mormon roots but have a hard time with "Pride" that we find in the above comments.

Using the above logic, if numbers are the only thing that prove truth, well we should throw time into the mix. The Catholic Church is 2000 years old. It has had its high and low points, but its still here. It isn't going away.

So you may have Catholic converts today, but lets not forget the road runs both ways. With time your Church will have it ups and downs. I think in the Media your church is being unfairly slaugtered by the media. It bothers me to see this.

So, lets grow up and see what the real issue is here:
1. Catholics feel their baptism is valid.
2. Mormons feel their baptism is valid.
3. Mormons believe that once an individual has died that they can correct an invalid baptism
4. Catholics find this offensive.

God Bless


The LDS church doesnt release baptism or temple records to the public, what is the difference?

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