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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This decision by the Catholic Church is simply illadvised. Parrish records are the equivalent to secular records, which in years gone by were not kept or were sketchy. These records should be available to family to trace their progenators. What is ultimately done with these names of family members is no concern to whatever faith these individuals may have practiced. The fact that some of these individuals may have their true ordinances performed for them (according the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), which the Catholic faith does not accept as teachings of their church is not the issue.


Julie, the fact that you don't understand is the problem.


This is very shortsighted on the part of the Pope. Having the records copied and made available to all genealogists (since the LDS Church has the premier repository of genealogical records) protects the records from ever being totally lost to fire or other disasters. It also allows millions of people to search for their ancestors. The majority of visitors to the Church's Family History Library are actually non-Mormons.

So, apparently the Pope is opposed to people discovering their own heritage. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Why would he do this? Like the Jews, apparently he must believe in the LDS doctrine of baptism for the dead and sealings of families or there would be no reason to fear how these records might be used by the church. If it is not true and the ordinances are only done vicariously, why would they care?


Catholic church has lost my respect:(

Proud Non-Catholic

It's a good thing Oprah got her family history researched before irrational fears from the Africans worried that knowing her heritage would be a bad thing for them. This will seriously hinder all attempts at family history by all searchers, regardless of their faith as parish records are an important source of historical data. Why keep it secret from the world? Are the Catholics ashamed to disclose that people were baptized as infants. Has any harm ever come to them as a result of people being able to discover their lineage.

I can't believe how many supposedly smart people have such irrational fears that govern their actions. If I didn't already doubt the Pope's authority I certainly would now. This is not inspiration; merely fear and prejudice that will hurt many more than the LDS faithful.


Mark, parish records are used to write revisionist history? How does a name and birthday rewrite history?

BTW........I have NEVER heard that Martin Luther was a Mormon. But nice attempt to back up your argument.

In addition, should the LDS Church check for membership in the LDS Church before they allow anyone to access Familysearch.com or go into the Genealogical Library? And did you know that genealogy is the number 1 or 2 hobby in the U.S.?


This is really nothing new from the Catholic Church. I have a document in my possession that I had to sign when I was viewing Catholic Records in Scotland, wherein I had to promise not to publish the names of the my Catholic ancestors in any database. I have to show this documentation everytime I get access to those records. Those Records are kept at the National Archives in Scotland.


The Pope and the Catholic Church are a little like those men who wanted to take the plates away from the Prophet Joseph: of course, they didn't believe in the vision he had in the grove, but,hey, IF there were gold plates, they wanted to make sure they were theirs! To the Pope, the LDS Church is misguided and untrue...so if our beliefs are untrue than whatever we do with the info we learn their parish registers will not have any effect. I, too, am a former Catholic, and it does not bother me if my Catholic relatives say the rosary for me or light a candle for the welfare of my soul. I believe faith in God is beneficial by members of any Church.

My feeling is that we should just pray that the Pope's heart will be softened and than practice patience. Somewhere it says that Man's work maybe frustrated, but Heavenly Father's work will never be frustrated.

Losing track

I think we are losing track of the other primary mission of the research outside of temple work. It is to assemble the largest and most complete genealogical database possible, free to ALL people who want to use it, regardless of their individual beliefs. People who are not LDS complain about LDS members being so close minded and selfish. Perhaps you should look at it from the other side of the fence....

It wouldn't be offensive...

To me if someone decided, after I was dead, to "baptize" me into some other church. But that is because I believe the doctrines of my church, that the only ordinances that are valid are those done with the proper priesthood authority. If those of other faiths were truly secure in their own faith, they would dismiss any LDS baptisms for the dead as the erroneous choice of a deluded people.


I was baptized Catholic. They did not ask my permission to do so. I was 8 days old. But, no harm done, I was free to accept or reject it afterwards. So why would the Pope bother about someone being baptized "Mormon" posthumously, unable to agree or reject it here on earth? No harm done. If we believe there is a place up there, the person there can accept or reject it.

Perhaps all former and inactive Catholics (hundreds of millions) should request their names to be erased from the parish registers.

It is an illusion to think the Mormon church can cooperate with the present Pope. Years ago, in his former position, he already directed the invalidation of Mormon baptism as Christian.


It seems that the Jewish people are also offended by the actions of the LDS church in baptizing Holocaust victims.

What I don't understand is why you LDS don't "get" it.

Jerry Williamson

Is it a good idea not to allow a person the right to have the records of his direct line ancestors?
I would have no problem with the Catholic Church
saying a prayer or performing some work of love for my benefit in the eternal world to come. To not allow a person access to the records of his ancestors is not in harmony with the teachings of
civilized people

Joe W.

"Catholics" are told NOT to give their baptism information to ANY Church - but guess which one makes headlines?

Blindly following wayward traditions from long ago will come back to roost... As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


>>And Julie is right on --- what are they worried they will lose, if they DON'T believe the LDS have any authority? But if the LDS baptisms ARE God's command and therefore effective, wouldn't you want to embrace that? Clear thinking requires one or the other, not both.<<

Catholics take it as an affront or challenge to the authenticity of their religion. If they allow LDS baptisms they are acquiescing to the LDS claim of authenticity. Catholics believe that dead Catholics need no further assistance to get to heaven. As do other religions, I'm sure.

Same with the Jews who refuse to allow proxy baptisms for Jewish progenitors.


All should remember who is really in charge, watch and wait. I cannot help but think of the need of one person who has passed on.

Amateur genealogist

I dabble in genealogy, and do not consider myself an expert, but have found a great deal of information through familysearch.org and ancestry.com etc. that has also enabled me to find several "cousins" that I am now in contact with. We exchange information. We are all of different religious backgrounds. If they want to perform any religious service for any of my ancestors they may. My understanding is that my "people" have to accept or reject this personally, so it is of no effect, and they will not be listed as being "Mormon" or counted in the total membership of that Church.

Many of my lines are at a dead stop because of lost and/or destroyed records, particularly the Catholic lines going into Ireland. The Mormon Church provides a great service by filming them and making them available to everyone who wants to see them.

I am grateful when any of my relatives, of many different faiths, say they will pray for me when I am ill or going through sad times. The prayers of the righteous, of any faith, are made in faith and love, and are heard by our God, Father in Heaven, or however we address him.


We should turn the other cheek and continue to support their aid societies through the LDS Humanitarian Services. I wonder if that would be of interest to the AP--they'll take our money to support their causes.

Primary Reason

The primary reason of collecting names is not for genealogy but for temple work. Please do not lie Losing Track!


Alrighty then...

Catholics have banned the Mormons from their Parish records, because, they cannot accept their doctrines.
(1 Corinthians 15:29)

"Ve have vays to deal vith heretics"!

Apparently, "Aversion Therapy" from one religion to another is now the name of the game?

If so, then can we now expect a few edicts from the LDS Church regarding Catholics?

1-Catholics are now hereby banned from using the Family History Center, it's satellite centers and it's data base for Genealogical research.
They will now have to find other resources to trace their roots.

2-Mormons shall not sell or trade precious metals like gold and silver, to the Catholics, for they may use them to create a Cross or a Cruciifix.
And also, no beads, for they may be used in the Rosary, all doctines which are contrary to Mormon beliefs.

3-Also grains and grapes are not to be sold, for they may eventually be used for the Eucharist and the doctrine of Transubstantiation is just not acceptable to Mormons.

4-Also, water and bird baths, must not be sold to Catholics, for they may eventually be used for Infant Baptisms, which is also unacceptable to Mormons.

Live and Let Live


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