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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This has everything to do with respect. If I wanted to be baptized a Mormon I would do so while Im alive. What makes anyone feel they are better or know better than I do when it comes to my wishes?


Patty -- The Mormon position is that you may have a clearer understanding of what you really want once God shows it to you when you're dead.

Like or not, that strikes me as pretty rational. As Paul said, on the earth we see and know things only in part. Mormons who believe their religion is correct naturally believe that its correctness will be made clear in the eternities, once people's knowledge is more complete.

And they must be correct -- I've never heard a dead person complain about being subjected to posthumous Mormon baptism. ;)


"Like the Jews, apparently he must believe in the LDS doctrine of baptism for the dead and sealings of families."

Jews do NOT belive in the doctrine of baptism for the dead and sealings of families. Find out the facts before you post.


Amber -- Read the referenced post a second time, this time with your irony detector turned on.

I've got an idea

Why not just baptize everyone into every conceivable religion so that when they're dead they're covered since none of the others count and, apparently, the wishes of the individual don't either?

mary anne

Based on what i have read today in this forum, I think that there is great hostility between Mormons and Catholics. It also appears that the Catholic Church has acted within its rights. I do not hear of anyone suing the church to get at the records.

Mormons also like to think they are now "Christians," part of the worldwide Christian movement, but the Catholic church has set that thought aside, hasn't it. Pope drew a line in the sand.

Some have written about how these two Christian bodies have been torn asunder by the Catholic orders. Au contraire, it was never together. I recall a childhood where Mormons would always tell the Catholics that the Catholics were headed straight to hell.

So, relax. The RC has the records, the world continues to spin, and roses still bloom in the spring. Nothing has actually changed, but some things are more out in the open.


Thomas: I have lived in Utah a long time. This will be one more why of Mormons trying to make non-Mormon feel like something is wrong with them. You may feel its your right to do this. Guess what, its within my rights to say back off. Believe what you want, but dont try to take away my right to do the same.

In the tunnel


You're educated and intelligent, yet you've spent countless hours looking in to religion for answers. You're the only one posting here who has any hope. Free yourself from your past.


You LDS are hypocrites!

People who believe differently than you are constantly performing ceremonies and rites that you find offensive. Take Burning Man, for example. People of other faiths dress in Mormon Temple clothes and depict their own interpretations of the Temple ordinances. It is very instructive, but I have NEVER met a Mormon who is not offended by it!

So don't tell me you Mormons would not be offended if other churches did that! You are liars and hypocrites!


Thomas: I have lived in Utah a long time. I know how this goes. Non-Mormons are wrong in your eyes.



Bob Krebs

It's interesting that people in this string are attacking the Catholic Church for not supporting a position that She believes in error. Would the LDS Church support a position that it believes is in error?


Catholics do not worship Mary. Lets not lose sight of what we are talking about. The freedom of choice. My choice is NOT to be baptized a Mormon after Im died. What is wrong with that?



While it's true that we see things in part, why focus on matter beyond life and stake our moral claims on experience? Regardless of religion, we all share the same moral instincts as the rest of us. Religious dogma seems to stir in a mix of an inflexibility that disregards the feelings of others, which is moral failing. I read a lot of LDS members saying, "why be bothered with using your name in our temple rituals?" I ask then, "why be bothered with holding on to religious doctrine at the expense of ignoring the wishes of a dead person's relative?" I'm not a Catholic or Jew, but seems sense to me that most people don't want their dead relatives name used in anyone's ritual.

Why not let go of dogma? There are better things in life on which to focus and apply one's energies.


Ooooh! I get so angry when I read how arrogant and offensive so many comments by Mormons are!

If I had any doubts about whether or not Mormons are Christian, I am convinced now that they ARE NOT!


Why are people placing a greater importance of claim of an afterlife that no one can substantiate as true when there is so much to learn about in the here and now? The moral life begins on earth.


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
Freedom of choice, God gave us that choice.


Julie | 12:48 a.m. May 4, 2008
"I'm still trying to figure out why it bothers people that mormons do baptisms for the dead if non-mormons don't believe that it has any effect."

Are you serious? I find this and all other comments like this to be insensitive, ignorant, arrogant, and disrespectful. How would you like it if some other religion forced their dogma on you or a member of your family after you were dead?


It is sad that the Pope and the Vatican take this position. My family and I are LDS and we embrace working together with other faiths. Here in Colorado the Catholic and LDS Churches join with many others in common charitable undertakings. My two oldest sisters graduated with nursing degrees from the old Catholic Holy Cross School of Nursing in Salt Lake City and I remember as a small boy enjoying their graduation ceremonies held in the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Unfortunately, I lay this edict at the door of Pope Benedict. I served an LDS mission in the Germany Munich Mission from 1977-1979. The Pope, who at that time was Cardinal Josef Ratzinger of the Archdiocese of Munich, personally undertook to shut out LDS missionaries from the city of Freising, home of the Archdiocese (he made sure no one would rent to them, etc.), and from the heavily Catholic city of Passau. Just look at his history of antagonizing Lutherans in Germany, provoking Muslims since becoming Pope, etc. This too will pass, but in the meantime he is needlessly picking fights with other faiths. However, we should turn the other cheek and keep the dialogue with Catholics open.

Irish Catholic

I can feel the love... Can't you? What a waste! And we wonder why the world is in its current state of disrepair. If we had this much debate about local issues OF IMPORTANCE we would actually SOLVE problems rather than create them so as to hide from the reality of the world.

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