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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I want to make a few points.

I don't understand what is wrong with family members that love those that have passed on and want to provide them with the opportunity to be baptized into the church that they believe is true.

I don't understand why people are getting upset and offend that family members want to do this posthumous baptism that give their ancestors a choice.

I have tried to see this from their point of view. I have thought to myself. If I died and I had members of my family of another faith pray for me or provide some other act of love or service that they believed would help me after my death. I would feel loved.


i would be horrified if someone tried to baptize my grandmother mormon. she was a very devout christian and i know i will be with her in heaven. i do not understand why the LDS believe there are seperate heavens. i never read that in the bible. probably because it is untrue. i will continue to pray for your salvation, all LDS. Only God knows the truth. No man made religion whether it be LDS or catholic know. God does not segregate.

Dave McPhail

Having worked for the Family History Dept. of The LDS Church for over 18 years, and having done genealogical research using Catholic parish registers in that research as well as producing presentations focusing on the collection of Catholic records already microfilmed. . . I can say this is a sad (and already seen illogical move) move by the Catholic Church. BUT- the Family History Library already has a TON of already microfilmed Catholic parish registers. Most of what the library DOESN'T have is from parishes that historically don't want their register microfilmed anyway. . . so it's all a moot point.


Pardon me for not reading 9 pages of comments - I hope more information comes out on this one way or the other cause I don't know how the Catholic Church intends to determine who is LDS. Unless they use blanket stereotypes of anyone from Utah, last name of Smith, etc... Will they require background checks or copies of membership?


Maybe they are mad the LDS won't baptize the infants they didn't get around to?

Funny, no scriptural reference on that one.

David Bradley

Sj Bobkins said, "If the Catholic church believes that the LDS Church is in error, what does it matter?"

To this I say that it matters greatly! The god(s) of the Mormon Church is(are) NOT the God of the Catholic Church. We are warned by God the Father in the commandments not to put any other god above him. We are warned in Deuteronomy 32 not to get involved with pagan or other "gods" and that any power behind those gods was based on demonic powers hostile to God. Giving in to these rituals and saying they have no detrimental effect is proven to be a poor decision by the fact that some Catholics are already convinced that dabbling with this false god is harmless.


There seems to be a misunderstanding of LDS temple practices. No dead person is being forced to join the LDS Church in the afterlife. They are being offered the opportunity one last time, and one assumes that it might be a bit more convincing after they are dead.

It is sad that the Catholic Church is cutting off this resource to both LDS and non-LDS people alike, but ultimately it is their choice and I am sure the LDS Church will respect their decision if no compromise can be reached.

Have Shoah victims been baptized against the wishes of the many branches of Judaism? Yes. Did the LDS Church order this to be done? No. But it can't control what every single individual member does.

If the Jehovah's Witnesses would like to try converting me after I'm dead, they are welcome to do it. I can't say that what doesn't bother me won't bother other people, though. I am sure that God will work everything out in the end, He being omnipotent and all.

I am saddened to see so many cruel words here towards both the LDS and the Catholics. Christ preached love, not bigotry, snide comments and hate.


@Disgusted: When this is not a question of money, please explain why a lot of microfilms with catholic records are restricted for the use outside of europe since the 70`s? What is the difference between a LDS Member in the US who wants to baptize his ancestors an a LDS in europe? BTW: I`m not a LDS, i`m catholic. A visit to a family history center costs minimum 8,50 for one film (3 Months) including thepermission to take pictures, the visit in a catholic archive starts with a fee 5,50 just for sitting there an 2 books to view mostly without the permission to take pictures (for 1 Day). Any additional book costs 2 . [Fees may varie from archive to archive]. Ironically they are sometimes (because of saving the old books) giving out microfilm copies of the LDS to visitors. It`s the only please in europe to use them, because of their own restrictions. Will they stop using the microfilm copies because theyre from the LDS?


Good luck researching any ancestor who lived in a country where the Catholic church was the official records keeping body of the state gov't!



"It completely undermines a person's decisions that they make in life to baptize them when they are dead. "

If you don't want baptism there, the ordinance becomes null and void. That is your choice. No decision is undermined. That has always been the doctrine too. As one who has done her research, you ought to have known that.

Not a dead mormon...yet

No wonder the LDS have 13 million members and growing. People die every day!

Get Real!

Many have stated that we as LDS would be upset if our ancestors were baptized in other churches after they were dead. I can guarantee that almost all faithful LDS people couldn't care less! We know that ordinances done without the real authority of God mean nothing, thus they would just be taking a bath with a name, not really baptizing anything.

And do you really think Jesus would say, "Well you lived a Christ-Like life and would have got into heaven, but it looks like 350 years after you died someone baptized you in a different church so you're screwed."????????


that is why i do not believe in orgainized religion. Jesus was not orgainized, He was spontaneous. He was charismatic. He did not write sermons. He spoke with his heart. You Lds take things out of concept. The bible guides you, not men.

Catholic Me

Will you Mormons stop the deception already!!? It is NOT TRUE that Catholics "do not understand baptism for the dead"! We understand completely! It is NOT TRUE that we believe your baptisms are legitimate and that is why we oppose them! Your "priesthood" is a false priesthood and has no legitimacy whatsoever. It is precisely BECAUSE we understand your doctrine of baptism for the dead, and precisely BECAUSE we think your temple rites are bogus and wrong that we oppose your access to our records!

Stop the spin! Stop the games! Just leave our sacred dead alone!


The Roman Catholic Church doesn't recognize LDS baptisms as valid, and requires converts from Mormonism to Catholicism to be rebaptized. Since the RCC does not single out Protestant baptisms as similarly invalid, I can't help but to see this as an arrogant, unfriendly act.

In any event, if the RCC doesn't recognize LDS baptisms as valid, it shouldn't be insulted that the LDS view RCC baptisms as invalid, and therefore practice baptism for the dead.

Where's Cromwell when you need him?


To 'Cuts both ways':

**Would it bother mormons if let's say the FLDS were re-doing the temple ordinances because they figured the mainstream LDS had gone astray.

The LDS church would be all over that like white on rice. So why be surprised that other churches don't like the LDS church doing the same?**

No, wouldn't bother us/LDS at all as the FLDS can't & don't use our temples. They'd have to join our church & be worthy of a temple recommend before they'd ever be allowed to attend a temple. They can redo whatever they want in their own temples...as LDS members it doesn't matter to us as we are a totally seperate religion from them.

RE: Get Real

Maybe the arrogant attitude you have saying others baptisms are just "taking a bath" is the reason the Catholic church is taking a hard stance.

James Gaede

To Just Me and Biblical Practice:

please read 1 Peter 3:19-20, for what purpose did Christ preach to the spirits that were dead if baptism for the dead is invalid.


Catholic Me:

"It is precisely BECAUSE we understand your doctrine of baptism for the dead, and precisely BECAUSE we think your temple rites are bogus and wrong that we oppose your access to our records! "

If that is true, that is all the more reason why it shouldn't matter to the Catholic Church. If what we are doing is bogus, it will ultimately have no effect, will it. So why worry?

Last time I checked

the ordinance of baptism for the dead was proxy or "in name only". Seems that many people on here feel like it's an actual event with the body and all. Every time the Pope prays for everyone in the world, he is praying to God for me (a Mormon). Should I take offense at that?

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