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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm Not Surprised...

the the comments above have been written - this is a Utah newspaper. LDS church members are upset, not because of the geneology aspect as most mormons claim, but because they cannot claim additional members after they die. If I didn't want to be converted to the LDS religion - living in Utah - with all the pressure and condemnation (yes, it's true .... pay attention to your youth and what is said to their non-mormon friends), why oh why would I want to 'belong' and 'baptised' after I'm dead. I believe that if I live my life as God has shown us how to through his own son Jesus, I will be with him again when I die. The promise of belonging to my own kingdom (oh, wait...I'm a woman) ok, so my husbands kingdom where he is God of his own universe (or whatever), to any other religion (except LDS) is absurd. And to the comment about the Catholic religion being man-based? that's funny! really, really funny! especially if you say it and belong to the LDS faith. If you want to 'baptise' someone, do it while they are alive and leave the rest of us in peace.

RE: I really don't understand

It is because the Mormon church is walking in and saying that the deceased needs saving bc they joined the wrong church.

How can you NOT find that offensive? Especially if you were a holocaust victim who died for what they believed?

Verl Doman

Dear My Question,

Your question: "I'm still trying to figure out why so many faiths believe their God isn't "god" enough to save those who die without being baptized/receiving rites in mortality?"

Answer: I suppose most would agree with your premise that our all-powerful Father in Heaven could abolish the need for baptism if he chose, but it was his Son who said: "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3) Rather than change the gospel and dilute the need to "fulfill all righteousness" (Matthew 3:15)he instituted a way for us to serve our forfathers by identifying them and then to "baptized for the dead" as mentioned by Paul, but not understood by the so called Christian Churches.(see 1 Corinthians 15:29)

Would you counsel God on how to provide salvation for his Children? I like the fact that he is consistant in the requirements to enter his presence but merciful enough to provide a way for all.

I have a feeling the Pope will change this policy when he realizes that the LDS Church sponsors the largest geneological library in the world open to everyone's family research.


They will remain hidden along with the priest sodomy evidence.

How frustrating

It is sad but true, the parish records of the Catholic Church DO belong to the Catholic Church. They can do with them what they will.
This will be frustrating to the many Catholics who want to do their own geneology, as Geneological Research is Europe's number one hobbie.
The Catholic Church is the owner of a great many other historical texts of all kinds, that would be of extreme value to the rest of the world. and they won't "turn those over", either.
That is just the way it is. It is THEIR PROPERTY.

Faith needed

I truly believe that most Catholics are good hearted people who would give willingly of their substance to help another. LDS people would likewise be as generous. If only they could see the true intent here.....love. Perhaps the Catholic church is showing some true colors here. Unfortunately, it is a hard thing to change once it is committed.


I cant believe all the posters that think this is somehow about the Catholic Church wanting money. Your accusations are vulgar and despicable. This is about a theological difference and a response to worldwide complaints of LDS baptizing deceased members of another faith. People of other faiths are not beneath you, and clamoring to be baptized into your one and only true church. This erroneous practice smacks of elitism and arrogance, and you have absolutely no entitlement to do anything with the records, let alone take over control and maintenance as some here have suggested. I read pages of posts and I am disgusted and dismayed. Youve illustrated a depressing example of LDS members who are critical, condescending, self-righteous and unscrupulous.

Tom Rod

Ok, things are way off base here. Here is an objective view of the matter.

The LDS church feels very strongly that they must baptize and seal all the folks that that anyone on earth has record of, getting back to Adam if they can.

Catholic folk take offense to this, as the LDS Church uses their records in lieu of any other records to establish birth/death/wedding dates, etc. Perhaps they see acquiescing these records as acknowledgment that the LDS Church has authority, which threatens their hegemony on claims of authority.

LDS Folk don't see what the big deal is, because if they lack authority, all is moot, and if they don't, then they're right and they really are saving souls from the damnation of stagnation.

So really this is a power play over hegemony of authority. Only one can be true. If the Catholic is right, the Protestants are all wrong since they broke off a dead branch. If the LDS are right, then the Protestants are still wrong since the authority was lost and can't be restored through good feelings.

Thinking of this makes me think of the Rocky soundtrack. Weird eh? Hope this works itself out.

The Gift

I fail to see why sharing a spiritual gift with an ancestor should cause anyone grief.

For those who don't believe in the gift, the gift is meaningless.

For those who do believe in the gift, the person being offered the gift still has the choice to accept or reject the gift.

LDS library

I am not permitted to look at every record in the lds library either.


the church records for any church is none of any other man made religions business. only Jesus knows and yes, there is only one heaven, read your bibles.


As a Catholic who was ALMOST baptized mormon before I did some research I must say that I wholeheartedly support this decision. Of course mormons won't understand why people don't want to join their church. If I wanted to join I would actually open the door to the missionaries when they come knocking on the door all the time. There' my answer, "NO." I also don't need my children or otherwise thinking that I might have made a mistake and baptize me when I'm already dead. I've already been baptized and have made my decisions for myself. It completely undermines a person's decisions that they make in life to baptize them when they are dead. If a person or their religion choose not to make it easier to let mormons baptize their parishioners then it's their decision. It's all about respect and a doing your dealings honestly.


so in other words you all are saying that it is ok to tell a 17 year old mentally handicapped child (by missionaries) that she is not baptized as she was baptized by a christian minister and not a mormon? that is a bunch of garbage. they told my daughter that and i cried as they are so misguided. the only thing that christians are afraid of that has to do with the LDS church is that you are misled and need to see the truth and if you don't then you will pay the price. I know in my spirit and my heart His truth.


To Orion, It Cuts Both Ways, and all the others who think the same way:

It would not bother me in the least if the FLDS redid the ordinance work for my ancestors or any of the prophets. It would not bother me in the least if the Catholic church declared one of them a Saint. It would not bother me if any or all of them were baptized into another church.

I would simply acce3pt it as a sign of love, respect, and caring, but nothing more. Because I don't believe that any of those things mean anything, they can do it all they want. They can light candles, cannonize them, or do whatever in their names.

It is amazing to me that people don't understand that, whether they are in the church or not.



Have you ever prayed for anyone's soul? Have you ever wanted something for someone else that they don't have--something of great value to you? If you have, you obviously must be elitist, arrogant, critical, condescending, self-righteous and unscrupulous, just like me. If doing work for the dead makes me all these things, then I am guilty as charged. So what.

Look, we aren't taking control of any records. The Catholic Church still owns them. We are photographing them, documenting them, transcribing them, and digitizing them. They are available to all. Certainly, we have our purposes in doing the work for them, yet none of the work we do is or ever has been invasive of anyone's freedom to choose. We are not hurting anyone. We are not cursing anyone. If we are false, then none of the dead have anything to worry about, will they. If we are true, then none of the dead have anything to worry about either.

Religious Tension

The Mormon Church should respect the wishes of Catholics' and stop baptizing their dead. Actually, they should respect everyone's wishes about this matter, regardless of religion.

I find it odd the LDS Church's to practice superstition trumps the wishes of those who don't want their relatives names used for their purposes.


All religions are man made.

Dee Pearce

For many years, the churchs, Catholic or Protestant, were the only record keepers, they were the "state archives." What may result from this decision is the blocking of access by family history researchers to the only source of records about their families. How will a parish priest or other Catholic record keeper know if he is being approached by a "forbidden user", are all researchers to be asked whether they are LDS? I suspect Catholic nations may have to step in an remind the Catholic Church that while they kept the records, they did so as a state agency. By adopting this position, the Catholic Church may be inviting government intervention which they might wish to avoid. Will national archives that have taken possession of Catholic records to preserve them as "state records" comply with the Catholic hope that the LDS will not be given access to those records? I doubt it.

Dear The Gift

The gift you are talking about exists as nothing else but fiction, which is why the gifts is truly meaningless. No one accepts or chooses the gift because when you die...well, you die. It comes with the territory.


I am LDS. We must respect each other's beliefs. This was a decision by the Catholic church, and we will respect it. Practice charity folks. Live your religion!

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