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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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All of this is assuming

Catholics and others are beneath the LDS and their teachings...that is what this is really about. What gives any religion the right to say that? If you think your religion is better than others then keep it to yourselfs and don't hurt others with your arrogance. If you truly believe in "Baptisms for the Dead" then do it for your own ancestors, but leave people alone with every bit as much right as you to believe their religion is "true".


This is broader than a purely religious issue. The LDS Church has the largest genealogical research program in the world. For decades, it has copied records, with the permission of the record owners, returned microfilm or digital copies of the records to the owners and made the information available to the public for genealogical research. Copies have also been safely stored in the Church's granite vaults to preserve them against possible disasters worldwide. This has become an invaluable source of genealogical records for researchers. By choosing not to participate in this program, the Catholic Church is denying genealogists worldwide the opportunity to research their ancestors. Forget about religion or religious motivations for a minute; what kind of public relations and human relations decision is this?


The Church is not saying the records of your ancestors do not belong to you, but that they don't belong to the LDS church.

anon e. mouse

ajarizona- Your story makes no sense. If the nuns wanted to baptize a dying baby and there was no priest around, they would've done it themselves. After all, they have access to Holy Water and I'm sure your mom wouldn't have.

Sign of the Times

When the most important work on earth is thwarted, can the end be far away?

Those who know, shouldn't be saddened.

Those who aren't saddened, don't know.

It will all work out according to the Lord's plan. Have faith.


The most elitist, exclusive Church is not getting a taste of their own medicine! How does THAT feel?!


I didn't have the time to read all of the comments, so I apologize if someone has already mentioned this.

The church has in the past gone against the direct wishes of a few religions and baptized holocaust survivors and so forth which is incredibly disrespectful. People that have passed away belonging to a certain religion should be respected, as they obviously believed in it. When the dead are baptized it looks more like the LDS church is stepping in and saying that the member was wrong and they have to save them. The Catholic church is definitely not questioning their doctrines and beliefs, or saying the Mormons could be right. That is simply arrogant. They just don't want anymore of their congregations defiled. This is not just the Catholic church's doing, it is based of of thousands of complaints from their faithful about the practice.


What is the difference in baptizing an infant in the Catholic church (the baby has no choice in the matter) or baptizing someone who has passed on (and also has no choice in this life)? To me it is the same since neither person had a choice to whether or not they are baptized in that particular religion.

to ajarizona

The nun did not need to find a priest for the baptism, since in cases of near death ANYBODY is permitted to perform a baptism including a child, even self or non-catholic. So I now am forced to doubt your story. Had the baby died without benefit of baptism, God's grace would have been sufficient. Unbaptized aborted fetuses are also expected to receive grace.


I suspect a coverup. Maybe some of the records reveal a medieval precedent for the Catholic Priesthood's contemporary struggle with celibacy.


Maybe this is the Lord's way of making us reach out to those of another faith to get this work done. How many of us have done genealogy work and never said anything to our family member's that are of another faith. The spirit of Elijah is to also reach across those family lines and share the gospel. (All the Anti-Mormons will pick that statement apart). I really think that those members who are doing research and sharing with their families the chioce and the meaning behind the ordinances will still have success. It is now time for us to just bridge the gap in our families and ask for help from someone of another faith with respect and humility, something that alot of LDS still need to learn.


I am so surprised by this move. It really does seem so vindictive and territorial. I am not bothered that Catholics, Baptists, or others pray for my soul. It just seems a little weird to me. I think Pres. Monson try to contact the Pope.

Genealogy is important to people for more reasons than just temple work. Some people jsut want to know about their ancestors.


I don't see any reason why this issue can't be short lived. Hopefully, we'll talk about it with the Catholic Church and get this resolved. If it isn't...oh well. The records do belong to the Catholic Church and they can do with them as they please. In that case, we'll have to go another route to get the information. Regardless of what happens, we'll get the work done eventually with or without the Catholic records.

If our determination to do work for the dead is considered arrogant, then perhaps we should do a whole lot more of it.

Quit whinning!!!!

The Catholic church DOES in fact own the parish records, their people kept them up to date and have archived them. They have every right to do with them whatever they want to do. It's not like they have burned them in some act of defiance! And you don't "OWN" your ancestors, they were individuals NOT property. Instead of complaining about the Catholic church's decision on this site, why don't you look for ways to explain to the Catholic church both here and in Rome the importance of the archives BEYOND temple ordinances??

Mind you manners

To "All of this assuming." To use your logic, the Lord should never have performed the Atonement, or at least for 'select few' who would have received it and Him.


The difference is that the baby can grow up and leave if it wants. The deceased has no say in the matter. It is not a vindictive move, it is one that is attempting to protect its parishoners. They've had numerous complaints!


Protectionism is at the root of this conflict. It is unfair to the millions of people around the world who genuinly need or want access to these records to help them perform the research of their ancestors. I hope that the members of the Catholic church recognize this for what it is and do a bit of complaining. The Catholic church appropriated the killing of anyone who does not accept Jesus as the Christ for many years during the crusades. During this time they advocated the stealing of indigineous riches and sending it back to the pope (I mean the King of Spain.) If they are willing to overlook the atrocities they have committed in times past, why then can they justify this action? It is such a small thing to them financially. Must be something else behind it.

Sad Catholic

I'm Catholic in Salt Lake City and have spent countless hours in your library pouring over the names of my relatives. I have nothing but good to say about your genealogical recording system and the kind folks who operate it. It's sad for me to think my own church is now going to stifle this resource that's available to all and preferencial of none, with no strings attached. Today I'm a sad Catholic.

To SammieB

You wonder why Catholics don't want to hand over records when you freely throw words around like "anti-mormon"? It comes down to religious records and privacy. Hitler used those records to send people to their death. The Catholics now simply refuse to allow that to happen again should catholic genocide be decided as the next good thing. Ask yourself why it was so important to baptize Adolf into your church?

I really don't understand

Why are people complaining? Noone is saying that dead people are definitely joining the church. The point is to give them the chance to accept or reject LDS baptism. I would not be offended if a Muslim, Buddhist, Jew does something to save me after I die. Then I would have all my bases covered.

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