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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pray for Pope

Being the daughter of a Catholic convert I find this policy very disturbing. I have a RIGHT to claim my ancestors records. I have always respected the fact that I come from these other faithful pioneers- like Pres. Uchdorf spoke about.
I am even grateful that although I don't agree with infant baptism that they have done that for without it & the records kept I would have many missing children in my family lines. I hope that maybe we can all show our true Christian nature and pray that the Pope's heart may be softened and that the First Presidency may find a way to ease any concerns & get further permission to access these records.

re: wow

you're right, even as a non-practicing Catholic, reading these comments makes me feel even more alienated by the LDS.

and lifer, you are right about irony. i see, the LDS church wants these records, wants the Catholic church information to remain open, yet and Catholic mother can't witness her converted daughter get married. that's some real family values there- alienate your non-LDS family- nice.

It's a commandment

For all of you who think the LDS Church made this up on their own, you are sorely mistaken. It's a commandment from Christ and since it is a commandment, we are obliged to fulfill the commandment.

It's actually pretty simple....

Also, I'd like for a Catholic to explain to me how the worshiping of Mary does not violate the 1st of the 10 Commandments. I've always been puzzled about that one and haven't taken the time to ask a neighbor...


I never realized that our Catholic friends haven't appreciated the service we Mormons have been giving them and the rest of the world by photographing all their family records for the world to access. This doesn't make any sense. I think they are smart enough to figure out how they are hurting the world and recant this rediculous stranglehold on public access. May God bless the Catholic leadership to figure this out sooner than later.

Temple versus records

Those who proffer on here that somehow allowing Catholics into the temple to see their child married is the same thing as looking at a record with information on it need a huge reality check.

I understand your dilemma. My in-laws are going to have to face that same situation in the coming years. I'm sure as the time draws closer that they will become more interested in the church doctrines and start to ask questions. Will they get baptized? Don't know. But they do know that they will not be allowed into the temple as it stands now.

While some parents might be selfish and complain about the decision of their child, it's nice to see mature parents accept the will of their child and support him/her.

Doctrines are there to be changed on a whim because some individual feels like they should be allowed into the temple. Life is full of choices and we don't get to pick and choose the consequences.

These 2 issues are not even close to the same thing. So please stop showing your ignorance and bitterness to something that will never change. You are the one who must change. Get on with it!


The Catholic Church performed a great service to mankind by keeping Christianity alive through the centuries. They also took the responsibility of documenting people's lives centuries before municipalities began to do so. And it seems that if the Catholic Church now wants to restrict accessibility to those records, they are missing the purpose of the great work that was done by the priests of the past. How sad it would be if family researchers could no longer have access to the only (in many cases) evidence of their ancestor's lives.


The Catholic Church provided salvation to the people who were baptized into their Church. The Catholic Church kept records of those souls who became members of Christ through baptism by the authority of the Apostolic Succession that goes back to Peter and to Christ himself. Those souls belong to the "Church" (i.e., body) of Christ, along with the records. No Mormon has ANY right to defame those names or records by performing occult ceremonies in the false belief that it gives the deceased the "choice" to leave the Catholic faith in the hereafter. Even if those souls were your ancestors, that does not give you any claim on their souls or their records. But the Church does have claim on their souls and on their records.


Thank you, Lord, for making all my lines Protestant and primarily Scotch-Irish.

Have folks never heard of "free will"? Do they not believe that those who've graduated from this life still have it? Do they not understand that baptism is about far more important things than denominational membership?

An LDS baptism was done for my oh-so-Southern-Baptist maternal grandmother. I don't have any problem with that. It was offered to her out of love and concern. If she was not inclined to accept it, I'm quite sure she was/is capable of saying, "No, thank you. I've already been baptized." Maybe a lot of Catholics don't think their ancestors are capable of saying, "No, thanks."


My mother trained with the Nuns at Holy Cross. She is LDS. One day an new born baby was rushed to her by a Nun, they could not find a Priest to baptise this baby. With fear and trembling, the Nun asked my Mother, a non Catholic, to baptise this baby.

My mother went through the motions and the Nun was relieved as my Mother sprinkled some water on the baby, soon after, the baby died, and that Nun was at peace, for in her mind, that child would now, not go to hell.

My Mother felt no need to lecture her about the wrongfulness of infant baptism, which is her belief,
rather, she respected the Nuns religious viewpoint, and did what came instinctively to her.

Authority did not matter, in the Nuns mind, the baby would now be spared from eternity in hell.

Disagree with my Religion if you will, but don't tell me I cannot practice it.

ARROGANCE is, telling a Religion they must not do this or that, or we will do this, to STOP you.

My Catholic Ancestors belong to me, just as much, as the Pope feels they belong to him.



What I find interesting is that wen my brother was born in Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City in 1961, he was baptized in the nursery by the nuns. We are not Catholic. Permission was not asked. I have no idea if this is still the practice at Catholic hospitals or a fluk of the time or of the hospital.

I also think The Deseret News editors should cut off comments after 100. The rantings get annoying. And who has time to read 400 comments?

re: temple vs. records

i have no need for a reality check- my point is that there are rules that the LDS church wants respected, and people respect them (although i think it is awful to deny a parent the right to watch their children get married). when the tables turn, and the catholic church doesn't want their records open for posthumous baptisms, then that too must also be respected, no matter how much you want to howl about it.


We do consider the needs. The non-member parents of those married in the temple can become members themselves, if they so choose. Then the point is moot. you sound bitter. That's OK. My non-member father not only understood, but RESPECTED the fact that we had chosen this path. He sat in the lobby of the temple, waiting for us to come back. Then, he of course, did all he could to make MY DAY more meaningful to ME.

If my child converted to Catholic, would I be totall included by the priest in the ceremony? Not.

Lets be neighborly about this

From Luke 10:
"..what shall I do to attain eternal life?"
"..love the Lord thy God...and thy neighbor..."
"...who is my neighbor?"
"...a certain man...fell among thieves, which stripped him...wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead."
"...a certain priest...passed by on the other side."
"...a Levite...passed by on the other side."
"But a certain Samaritan...had compassion on him. And went to him and bound up his wounds...and took care of him."
"Go thou, and do likewise."


I wonder how Mormons would feel if the Catholic church started baptizing by proxy all of you. Since you don't believe in it, would it bother you at all? Catholics believe in One baptism therefore we don't need any others. If you would claim the right to practice your religion as you see fit, you should give others the same right.

Temple V. records

Support and accept what they have no control over are two very different things. It's not the "will of the child" to exclude parents from a wedding but church policy. Do you honestly believe one child wants his/her parents excluded? Sit with the other in-laws instead of seeing the wedding in commradory. I ask you now to accept that challenge.
My mother did not dress my sister, but a complete stranger. I know that my parents allowed the missionaries in their home until they found out they were not allowed to see their two daughters marry. The missionaries were never welcome in the home again and the church was referred to as a cult.
It is with the above in mind that many people SEE the LDS church and one of the many reasons why the Catholic church does not hand over records. Also of note, the LDS church is non-trinitarian and the Catholic Church is trinitarian.


How much are the Catholic's asking for the records? Don't tell me they're just having religious differences over this - they want money or political advantage.

Besides the Saints have much, much better archivial and digitizing capabilities than the Catholic Church does. The records would be safer and better preserved in LDS hands.


I was born at Holy Cross Hospital, too. I wonder if I was baptized. No one ever told me. That would be fun to find out. I'm LDS by the way.


The LDS did not consider my Catholic mother good enough while alive to see her children marry in the temple, why is she good enough for them to care now that she is dead? I read someone wrote that "they should accept it." Well, I was the child that heard and saw the tears of my mother as my sister married. I am glad the Church isn't giving out records. I am sure that though my mother stated she didn't want any "mormon" work done on her, that it has been disobeyed and my sisters did the work anyway. I thought the religion was about the family, and I suppose it is...it's about tearing the family apart.


It is just plain rude and arrogant to posthumously baptize the spirit or soul of a person that spent their life BY CHOICE as a Catholic or any other mainstream true christian religion believing in the holh trinity and the resurrection, into a religion that couldn't be further out in left field from those core fundamentals the person held dear. Are the LDS selective on who they baptize in this ceremony. Have they baptized say Hitler or Jack the ripper or even Tupac Shakur I wonder ?


Amazing. Why would the LDS people care if other churches started baptizing their LDS dead? Their belief is that they have the proper priesthood authority and no one else does. Baptize away! It'll be interesting in the next life, won't it?

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