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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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For Julie

Good insight, Julie! I have to chuckle on that, too! I am LDS but half of my ancestors are Catholic. My relatives are not opposed to me having access to their "records" at all. Most of the long gone relatives' records have been destroyed by fires and so on anyway. I read somewhere recently that a deceased person has no "rights to privacy" and anyone can access their records; however, the Church records, I guess, are not considered public records?


I agree with Julie. And everyone benefits from the practice because it helps establish geneological lines that otherwise may not have been known. The LDS church has done a lot to help people know who their ancestors are and where they came from. If you don't believe in the practice, then why disallow the use? Should the LDS church not allow Catholics access to their geneological records?

Is it that....

there is scriptural evidence supporting the practice and that outside the LDS faith, fear of this is the force that closes archives. The forces of evil are ever watching for oppotunities to shut out light, love, and truth, or, "turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, lest I smite the earth with a curse". That curse could be shutting the doors on what enables this work and concern for our ancestors to happen. After all, the LDS church would not be doing this tedious work of love unless it were commanded. It takes real time, money, and sacrafice on the part of the church and it's faithful to carry the torch. Christ did it for us in a big way, doing something for mankind they could not do for themselves...carefully read, 1st and 2nd Peter, Malachi, and 1st Corinthians for a few clues folks, prayerfully. God Bless All.

So True

I had the same thoughts as Julie while reading this article. If any other religion or group believe the Mormons are impostors, or wackos, or consigned to hell, why in the world does it matter at all what they do with the records of deceased people.


I grew up as a very active Catholic and as a young adult became LDS. I also do not understand something the Catholics don't believe it would or should negatively impact them.

So, if only Catholics can look at the records, what do THEY use them for?

The LDS Church is actually doing all these parishes a service by preserving the records. What does the Catholic Church do to preserve them. Nothing as far as I know.

All this seems strange.

Secrecy is Never Good

The Catholic Church should rethink its policy. Not only will this policy make it harder for people to learn about their ancestors, but if the Mormon Church is not as it claims the restored church of Jesus Christ, then the baptisms for the dead are meaningless. Also, Mormons believe that the dead do not have to accept the ordinances done for them by LDS proxies. If they choose, they can reject those ordinances completely. So the policy makes no sense except to pit Mormons against Catholics when both churches should band together to help people live Christlike lives and to help fight Satan's increasily successful efforts to convince the world that wrong is right. Furthermore, LDS who desire secret data will merely hire non-LDS to procure the data.


I have been helping a Mexican lady (non-member) here in our FHC in the Northeast US for several months. Much of the info she has found has come from old Parish Record extractions. How sad that this source is being cut off. There are many parishes not yet filmed.


I would think there would be a cry of outrage among the LDS folk if Catholics suddenly baptized deceased, life-long, temple worthy, LDS members. How about church prophets? How about those who died while in service of the LDS Church?

It is the height of arrogance to claim the "souls" of those like Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, and anyone else who lived worthy lives dedicated to their own faiths. It is a matter of respect.

No LDS should be upset

The Catholic perspective of having "grave reservations" concerning LDS baptisms for the dead is perfectly acceptable. Their words are actually pretty mild in comparison, considering that the LDS believe baptism of little children is a "gross error," a "solemn mockery before God," and "that he that supposeth that little children need baptism is in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity; for he hath neither faith, hope, nor charity; wherefore, should he be cut off while in the thought, he must go down to hell." (See chapter 8 of Moroni in the Book of Mormon). Yes, each church believes the other is worshipping erroneously, and neither should be offended by that.


Because it's an insult to the faith we choose, and the lives we lead. If I wanted to be Mormon, I'd be Mormon. But I'm not, I was baptized Lutheran, and chose to be Catholic, and don't want any revisionist history written about me after I die.

Ask yourself if you've ever told anybody that Martin Luther was a Mormon. Because I've heard that from Mormons, when they were trying to convert me during my 30 years in Utah. He wasn't. And I don't want anyone to try to rewrite my history either.


I dont understand why the Catholic church would withhold family information from people of all denominations, who are trying to make links with their ancestors, unless the Catholic church believes that there just might be some credibility to the work done for the dead in LDS temples. If the Catholic church believes that such temple work is of no efficacy, why all the concern.

The LDS church is doing so much to make available to people of all faiths, free of charge, help in searching out their ancestors. It would be such a shame for the Catholic church to hinder such a worthy cause! I hope they will reconsider. To date, they have been so much help.

Re: Julie

Perhaps for the same reason it bothers people when wierdos violate a corpse. It's a respect-for-dead kind of thing.


Julie, You are joking, right? Mormons should respect others religious beliefs. Baptizing the dead is simply offensive. Mormons want to be left alone to worship how they want and should leave others to do the same.


Julie, Excellent comment!

To Julie:

I wonder how you would feel if a group that you thought was a cult, say The Church of Satan, baptised your family into their Church. Would you like it??? I am not saying anything against the LDS Church, I am saying that many would find it understandably offensive.


I'm with Julie. The LDS Church performs a service worth millions of dollars for free--digitizing these records across the globe and making them accessible to everyone, everywhere. Yes, LDS Church members also perform temple work for these people. But there are two things that non-members just don't seem to get:

1) Even for Latter-day Saints, these ordinances don't mean anything unless the person beyond the veil personally accepts the gospel taught by missionaries. If not, the ordinances are invalid. Therefore performing this work should be no more threatening to another church than having LDS missionaries knock on the doors of their members. In fact, if you think about it, it is less threatening.

2) If you don't believe that the work for the dead is true doctrine who cares what Mormons do in their temples? If I found out that Catholics were saying mass for my dead father to try and save his soul (damned by Catholic doctrine for not having a valid baptism), I wouldn't care in the least.

Decider of Dominator

Turn that around: what gives Mormons the right to make a religious decision for those who have died and were not of the LDS faith, especially if one did not choose to be part of the LDS faith when alive?

Who What?

Right on Julie. If they don't believe the doctrine is true then why do they care?
I would think that if they were my relatives I should have the right to have the information.


There is so much to be gained through respectful
cooperation. I hope that the two Churches can come
to a realization, that in the long run, both are striving to be a force for good in this life, and
beyond.Yes, there are differences, but those should
not prevent the good that can be achieved, through
mutual respect, and with a true desire to bring souls unto Christ. Smile, and everyone pray for such
a thing to come about. :-)


Strange that the boys in Rome are concerned with what they say ia erroneous doctrine. Perhaps they are slowly realizing that Joseph Smith is indeed a prophet and they see a threat to their man-based religion with all its wealth. More confirmation that the gospel has been restored and that there was a reason that Joseph was told that all religions had errors.

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