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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Re: Offended? Why?

"If you, as a distant Mormon relative, baptize my dead Catholic grandmother, it's every bit my family's business."

What if she's my grandmother too? Are you worried about my family being offended that you're saying Catholic prayers for her? I doubt it. Somehow your being offended by our Mormonism is supposed to command more respect than our desire to do something for her that we think is important. That's hardly fair.

We're not infringing on anyone's rights by researching our family and performing ordinances for them. We have just as much claim on our ancestors as anyone else, Catholic or not.

And if Grandma doesn't want that baptism, she doesn't have to take it. I don't know why this is so hard to understand.


As a former catholic and a latin, I was sad to read about the Catholic church refusal to provide these records. Americans and Europeans may have no problem with that but for other regions such as Central and South America, Spain and Italy, this is certainly a big deal. In Latin-America, it was the Catholic Church the only entity who carried those records. In most countries, the government started to take control of them since 1900 once goverments started to separate the church from the state. It's so unfair and no right that they are denying access to those records that are supposed to be public. Whatever I do with that information is my business, not theirs. But I have faith that someday, these records will be freed and we will have access to them. The work of the Lord can't be stopped. In the meantime, put your shoulder to the wheel!!


Wow! What prideful and hateful comments. I'm LDS and I am embarrassed. Comments with tones like these will only further convince the Catholic leadership that they are doing the right thing. Way to go.

Re:Council at Nicaea |

Pope Sylvester I sent two priests as his official legate representatives, Vitus and Vicentius, who signed the canonical records of the Council. More than 300 Bishops attended, but just two priests with authority to act as emmissaries of the Pope. Bishop Ossius of Cordoba is believed to have accompanied them to preside over the council. You can read Ossius' biography--"Ossius of Cordoba by Victor De Clercq.


What a wonderful opportunity now for the average Latter Day Saint to become better friends with the average Catholic. This way Latter Day Saints can help Catholics with their search for their roots with the resources available to Latter Day Saints & Catholics can help Latter Day Saints with the resources available only to Catholics.

Dear My Questions...

If God was not "tied" by laws, then:

1. You would have no assurance that God wouldn't decide to just do away with all of us for good. How long could a god watch all our garbage and not just throw in the towel? After all, he would be god, and have no obligation to us.

2. Why would God witness the torture, beating and humilitation of His only Begotten Son if there were some other option? The law had to be followed. We then, are indebted to Him, our Father, and must obey His commandments, as He has said.

It cannot be had both ways.

Just some observations.


If the LDS church does not have the authority from God to perform baptisms for the dead, these ordinances are of no effect and harm nobody. The Catholic Church should look for ways to cooperate with LDS to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than worry about LDS temple practices. There is a trend to abandon all religion as well as the morality that comes with it. The Pope surely realizes that Europe is becoming highly agnostic and atheistic, and the U.S. is becoming more so. Some of my ancestors were Catholic, and I should have the right to view the records of my ancestors. The LDS do not deny this right to Catholics. Also, FLDS and RLDS members also can utilize LDS family history resources for those who are wondering. The LDS feel that if somebody performs an ordinance for a dead relative without God's authority, that ordinance is of no effect.

True Blue

Funny how current research in Egypt is uncovering many documents that show early Christians believed in, practiced and taught baptism for the dead.

Just the same as Peter talking about it in the New Testament.

This is NOT NEW doctrine, it is surprising many non-LDS gospel researchers as they uncover many old documents that support MANY of Joseph Smith's teachings.

Not only that, but NONE of the early Christian documents being found teach contrary to Joseph's teachings!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to be proven by research for those who desire to read it. But it is only the power of the Book of Mormon that will convert you through the Holy Ghost.

It matters not to anyone else if you believe it, It IS TRUE. And you are the only one missing out on the teachings, ordinances and knowledge by ignoring or fighting it.


This is amazing. Of course no Mormon would care if another Church wanted to light a candle for their ancestors. We would think it is sweet. It certainly wouldn't hurt us or offend us in any way. It would make me smile.

And for the Catholic Church to do this is like cutting off your own nose to spite your face. All you do is keep people of all faiths from being able to locate their family lines and fulfill the Spirit of Elijah. Mormons come in free of charge and photograph millions of records at no cost to the Catholic Church. Who else is going to do that? This will be short lived. Once they realize they cannot do this work without us they will reverse their very strange decision.

May God bless them to come to grips.


Odd how some people think the Catholics now recognize the legitimacy of Mormon baptism. Former LDS members do frequently join the Catholic Church and must be re-baptized. The Church has never recognized Mormon baptism, as it is without authority. The Vatican just doesnt want you people using their parish records for your illegitimate posthumous rites. Its really bizarre how most LDS here, think they are entitled records that dont belong to them. The frustration of this announcement must be too much.

Returned Missionary

Because of my mission for the LDS church, I had the opportunity to learn a little about Catholicism. I hope all of you know that the Catholic church in my opinion came closer to the truth than any other church besides the LDS faith. Now I can sit here and argue about some of their doctrines such as infant baptism, payed clergy, paying for your sins to be forgiven you and the doctrine concerning life after death but I'm not going to. I'll I can truly say about this situation is that the Pope is out of line. The LDS church and Catholic church have been for a long time now, in good standing with each other and this is an unnecessary decision on the Popes part. This would prove as further evidence that the Catholic faith has started to believe in our "Baptisms for the Dead." Otherwise, why are they so concerned about it. No matter what religion you are you still need proper authority to do anything in the name of God. John the Baptist had it , Moses had it, Abraham had it, Melchizedek had it, Adam had it and all of us must have it.

Re: Dear Steve


Your kidding, right? How immature. There are 266 Popes, including the first Pope--St. Peter. Instead of me listing all of them, try doing a quick search on Google for yourself.

good doctrine

Peter declared the gospel was taught to the dead. Paul said the dead were baptized. Whats the problem? It seems to me the LDS are onto something.


Thank you, Neola, for your comments. This work we do is awesome. We do this out of love and to be of service to those who may want to accept it on the other side the the veil (life beyond the grave). If one does not want this opportunity they may reject it according to their choice. My son in law was Catholic until his father invited the missionaries in. The entire family embraced the gospel and are all members. They would want to give their family the opportunity to enjoy blessing of being together with their family, not as angels flying about but as real families, sealed together to be families as our Father in Heaven (and Jesus Christ) intended. I pray that the Catholic church would not feel so threatened as to close that information to anyone. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints opens the Family History Libraries to anyone-'Mormon', Catholic, Athiest....That is what God requires of us so we share rather than keeping the information only within our membership. Let's just pray that they would be forgiven for their mistrust and selfishness.

False accusers

The LDS church has never claimed that baptizing on behalf of deceased ancestors automatically makes that individual a member of the church. Never. That is a false assumption by detractors who have only responded out of bitterness or hatred, certainly not informed.


This is a crime against LDS beliefs.

If they don't believe it's true, then it shouldn't be able to hurt them.

If they did believe it's true, they would know that only those who accept the Gospel will have valid ordinances.

If they claim we are doing something which is wrong they would be wrong by the very bible they claim to believe upon.

"Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?"
"if the dead rise not? let us eat and drink; for to morrow we die."
"But some man will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come?"

The LDS church is the only church on this Earth to even remotely resemble the teachings of the bible.


You'd think the Catholic church would be overjoyed that all of those children they claim went to limbo because they died at birth without a baptism would now have a chance to go to heavan. Oh well, that's apostasy for you.

john b

i would like to know sence my fathers family back at least 1756 were catholic why i should not be able to get information on them for my own records not for bapbtism just be cause i chose to join the LDS Church


As an active, practicing LDS member, I am ashamed and dismayed at this stream of arrogant, prideful comments from other apparently LDS members.

How quickly have you forgotten President Hinckley's many sermons to reach out in love to good people in all faiths, and his acknowledgments that they also have some of "The Truth." We may be troubled by this decision to withhold ancestral records, but these rancorous attacks on the Catholic church, the Pope, etc. do far more harm and are not Christlike.

It is this same chest-thumping, boastful "we-will-crumble-you" arrogance that generates roadblocks in approaching non-member friends who've experienced it, or which makes my non-member friends and family regret their move to Utah. It is this same "holier than thou" LDS attitude which I suspect at least exacerbated the anti-Mormon feelings in pioneer Missouri, and which I know caused divisions in my own family.

You may respectfully disagree with Catholic doctrine, but I assure you that they do have some (as we view it) of the Truth , that they stand with us on many issues of vital importance to the family and human dignity, and that such negative comments cause more harm than you can imagine.


Neither my husband nor any of his family are LDS. They have been so grateful that I have been doing pedigree research on their Catholic ancestors from Louisiana, particularly after hurricane Katrina occured. They don't have the time, or frankly, the interest to do it themselves. I will be sorry to tell them that I may no longer be able to help them, due to this new policy of their church. :-/

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