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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Offended? Why?

What if I decide to take my Catholic grandmother's name to the temple and receive proxy ordinances for her? She's my grandmother. If she disagrees with what I do in the temple for her, that's between her and me, not anyone else. No Catholic church member need feel offended - it's frankly none of his or her business. There are former Catholics who join the LDS Church and want to perform these ordinances for their ancestors, and that's their right. The Catholic church making it more difficult by sequestering these records will only make them look bad - and this being the Lord's work, it won't stop anyone for long.

I agree that the Catholic Church's proposed action is about money. I imagine anyone with enough money would be able to see those records, regardless of what religion he is.

A couple of things

First off, last poster Beth has no concept of Baptism for the Dead. According to your logic, then the whole Bible is a myth...

To all you posters who think that I would be offended if your church or any other church wanted to baptize me or anyone else in my family after I was dead, I say, GO FOR IT! I could care less and I'm sure that most Mormons would say the same thing. Knock yourself out.

If the Catholic Church doesn't want its records used for family history, so be it. All that means is that it will take a little longer during the Millenium to sort out all the names. 1000 years is a long time and people will be busy doing it.

As for doctrine, the Catholic Church has changed so many things from the Bible that it scarcely looks like the church that Christ set up while He lived on the earth. Anyone with have a brain knows that they have no authority to do a thing.

I have too many other things to worry about than if some Catholic is offended because someone who died 500 years ago is baptized for the dead.


Aint no thang,

Since you are a former Catholic and Now LDS dont you think you have the right to research the records of your own ancestors. If it was for some Tom, Dick, or Harry, I would see their point. So all you people that are making a big fuss, we are doing it for their own family not for strangers. What is wrong with that? Are you going to tell me I dont have the right to baptize dead relatives in my own blood line. Who is infringing on rights now?

Council at Nicea

This whole council was a fraud perpetrated on people. When do you think the plain and precious truths were removed?

You don't vote on whether or not bap 4 the dead is a valid practice or not. You don't vote if God, Christ and the Holy Ghost is one person or not. The definition that came of that council is one of the silliest definitions ever heard.

Can't you people read the Bible and see where there are 3 separate and distinct people?

For you Catholic scholars....Who had the priesthood line of authority from Christ to convene the Council of Nicea? Please document who it was that had the priesthood authority, not the governmental authority, but actual priesthood authority!

I don't care what the Catholics do on their own time. The Pope is not a prophet of God; he doesn't have any priesthood authority; he doesn't receive revelation; where does it say that we should worship Mary...Actually the 1st commandment of the 10 commandments tells us otherwise....

There are so many fallacy practices in the Catholic Church it would take forever to list them all.

Kostecki is a nitwit with nothing else to do but blast the Mormons...


I suppose if Catholic priests were running around hospital delivery wards baptizing newly born infants Mormons would just simply watch in silence since they don't believe it does anything...right?

Why should any church leadership stand by and allow someone to perform what they believe to be a heretical practice on their faithful?


The mormons who have posted here are very prideful; so much to a point you are an embarassment to anyone whom claims to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. I personally would say you are drunk with your percieved power and the 'authority' that you percieve god has granted you. I feel sorry for you all and I wish that you could just repect fellow man without tearing down his faith just to build yours up.


Hey, Upon this Rock (St. Peter) I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail. The Pope is like your prophet (without authority). Your church is less then 200 years old, Ours is 2000 years old. If it be of God it will continue if not it will die on the vine. Well, its still here and telling you that have no authority....


Beth, you should read up on the first few hundred years of that two thousand years of history to which you are referring. "Clear" is not a word that scholars would use to describe those times. Maybe you've heard of the "Dark Ages" before? Hardly clear.

And nobody is trying to "trick" you into anything at all. If you want to talk about "legitimate" Christian rites, you need to start with the authority that Christ bestowed upon his apostles, not "mainstream" status. Legitimacy stems from proper authority, not the accumulation of history. But to each his/her own. I'll eat my apples and you can drink your kool-aid.

re: Offended? Why?

"No Catholic church member need feel offended - it's frankly none of his or her business"

Are you joking? If you, as a distant Mormon relative, baptize my dead Catholic grandmother, it's every bit my family's business.


I would say the Mormons have a little "face saving" to do with both the Catholics and Jews.


The catholic church is crumbling and the LDS chruch is growing and is seen as the true church of the lord. I think this is a petty move and based on no truth as the catholic faith has not had any truth nor represented Jesus Christ for nearly 2000 years. The catholic church is insignificant and we are converting members hands over fist. I think this is a childish and very very dark move by a false church!

Re:Most Hon. Rev. Finkelstein

"Wow! Look at all the LDS people who don't mind if some other church has them baptized into another faith after they die."= This is because we understand the "Doctrine" of "Free Agency", just because someone is "Baptized by Proxy" in a temple who is dead is meaningless if: 1. The Church is not true. 2. The individual chooses NOT to accept the Baptism in his/her behalf. 3. Authority to Baptize is not From God and His Priesthood by the Laying on of Hands. With those 3 key principles baptize away my friend, I could care less after I am dead! Do it, do all my dead ancestors, Truth is truth, and if the Catholic Church doesn't believe in LDS Priesthood Authority what is the Harm in this? Are they worried?


>>The pope is scared and this is proof.<<

The Pope is trying to stymie the work. The B of M explains the nature of the Pope's church and thus, his work on earth.

Belles N. Whistles

I am not LDS so I definitely see little significance in by-proxy baptisms for the dead, when I am dead.

However I do feel like I own my name and identity, living or dead, and it is not the LDS's or a LDS's to assume at any time. They say they do it as a gift of love. To me it is stil arrogant identity theft.

The gift itself is just annoying junk mail addressed to my soul. I am not Catholic either but I thank the Pope for his stand.

Genealogy expert

I passed along this information to a woman at church who has been working in family history libraries for years. Her first reaction was not, "Shoot this is going to slow the work down." But, "Well, there are going to be a lot of Catholic people who will be very disappointed because they come to our LDS Family History centers to find their ancestors. They can't afford a trip to Italy or wherever to lok it up themselves. These Catholic (or Lutheran or whatever) folks appreciate so much the effort of the LDS genealogy workers for finding this information for them. So this is a sad event for LDS and Catholic alike.

Baptism for the dead? I can see how Catholics would be offended if they didn't understand it. If they knew and comprehended our belief that this is just an opportunity we are offering to our ancestors, something they may not have had access to in their lives on earth, and that they can reject it if they want, it shouldn't be offensive to them at all.

I sense that Catholics don't want to understand and are jumping on the bandwagon of trying to squelch an opposing faith.


I would just like to thank the Vatican for finally acknowledging the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel and the Priesthood Authority being restored to the earth. It is a shame the Vatican thinks they can stop "God's Work" from moving forward by withholding a few of their Geneology records. This should not be surprizing as Satan has promised to raise his ugly head in opposition in every way he can to prevent the work from moving forward. Relax, any "Stoppage" this creates is only temporary, the work will be completed in the Millenium in spite of any efforts to the contrary of True Doctrines of the Church of JESUS CHRIST.

I think this is just really nice of the Pope and the Vatican to finally be concerned enough to openly acknowledge the LDS Legitimate Priesthood Authority, otherwise why would this even matter?

We must remember the Catholic Church is a wonderful organization in today's day and age, they are sincere and a wonderful people. They believe the doctrines and creeds passed down from their fathers and councils.

They do a lot of Good, They Help A Lot Of People, And We Must Remember The Sincerity Of Their Hearts!

Dear Steve

Hey Steve, in case you can't read or comprehend, it is baptisms for the DEAD, not the living. There is a huge difference...... what a silly and stupid analogy....

It's people like you who don't have a clue and lack understanding..... the people are DEAD!

Again, you want to baptize my family that has passed on, let me know and I'll send you my PAF file of over 10,000 names....

Metonian...does the age of one's church make it a true church? if so, can you show me where it states that? Do you know how to read about the apostacy in the Bible?

Can you document the priesthood line of authority from Peter to the current Pope? I'd love to see it....Do Catholics really understand how their church came about? I think not....

To: Happy

I agree with your comment in respecting others, and I was annoyed by the woman that stated the only time catholics are basically friendly is in a time of need.

There should be no need to worry about baptisms for the dead. What is so upsetting to the catholics about these baptisms? Any religion could do these baptisms if they wanted, but ultimately it will be the decision of the deceased for what they want to choose.


My son's attitude is that he plans to be baptized in EVERY church "just in case". I think it's a great idea, won't offend anyone and his "records" will be worldwide.......


Now is NOT the time to tear down each other's religion. We ALL believe in the same God, we ALL believe in the same Jesus Christ. We ALL believe in the 10 commandments and we ALL read the same Bible. Let's just wait to see where this ends up, and start acting a bit more Christ-like, Catholics and Mormons alike.

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