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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Susan C.

I am not Mormom. If I want to be a Mormom, I can get baptized while I'm alive. Anyone baptizes me after I die, I'm coming back to complain.

Jed M. says the Catholics have no authority to speak for the dead; well, the Mormom church doesn't either.

A little more study...

There are definitely a lot, many, non-scholars of the bible. I amazed at some of the simple minded statements and shallow arguments. Its becoming very apparent to me that most "christians" have no idea what the bible teaches. They created a life philosophy over a few scriptures and passages but have not taken the bible in its fulness. Ironically, without a complete knowledge of the Holy Bible they are trying to lecture the LDS faith on what they believe. An absolute demonstration of arrogancy.


Folks, the last thing I want is to sound preachy. That said, it would be good to carefully gauge what is said about our beliefs in the Church on these posts. It is important to be steadfast and bold in one's testimony, but remember that the Saints were kicked out of Missouri for a reason. It was the pride they had among themselves as well as the pride in their beliefs. Pride in their beliefs was manifest by wearing the truthfulness of the gospel on their cufflinks to people of other faiths and essentially condemning them at the same time.

I would hope to be thoughtful as I address others in forums like this and consider how President Monson would address such a topic.

What about baptism for the dead? The Lord will work things out for the best if we do our part and try to be diligent in living Christ-like lives, just as He always has.

I can see it now

The Catholic Church requesting of the mormon church all marital records since mormon marriages are invalid as determined by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, in loving kindness, only wishes to legitimize the offspring.

P. Roxey

If the LDS practice of baptisms for the dead is not valid in the eyes of the Man Upstairs, then it's just a bunch of misled nimrods wasting their time.

If it's valid, then it must be important.

But either way, what's the harm in trying to tie the human family together?


It doesn't cut both ways as was posted above. Any mormon could care less if the FLDS or any other religious group decided to proxy baptism in their temple. The point is that it's a *proxy* baptism, not a cursing. The person who the baptism is for gets to decide for themselves if they want it. If someone of another religion decided to baptize for the dead and offered a proxy baptism for my ancestors, I'd care less because it wouldn't mean anything. As was said many times above - if you believe the other churches are wrong, then the baptism wouldn't mean a thing. Obviously, the Catholics must believe that the LDS have the priesthood or the restored gospel if they care so much about the LDS offering baptisms for the dead. Else, why would they care at all?

Mrs. Gecko

Boy, the Catholic Church must be scared! They don't even recognize LDS baptisms anyway! I was graduated from a Catholic high school, having been raised by an Irish Catholic mother who was a genealogist back in the 60's. She often complained that the priests all over America and Europe were a major roadblock to her work and she even resorted to bribing them with money to get the records she needed. Obviously she just did the work for history's sake and was upset when I was baptized Mormon, but finally accepted that I was doing vicarious baptisms for all the hundreds of family names because she believed lt "it would be for naught". Now, that she is deceased and I did her temple work I bet she's really grateful! (Satan may have won this battle, but we know who will win the war!)

Larry in Ohio

I am not catholic, but I do respect the Pope very much. There seems to be a lot of LDS envy concerning the Pope in these posts. Could it be his popularity?


To sjc 9:44am : Actually the Catholic church used to accept baptism from other "Christian" religions except for the Mormon church. Under the new pope, a statement was made that the Catholic baptism is the only baptism that will bring a person salvation. It ticked off a lot of protestants. Do a search on google and I believe you will find the AP article about it (not that I take the AP to be doctrine of the Catholic church). Anyone else have any info on this?


I think if the Mormons want to be respected than they too must respect others. If you know that this offends maybe it would be kind and Christ-like not to do it??!! I am a Catholic - and I believe the Mormon Church has not holds on anyone - we believe in one baptism, no need for another. I believe that God has the final say - not you or I - let's all try to focus on that and things should flow smoother.
Just a quick ? - early post said that when a disaster strikes the LDS church is called upon to help everyone - why then in published photos of some disaster areas there are boxes with "LDS ONLY" stamped on them?

William F. Butler

I'm glad to see the Catholic Church has finally recognized the authority and efficacy of the LDS Church's ordinances -- why else would they worry about Mormons peforming baptisms for the dead?

I personally would be pleased if a Catholic felt concerned enough about my salvation that they would light andles and say prayers in my behalf. I would be pleased and appreciative but would not think for a momnt that there would be one iota of difference as I do not think they have the power and authority to act in God's name.

Nevertheless, I respect Catholic clergy and members for the good they do throughout the world and hope that we cn have mutual respect and dialogue in spite of this rather narrow-minded move on their part.


These posts are silly. The obvious truth is the Catholic chuch wants money for its records and that's it. They have seen how the world in anxious to find their ancestors, it's just not an LDS thing, and they want to cash in, pure and simple. But have fun thinking this is a religous issue. Its all about money.


OK, now get this......any church in the world, ANY, can feel free to baptise my dead ancestors. It doesn't bother me at all because I know that they do not have the authority to do so. If the Catholic church believes that the LDS Church does not have the authority to do baptism's for the dead then what's the concern. Obviosly the LDS Church is a major threat to Catholism.


To The Shadow:

The information needed for family history databases is not the same as church membership records. You say the LDS church would not be willing to give up info to the Church of the Magic Wand. Yet, the LDS church has already made all of that and more available online to everyone, including the Magic Wand people. Nice try, but in the end you have shown that...

The Shadow Knows Nothing.


to non mormon. we as lds people have every right to search out our ancestors no matter what religion they may be. and us as relatives have every right to the information about our ancestors. and yes we do have the right to speak for them.


The comments have been very interesting...some very negative and incredulous toward the Pope. What most of you don't understand is that he doesn't understand...at all. The publicity engendered by his decision will open all kinds of doors for the missionaries...by people who want to know the truth and can see the dichotomy you all have commented on. Just keep serving your neighbor and doing good to those who may offend you. Remember, "No unhallowed hand..."


I think for the good of genealogical research covering the entire world, the LDS church and the Catholic church should come to a mutual agreement that benefits both institutions. Sure there are religious differences, but these can be put aside for a common genealogical effort that is underway around the world (there are a large number of non-mormons doing this now). Catholics can continue to access free genealogical data put into organized data bases, and LDS can do their baptisms for the dead. Both win under this scenario. Wow, maybe nothing should change.


To all the LDS members who claim this practice is "no big deal" and doesn't really mean anything, why is the church spending so much time on it? But more important, what sort of records are kept on individuals from other religions who have been baptized LDS? Surely some notation for perpetuity is made which associates the individual as having been baptized? Is THAT a secret??

And to those LDS who say they really wouldn't mind being baptized into another religion because it "doesn't mean anything," do you understand that some future relative or geneology researcher might come to the conclusion that you were Catholic, Hindu, Protestant...what goes around.
Thanks to Pope Benedict for protecting these PRIVATE records.

Wouldn't be bothered

No, actually, I wouldn't be bothered if some other faith did baptisms for the dead for my ancestors, even the LDS ones. As I don't accept their baptisms as having any effect whatsoever, why would it matter?

The Catholic church must believe our baptisms are valid, and also that a person can be baptized against their will. I think what we have here is a fundamental difference in beliefs about baptism.

News Flash: Mormons don't believe anyone is baptized against their will.


HEADLINE: "Catholics told not to give LDS parish data"
Thank God!

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