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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Here we go again. Someone of another faith with the lack of knowledge to our faith and assuming the worst. That is called fear of the unknown. If they would truly try and understand the extent of what those records can be used for then there wouldn't be a problem. Knowledge is power, and obviously they are powerless, and look who they are hurting, not themselves, their own perishioners.


The Catholic Church said no......you mormons can't have their records. Sorry. All of your whining and tantrums won't change a thing. The records belong to the Catholic Church, not to the LDS church. Do whatever you want with your own records, but leave others alone. Simple enough for ya?


How sad are these little little kneebiter catholics and 'christians' as they attack the church through this post. We are authorized from god and I am sorry if you do not wish to believe but still the same we are authorized for this ordinance and furthermore hold up the one true church on this earth today. Thank you folks for you comments but gods work will carry on through the one true church on this earth and no naysayers nor false or corrupt religions will dictate how we do that.

Re: russ

Nice straw man russ. It was especially useful for talking down to the others on this board. I especially like how you try to make it sound as though we believe in a higher being that is somehow different from your God - as though you and your God are a little too "big" for us.

Anyway, here's the bigger picture - the LDS believe that performing proxy baptisms is a commandment from God. You don't believe that and that's fine. You don't see anyone here ridiculing you for that. But we believe that commandments from God aren't "silly" or "small" as you've tried to paint our beliefs. I'm sure it didn't seem right to Abraham that he should sacrifice Isaac but he tried to anyway because it was a commandment from God. I'm sure we don't fully understand all of the reasons why we need to perform proxy baptisms or keep records here on earth, but we do it because we believe it is a commandment from God. Pretty simple

re: Non Mormon

Your childish metaphors don't apply. You're performing rituals for people who are dead and can't answer for themselves. You're taking on the right of deciding for them. You assume that your religion is the only true religion, that the religion they chose is meaningless. And you rationalize that by saying that you're giving them a chance at your one true religion. Now that is the definition of arrogance. But then, that's what happens when people come from a small, closed minded society, when they're told what to do, what to think.


If you can't see the difference between praying for someone, and baptizing them without their permission, then you don't understand much at all.


I was born in a Catholic hospital in Pennsylvania. At that time their practice was to baptize all children born in case they died before receiving that ordinance. Therefore, I was probably baptized a Catholic before I was baptized at 8 years of age. It means nothing to me that I was baptized a Catholic. There was no authority or proper method. So do I worry about it...no!! Therefore the Catholics should not worry about LDS baptisms for the dead if they don't think there is any meaning in it. Let it rest and allow people who want to search out their ancestors do their thing.


the funniest comment i read was someone asking if the LDS church would mind if people took the records of those in polygamous marriages in the past went and divorced them all. honestly, the church doesn't ask what people do with the records they get in family history centers. it's conceivable that other churches are performing their own sacred ordinances with the names. i don't think the LDS church really cares. i know i don't. in fact, i would love to hear that my great-great-great-great uncle horace was baptized in the church of the hairless bunny last week. people are too touchy about religion. just relax, grab an ice-cold drink of whatever, and trust that God has a sense of humor.

to "Mom" & "DeseretratinNC" ....

...and other petty critics; if you don't want to discuss this subject, show some manners and just move on. The rest of us DO want to discuss it.

Who is next?

First the Jewish faith and now the Catholics. I think the LDS church is on the short end of the stick with this practice.`


Orin you simply don't understand what the LDS church does with records it gets from Catholic parishes. It takes one tracing their family line to be able to do any temple work for them. I nor anyone else cannot just take an entire parish record and do a baptism for the dead. The person you are doing it for also has to accept it. I personally would care if any Church wanted to take the LDS Church records and perfrom ceremonies for us that way I just might receive double the blessings.

here's my 2 cents

So many LDS church members are saying here that they wouldn't mind having work for them done in other churches after they have passed on. I'm curious to know how they would feel if the Catholic church started re-baptizing people like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the rest...and then the Pope came out with an official declaration saying that God told him that these people have accepted the work and would now be referred to as "Catholic." I don't think it would go over so well.

Also, what kind of cruel and uncaring god is it that the Mormons believe in...the kind who would damn his children to hell for not having had the chance to learn about the LDS church? That's what they're saying when they tell you that the temple ordinances are necessary for the dead.


Mark no one has baptized Martin Luther. He is still Luthern. No one would re-write your history. If one of your desendents becomes LDS and choose to baptise you when you have passed on you have the right to choose that ordance or not. No one forces it on you.


Peace be unto you my brothers and sisters! Let not your hearts be troubled or be attacked. Surely I am so surprised at the good shepard's proclamtion on the matter[not!].

I will surely bring forth this matter to the attention of the cardinals, and his highness for a round of discussions at our next meeting of very sound minds, for no one [un-hallowed hands]can siop the work of the Almighty. For the work of saving souls shall go forth.

Until then...Hail Mary full of grace unto thee!!!


Ah yes, the Catholic Church covering all it's bases. Can't lose any more members after this life can they? Wonder why they're so concerned since they don't believe it anyway. Or maybe they do believe but won't admit it.

If the roles were reversed...

I honestly wouldn't care. I'm actively LDS and would have absolutely no problem if some other group out there decided to have baptisms done for me or my family after we're dead. I don't feel threatened by other groups. And even though I disagree with it, I have attended a number of baby baptisms because I love and support their families. The baby isn't harmed. :o)

I do hope that this policy is changed, as it does present serious problems for many people -- LDS and non-LDS -- in trying to research their family histories.

Lynda T

If a baptism is done for anyone after they are deceased, the baptism will only take effect if the deceased person chooses to accept it. No one is forced into anything.

PROOF!! against them

"except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God"

I read this on an earlier post. What an IRONY!!

Say that the LDS church for sure is the only true faith of the one true God. If that was the case then the Catholic church is hindering millions and millions and only doing more to hurt people. Their history is full of this and they STILL WILL NOT CHANGE. What an evil thing.

So rather than POSSIBLY hurting millions, you think they wouldn't want to take the chance.

God didn't create man to hide the truth from him and give visions to a few and then stop.

God is an unchanging God. He does not give Moses a vision and centuries apart give others visions. and more and more...then suddenly stop. After reading the Book of Mormon there is no denying that it is solid. It is truth. Joseph wasn't asking to fight everyone. He was chased down and stripped of freedom as the prophets of old.

Are people so dumb that they believe that reading the book will kill them?

Those who seek truth find it.

James 1:5

Not about Mormons

This edict from the Vatican is NOT about the LDS church. Look at what the pope has been doing. He's returning the Catholic Church back to its traditions. Vatican II nearly destroyed the church. He is trying to give it an identity again, rather than following the whims of the world.
This is just one more such step. He's saying, "We are not LDS. We are of the Catholic tradition. We have tried too hard to be like everyone else. It is time to take a stand."
Some LDS are so full of themselves that they think this is an attack on Mormonism. It is not.
Now, the good news...the parishes seldom listen to Rome!


Did any one think that this is the reason why the prophets over the past many years have asked us to step up the temple and family history work - they saw this coming and I am sure there is more to come that will hamper the lords work for a season.

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