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Published: Sunday, May 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Some of the comments are extremely disrespectful to the Catholic church. They do have the right to keep their records confidential. As would the Mormon church if they chose to do so. As earlier comments suggested, it's true, baptisms for the dead don't bother some people. But they bother a lot of other people who believe it's disrespectful to baptize them to a church they were not affiliated with, nor wanted to be affiliated with. Like most of you who are very devout in your faith, some of these people that are chosen to be baptized were also very devout in whatever faith they chose. It's almost like the LDS church is saying the faith they chose when alive wasn't acceptable, but now they can rest easy. The Catholic church has a right to keep their files confidential. If people chose not to be baptized to the LDS church when they were alive, there is a very high chance, they and their familes, wouldn't appreciate you baptizing them now. Just like I'm sure many of you who are LDS would not want to be baptized a Catholic when you are deceased.

Matt Connelly

As a Mormon I find these comments from the Vatican not only extremely offensive, but also extremely uneccesary. Where is the spirit of love and understanding here? Words like "erroneous" and "detrimental practice" are not loving words but divisive and arrogant words. Didn't the Pope just come to America proclaiming the need for human love and tolerance of those who may believe differently? I find the highest degree of hipocrisy in this letter. Besides, let's get a couple things straight. First, Mormons are major geneaology buffs. Not all work they do is intended for post-humous baptism. Second, even if the records are used for post-humous baptisms, why does the Catholic Church care? Is this harming anyone? Is this disrespecting anyone? The answer, of course, is none of the above. Let me be clear. This action from the Vatican is completely out of line. Their words and actions go contrary to the spirit of love encouraged by Jesus Christ. They owe the Mormon Church and its members an apology.


The posts that claim that other churches are suddenly nervous or worried therefore proving the Mormon church is right, are funny. It never ceases to amaze how flexible the Mormon argument is.

I think it has only been recently (esp. with the Internet) that other churches have discovered what Mormons do in their temples. While it was known that Mormons researched their ancestry, nobody really understood that they were out to baptize the world, dead or alive.

Youre free to stick to your own religious faith, but leave everyone else alone.


The LDS church baptizing people are they are dead is arrogant. They are saying that the life these people lived were not good enough, and their life wasn't complete because they werne't LDS. Let people rest in peace. And yes, people can rest in peace if they are not LDS.

Common' It's Simple

Somone asked earlier if the Mormon Church would do for other religions what the Catholic Church is refusing to do for us. The answer is NO. We would not knowingly give our member records to other Churches for the purpose of doing their work for our dead. It's simple. Stop being hypocritical.


I respect the Pope's decision to do what he did, regardless of how mis-guided I feel it to be personally. Authority and "acceptablility" discussions aside, the Lord's Work will not be hampered by anyone or anything. If the Catholic Church is correct in its doctrines, then its sacraments will have power over the souls of men in the next life. The same applies to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; if the Lord's Hand is in His Work, then His Hand will prevail, no matter what the Pope or the Prophet might do to the contrary.

Catholic genealogists?

You mean, no one who uses the Church's Family History Library, or any of its satellite Family History Centers around the world, is Catholic? What do Catholic genealogists have to say about this? Will they appreciate their own church muddying their genealogical waters? I'd be leaving my parish immediately if they made it hard for me to look up my ancestors.

I'm LDS, and if any other denomination took up this cause and started microfilming and preserving these records to the extent that the Church has, for any reason - including baptizing them Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah's Witness - I'd say, let them go for it. Since their practices carry no weight or authority (to me), who's it going to hurt? In the meantime, valuable records are being saved for those who are interested in family history. I'd be grateful, not acting bratty.

The Popes, Saints, and Mother Theresa all have the same choices in the hereafter that my ancestors have: accept the temple ordinances, or not. It's no affront to their beliefs to offer the ordinances to these people - as someone else said, it's an act of love. What are these Catholic church leaders afraid of?

Not to Worry

There is no need for worry. God is able to do his work, in spite of the efforts of man to stop it. This work shall progress forward, and the names of the dead will become available. The church has barely made a dent in the overall work that needs to be accomplished. When the Savior comes again, during the Millennium, this work will move forth unencumbered.

So in the mean time, we as latter day saints, should love our fellowman, and trust in the Savior, whose work this is.

As the Prophet Joseph so eloquently stated, "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent, till it has penetrated every continent; visited every clime, swept every country and sounded in every ear; till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." (HC 4:540)


John 3:5 - Jesus answered, Verily verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

What happens to those who die without Catholic baptism? What happens to those that died in ancient China or Africa that have never even heard of Jesus Christ? What happens to those that died long before Jesus was even born?

For this reason alone, baptism for the dead is the most merciful doctrine and the only thing that makes sense. On one hand we know that baptism is required. On the other hand, there are so MANY that never even had a chance.
This is just one of the very important reasons why the restored Gospel is the only Christian doctrine on the earth that makes sense.

re;Matt Connelly

"This action from the Vatican is completely out of line."

What an arrogant statement. The Catholic church as well as the Mormon church have the right to set policy with regard to their own records. The arrogance and impudence with which you speak makes it clear why many people are offend by Mormons who think that they are so clearly "right", that it's never necessary to consider the views of others before opening a mouth and inserting a foot.

I agree with you to a poing

Marilyn. But that is not all the LDS are doing with the names. People have the right to object to the fact that they "baptize them" after death.


The LDS church needs to learn respect for other religions. Until they do, they won't be respected.

Membership/ records

Perhaps the Catholics should start their own genealogy society and charge for memberships just like ANCESTRY.COM , who as well have accesses to many world genealogy records. Will the Catholics cut them off as well? I certainly hope not, because I love Ancestry.com.


The Catholics DO baptise the dead--I drove by their cemetery and noticed they had their sprinklers on.


In many cases Catholic parish registers do not exclusively belong to the Catholic church. In many countries Catholic priests are paid by the government and one of their duties is to keep track of names and dates - birth, marriage, death, for the public record. Anyone is entitled to that information.


Most of the catholic records from germany have allready a "No circulation to family history centers in Europe." sign. As a german genealogist i`m used to this restrictions. It`s not a question of doctrines, it`s a question of money. It`s more expensive to visit a catholic archive than ordering microfilms in a "Family History Center". In my opinion theyre also afraid about the new digitalization project of the church and the possible loss of "customers" in their archives. But the letter from rome does not mean for us that they`re closing their doors, you just have to visit their archives in the future and the work for our ancestors will move forward.

Plain and Simple

I find it amazing that so may LDS people in this thread just don't get it. But then when you come from the point of view that only you are right, that only you do God's work, that only your religion is the true religion, I can see how that would happen. Here's how it is. Other religions use genealogical records to find out about family history. The LDS church uses them to get information to do baptisms for the dead, which is an insult to people who are not LDS and believe in their own faith. These are Catholic records. They have the right to withhold them from anyone they so choose, including the LDS church. LDS people are accustomed to having their own way in the small state of Utah. Please don't try to impose yourselves on the rest of the world.

Most Hon. Rev. Finkelstein

Wow! Look at all the LDS people who don't mind if some other church has them baptized into another faith after they die.

Why wait? Line up! Let's do it now!


Is it not a matter of: I wouldn't mind if someone baptized me into their church but a matter of WOULD the LDS Church hand over your records to the Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim or of course the Church of Satan in order for the baptism (or other ordinances) of those contained within those records.


I have no problem with any church performing any ordinance for my deceased LDS ancestors or Brigham Young. It is showing respect not disrespect. It shows love for their eternal souls. Free agency is a gift and God. Nothing is forced on anyone.

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