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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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kobe vs tmc

kobe doesnt wana play houston in 2nd round


Kobe knew Houston cannot make it to second round.


Who cares what Fisher thinks???

Didn't read the story...


This all seemed to work out great for Fisher. Hope the kid is getting the treatment that only Millionares can find in LA and not SL. If the Jazz get to round 2 maybe we will get lucky and Fisher will miss a couple of games or show up late after a 5 hour flight. Would be nice to still have that guy.

sandiego fan

Fisher and Kobe say Utah in the second round because they feel Utah is the easier team to beat. It is all about winning. There is no sentiment from fisher to 'play with his old teammates'. please . Fans that believe that are naive. Their comments should be taken as fuel to put it to them.


I think that Kobe should watch his back because we will be coming and we are going to win at least once in LA. Then we are coming home and winning both. It will be great.


I'm still trying to figure out the Fisher thing. Why did LHM just let him out of his contract with nothing in return? Why didn't the Jazz let him go find his "Salt Lake doctors aren't good enough for us" treatment in LA and then the Jazz could have worked out a compensation package with the Lakers?

I just don't get it. I stop short of accusing Fisher of being dirty in the deal but I'm not convinced his motives were completely pure.


The grudge was fun but isn't it time to forgive and forget? He was special for the Jazz in the Playoffs last year. What say we treat him special this time

ID Jazz

As much as I have debated the Fisher issue and it was not in Fishers favor, it is time to let it go. If we decide to boo Fisher when he comes in we are going to throw gas on a fire for the Lakers. Lets not give them any incentive, so as much as some of us would like to boo Fisher when and if he comes lets cheer him so they let there guard down and let the players throttle the Lakers. Of course thats if we get past Houston.

I haven't missed Fisher...

and him giving up 50 point games. Besides, Brewer needed the time to develop. In the long run we're better off. Good luck to Fisher and best wishes to his family.


Let it and Fisher go ... doesn't matter why it happened.

Fisher is a point guard anyway and can't defend the 2's as well - a fact that Ginobli and the spurs exploited. We could not have afforded to take any more minutes from Dwill - and now Brewer was able to develop.

Fisher was great and I am glad the Jazz had him - but it seems this move worked out better for everyone involved

Fisher deserves praise, by HermF

Fisher was a great part of our team, and had some tough personal circumstances that led to a weird seperation from the Jazz. He is a model citizen, a family man, and commited to excellence in the community and the basketball court.

We should thank him and applaud him for the good work that he did with the Jazz, anyone who boos is just a moron looking for a reason to vent to help them disregard their otherwise mundance existence. Not that you really need to cheer him too much, since he is on the Lakers who we'll be playing soon, but we can still think of him positivley.

And, honestly, we're even better this year without him (go Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver).

Don't boo him!

I completely believe that Fisher used his daughter's illness as a bargaining chip to get out of playing back up to Deron Williams. Pretty low if you ask me. That said, if we boo him it will pump up the Lakers and add to the no-class reputation the fans already have. Boo Kobe all you want, but go silent on the traitor. On top of that we're better without him, but it would have been nice to get a trade package out of his split had he just been honest. First let's see if we can get past Houston's defense.

Moto X

The Lakers are not a great defensive team--they are beatable. They gave up over 100 points/game in the regular season. That means they are beatable in the playoffs.

They act like they did something by sweeping Denver. Please!!! Denver is probably the biggest farce in the NBA. Look at their regular season record and then what were they capable of in the playoffs?? NOTHING!!

We can play some defense when we choose to. Sloan has taught these young players how to play team defense and they can do it when they commit themselves.

We have the only offense left in the West than can contest the Lakers. They do not like the physical play like we have had in this series with Houston. We will beat them up win or lose.

Get ready for Sunday Flakers because we will close out Houston tonight.


What do you mean their regular season had nothing? Last time I checked they won over fifty games, that seems like a good accomplishment to me.


You Jazz fans are the absolute worse - get overyourselves and your inferiority complex. You are all bitter and unresonable - likely because you are all Yewt fans.

You will lose to the Lakers and lose big - Lakers beatable - not by the Spazz.

re:Sloan Hater

Dude, get a life. Hate only hurts the hater. Why not, "NoSloanFan".

There, doesn't that feel better?

You're welcome!


fish took the first bus out of town and made a stupid move by blaming his infant daughters medical condition on his departure. if that was really the case, fish would be playing at msg because from last i knew, she was still being treated in nyc and not la. makes me respect booze even more because his son is being treated in miami and booze is still here and hasn't made excuses. go jazz

faraway fan

Of course I am just one voice but after watching Brewer this year, I think the team is fine without Fisher. I think Brewer's numbers all year have been better, and he has a lot more ahead of him so it has been good for team development to have him playing. I would also like to see the Jazz win it all, whether this year or some other I will always cheer for them, but see no reason to even concern myself with Fisher. By the way, they didn't let him go for nothing...they got several million dollars of cushion by relieving themselves of his contract. Not that he was a burden, but if they had traded for someone else they would still be paying. Sure a draft choice or two would be ok but seriously fans...how many spots are we looking to fill right now? With Almond and Fesenko in the wings? Maybe another big guy so they can drop Collins but overall the team is pretty sound as is. Fisher was good when we needed him, now we don't...lets cheer for him to have success in life...but not in the playoffs if we go against them! Go Jazz.

Jazz fans are insecure

You take the best player on every team you play and rip on them, T MAC, Kobe, who ever it is on every team you play. then you try to compare who's better. D Williams vs Chris Paul. Can you just apprecaite great athletes instead of trying to cut everyone down. Get over that inferiority complex and at least act like you have some class. People in LA don't spend their time cutting down Jazz players maybe that's why they win championships.

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