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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Old Port

These are the kind of situations D-Will was drafted over CP3. I hope he watched his fav movie "Gladiator" to get psyched for tonight!! Deny T-Mac again...since he is just one of those big number regular season stars, which will be completely forgotten over time....


I happen to think they could be the Lakers. Gasol
is a choker and Bryant has never won anything on his own.

Houston Fan

Sure the Jazz have the best regular season home record. But in the playoffs its a whole different story. The Jazz are playing very weak right now because their team is composed of weak minded players. The Rockets have the physical and mental toughness to win the series. It's a prophetic statement when I say Rockets will win in 7. I have no doubt in my mind that the series will end in any other way.

There are still tickets available to tonights game by the way. Shows how little confidence Utah fans really have. None.

Nice try

No tickets on TicketMaster.

Enjoy another first round exit, Houston fan. T-Mac will be crying yet again.


The last game shouldn't have happened at all to the Jazz. Rockets won all four quarters. Utah won nothing.
Come on Jazz!! Play like I know you can!!


Even though the Jazz's performance was weak a couple of days ago, with the home court advantage and a knowledge of Houston's 'good days", they will win tonight against popular belief.

Jazz fan

Jazz need 1 win to stop Rockets' momentum


should read

Jazz need 1 win to stop Rockets' season



Houston fans.....you have a problem. Even with the refs giving the advantage to the Rockets they still lost by 22. No excuses this time, the Rockets just plain lost!!!!!


Jazz win and win big. Awesome game with a few lapses, but impressive nonetheless. D-Will was AWESOME in the third, knocking down threes like they were layups. Everyone chipped in tonight and showed we can hang with anyone when we play together on D and play smart on offense. Go Jazz, let's take the Lakers!

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