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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Rockets Are going down tonight. D-will post his best game yet i garentee it. And Of Course the arena Is supposed to be loud, it's a basketball game. Bring on the Lakers cause the rockets are going home.

p.s. mccgrady will be crying after the game like last year. lol

LDS Jazz Fans

I disagree with announcers putting down a people, but there is some truth. What is even more true is what Mormons do when they go to those games, say awful terrible things, take the sacrament the next day, knowing they darn well shouldn't, but can't wait to shout obscene things at Bryant the next week, take the sacrament again, etc. Many of those awful fans are faithful LDS people, and that is the sick part. Those people mock the LDS religion. It's the same as ute fans throwing nacho cheese at an elderly man and cussing at him at the same time, then do what I described above. People do this all the time, and this is why I limit myself to following sports.

IT's A STUPID GAME PEOPLE!!!! Why sacrifice your self-consciousness of filthy talk for a stupid game? I'm so glad I'm not so into this team that I have to swear and put down opponents.

opposite year for the rockets

last year the rockets went up 2-0, this year 0-2. last year jazz won the last 2 games, this year rockets will win the last 2 games.

can not defy the laws of equilibrium


Give me crybabies anytime.

I would much rather have AK, mcrady. adelman atleast they show they want to win, want to play want win championships.

rather than sloan and boozer who never act like they even care.

boozer who goes through the motions, get few glory stats like a double double, and collects his paycheck. but won't play defense, plays soft offensively, and never get his face dirty. Who has disappeared in the playoffs and actually before the playoffs, during the regular season.

sloan who has never shown a strategic bone in his body. never watched a game film, does everything by a rigid system and by rigid routine. can't develop first round picks, how many first round jazz picks in the last twenty years have stayed with and developed with the team? Whose idea of coaching is swearing at the players and at the refs. eveyone knows that doesn't work and certainly not in the long time.

Give me players and coaches anytime who show they care verbally, emotionally, and the way thet play on the court.

Lets get rid of the ilk like sloan and boozer, and start building a real championship team.

magic was a crybaby too.

Rocket Slayer

Rockets Will go down tonight in 6. The Jazz have realized after that loss that the series is on the line and they need to play better so i think they will get there act together and win tonight so they wont have to force a game 7 in houston. GO Jazz, Bring on the Lakers for Sunday. Kobe is A Show OFF and Gasol Basically Sucks so the jazz will make it to the western conference finals yet again for the second straight year. go jazz. P.S mccgrady or as i call him mccgirly will be crying again i can almost garuntee that.


Rockets fans: Take solace in your two world championships. And your team's abilities to frustrate you fans as much as the Jazz does with their fans.

Re: LDS Jazz fans

Yeah I agree. EVERY fan in the stadium is cursing racial remarks at the opposing team. I can't believe how many PG 13+ rated remarks I've heard at Jazz and Utah games. It's so bad I think I might never go outside again. I'll just hole up in Happy Valley and stereotype everyone outside of 'my world' based on my VERY limited observations.

Get real, the AWESOME Jazz fans bring real fanhood to the games. I GUARANTEE the Jazz hear more anti Mormon comments on the road below the belt comments are made at the road teams visiting ESA.


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