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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Suck

ya i remember it was loud. but come on the blazers is where its at. I think with Brandon Roy in the mix next year they'll show you all whats up

amazing lakers

the lakers are going to kill the jazz if they even make it past the rockets tonight

LA swallowed by the SEA

the lakers will be trounced and bounced.
but first we will close out the hicks from Houston.

yes i called you hicks houston.

lay off bucher

Bucher made a silly joke about how no one could "really" be nice all the time and everyone jumps on him... it isn't a big deal, I'm mormon and I'm not offended, I thought it was funny considering Utah has some of the worst road rage in the country I would have to disagree about Jazz being the ONLY outlet but still a funny harmless comment

john stokton

i am john i hate the jazz lol not really ha ha i think that the jazz are pretty amazing right now however they are still nothing compared to the dynasty i created

Re: 20000 screaming fans

Take your BYU talk to the BYU section. (I know Harmon hasn't written a love story about the BYU program in a few weeks and you're going through withdrawls. It must be difficult not reading about who the linebacker is dating and how he enjoys spending time with granny)

This comment section is about the UTAH JAZZ baby! Hopefully the ENTIRE team shows up tonight and not just Williams and one other player. It's amazing to me how many babies are in the NBA. Crying about rough play and heckling fans. I'll bet the Jazz hear all kinds of anti LDS comments from opposing fans. You never hear them or leaders of the LDS church crying about it.

My Prediction: Jazz by 15 and the rabid Jazz fans bring it! Send Houston home.

well then hick hater

hicks will won day rule the NBA and every thing in it they can overrun the earth there word be no better Coach in the NBA than a hick


when i played for the jazz. we we're the best ever. i hope that the jazz won't suck? doesn anyone know where did jerry sloan go to college he seems to use alot of the same techniques.

Hate Sloan?

What's up with these Sloan haters? What do you want? "Ric Adolf" who cries that teams play too tough? How about Larry Brown? Wait he'll quit on us before he can get the job done! The list goes on and on! Coach Sloan is one of the best of all-time! Name a more consistant winner...We may not have rings, but at least we never have to worry about being a a celler dweller with Coach Sloan! GO JAZZ and may Sloan be the Joe PA of the NBA!!!!!!!


Sloan when to Evansville College!

korver lover

korver is so lovely his beautiful hair is majestic like to bad he plays ball like the little girl i just described

Kyle Lover2

ya you don't even know what kyle has been through. he's a very good guy. i would appreciate it if you wouldn't not call him a girl. the only thing that matters is that if you would not call him that. plus he's richer than you so whatever you say dosen't even matter. keep it up korver. p.s. will you date my son


Double ZZZ - the fans AREN'T propping themselves - that would be everyone else that has had the pleasure of experiencing the fans(ie, other teams,media, opposing fans) The Jazz are a formidable opponent and deserve some respect. I can't wait for the Lakers to get tromped. I hate "Faker" fans.

i love memo

Marry me babe!
yout think korvers hair is majestic!
look at memo's
and his nappy goatee!
awe, what a dreamboat memo is
down with korver.

do you...

do you think korver would pose for me for a million dollars. i can see it now a picture with the wind rustling through his meaty hair. what a good transaction. i love sloan. we need to shoot for more 3 pointer points p.s. thats not korvers number

your cool

hey Double ZZZ you have one to many Zs double means two mister val victorion

Greg Ostertag

I am greg, I know you all remember me.
I once hit a halfcourt shot at the buzzer
but anyways... i was a way good three point shooter.
korver seems to miss so much.
i think that my hair is probably the nicest too.
I also gave a kidney
i'm generous and my number was 00


I am confused at the attenion he garners. He is not that good looking and I agree with Ostertag(as if that is really 00)- he misses A LOT!! Don't get me wrong - he is a nice addition to the team and I think there is no doubt he is head and shoulders above the traveling Giri, but really people get over him!!

TMac will be crying tonight..

Guarantee it.


i will see you jazz fans at half time tonight. let the smack talk commence

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