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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I think a lot of his popularity, at least initially, wasn't just because of who he is, but for who he isn't. He is not Gorden Giricek. Jazz fans were just happy that Gircek was gone and someone new was here to take his place.


Hey Kyle,
Keep your brains, wits, values, and game abilities
intact. Learn more, adjust well to Utah Jazz, and play great games!!!


I've heard Karl Malone was known to refuse to sign autographs from time to time. And Stockton didn't seem the most fan-friendly, in that it seemed like he just wanted to be left alone.


Wow. I never watch the Jazz, but after reading this article, I think I'll tune in and watch the handsome tall guy, hoping he'll get lots of play time.

I think I'll also buy some jerseys and a pair of Jazz tickets. While at the game, I will purchase two refreshing beverages and over-cooked hot dogs.

All those other reporters who asked the embarrassing questions were low-brow, shame on them, but this DN reporter really took the high road and avoided all that nonsense.


I still cannot believe we picked up Kyle for Giricek. The first time i saw it, I though it was a joke. What were they thinking? The funny thing is that now Phili is admittingly looking for a shooter....oops!

Korver's free throw shooting

What I love about this guy is when it's a close game down the stretch and the other team is going to foul, who gets the ball? Korver. I don't think I've seen him miss one free throw all year.
His 3 point shooting is streaky, he shoots too many contested 3's, but you gotta love a guy that can knock down a free throw down the stretch.

Least of my Brethren

With what you can learn about his example of living one's faith, and how much of that comes from his parents' example, you begin to understand that it really doesn't matter how many 3's he drains, it matters how many lives he inspires and touches. It has become known indirectly that those he gives a large portion of his wealth are instructed to not say anything about it publicly. "Let not the Right hand know what the Left is doing"... that sort of thing. I only hope I can be equally inspired to live my faith in actions, not words. :-)


wow cant believe male jazz fans commented on this article.

I agree with the freethrow comme

I agree with the freethrow comment. I don't care if he can make 3's, if he can make his freethrows, I'm a fan. I wish all Jazz players were as solid at the freethrow line as Kyle. It would make EVERYTHING much easier.


Kyle's a good guy. He could teach John Stockton a thing or two about not being a jerk to people. Thanks for the memories John. On the court you were great to watch. Off the court you were an a-hole.


I totally Dig Kyle Korver and I'm a dude.

He's sooooo dreamy!


He has no game but at least some stupid ladies will keep him going. Korver just hit some shots, your femanine side means nothing on the scoreboard.


That is the funniest thing I have heard all week.

Old Port

Please stop with all this...you are making him soft; he needs to be FIERCE!


Just win baby!


You certainly went to great lengths to describe the cut of his hair. It seemed to (dare I say) inspire the writer in you. I personally think he looks more like Hillary Swank on steroids than Ashton Kutcher.


I'm a dude. Korver is a male Babe!!! If I had hair like that I wouldn't live in Utah County.

I hope this article doesn't ruin his game tonight because he's thinking about his sexy hair!



He's white

Admit it. That's the real reason you all love him.
10 points per game backup and he sells more jerseys than anyone. Go figure.


Korver,..i know from a teenage girl this may seem like another annoying fan mail. But korver you are an amazing person and the inspiration for your charities and your humility is a strong fulfilling characteristic. Korver (i will admit it) you have the most amazing hair and yes you are my dream guy. Soooooooo stay as you are,...and go as far as i know and believe you will. I hope this is an okay peice of mail even though i know you probably wont read this. thank you for your inspiration Korver,...and for koming to the most amazazazazing team in the NBA franchise. THE UTAH JAZZ!!!


Emma Royd

He's the hottest guy in the NBA right now. I'm just glad we've got him in Utah!

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