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Published: Friday, May 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Don't "think," don't flirt, but for heavens sake, MAKE A BASKET!


Well, I don't think I'll be naming my kids after him, but I am glad he is on the Jazz...and so are my wife and 14 year old daughter. He seems like he has his head on strait, and is humble and sincere, unlike most of the players that hit the hardwood in the NBA, ie. Kobe. He's a great fit for the Jazz and coach Sloan's system. I look forward to many years, watching him drain the 3's and playing tenacious D.

Just great

Look. I think it's awesome Korver's good looking and a good guy and a humble and what not.

But he had better hit a bunch of 3-pointers tonight if I personally am going to like him.

C'mon, Kyle, it's time a hot streak.


Hang in there, Kyle. I know exactly what you're going through.

What I think

I watch the Jazz from time to time with my husband and the question posted in this article has some sense to it because I jab my husband and I comment to him about Korver being a nice looking young man. He's also an awesome player. A definate plus for the team!


Where did he go to college?


Kyle I am tired of hearing about you from my mother and girlfriend! Good luck man!


Hmmm. Isn't Ashton Kutcher from Iowa, too? Coincidence? we think not!

School Russ

He went to Creighton. His little brother played at Drake last year.

Read the story, Russ

He went to Creighton.
Korver's appeal to certain demographics, including old ladies, is also what is keeping David Archeleta on American Idol.
Go Klyle, Go Jazz!!!!!


Sorry to have missed the Creighton part. Not enough coffee yet.

I pull for the Jazz!!

We don't care

All Jazz fans care about is his ability to hit 3 pointers - and he has missed his last 7
Go Jazz


We like him because he has the kind of image we would like to see in more professional ball players. Clean cut, has values and a desire to share his wealth with those less fortunate. He's like watching what we all dreamed would be role models our kids would look up too. Unlike so many obnixious punks out there, I believe he truly loves the game and would rather avoid the attention. Thats a true role model..


Go Jazz

At least quote the sign correctly. Two Older women with a sign "Why go for two when you can go for three" The actual sign was "Why go for three when you can go for two" The actual sign is funny your qoute makes no sense.

Who cares!

Who cares what he looks like. Just hit your shots dude!

Amen to Me

Thanks, he is what Stockton and Hornacez were when the Jazz had some family value players. Glad to see one back without tattoos all over and a bad attitude.

Get focused it's the playoffs

You need to focus on playing well and winning.I personally think we would have been better sticking with C.J. Miles, especially with the way you've been playing in the playoffs. Lets see you hit some shots man!!Go Korver go!!!!


Everytime I see Kyle I can't help but wait for him to break out in song and dance and sing a HSM song.

Get your head in the game!

Kyle, bring home a chanpionship like Troy did.


Amen to the comment early....Korver could look like the dude on goonies and I would worship the ground he walked on if he just started finally hitting some threes.


GO JAZZ!!!! If you think they all love you now, think what it be like when you win tonight!!!!

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