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Published: Monday, April 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I wonder how many women have actually escaped from this repressing lifestyle. We mainly see the two Jessop ladies, and it's so easy for people to dismiss what they're saying. I think it's great that more sect survivors are speaking up so that those of you who still side with the FLDS can hear the truth.


And she gets paid how much (plus transportation, meals, and lodging) for these "missionary" efforts?


I hate to be cynical, but it's hard to believe that Mackert wasn't intentionally blurring the line between LDS and FLDS. She could have corrected the false information, but she chose not to. While I am no FLDS supporter, if Ms. Mackert is willing to blur the truth in this way, it makes me question other aspects of her story/viewpoint as well.


You have got to be kidding....


I must heartily disagree with Mary Mackert, though I am sure she means well. Another round of religious indoctrination would not benefit the FLDS children. The fundamentals of survival, privacy and opportunities to learn to think for themselves are the balms that would serve them best. I hope CPS and the courts will steer clear of sending the children into environments where they are seen as souls to be saved instead of individual human beings.


With all due respect for Mackert's efforts, if she does not make it absolutely clear to her audience what the difference is between LDS and FLDS, she is guilty of serious misinformation.


The beliefs of this woman are just a wacky as the FLDS. These kids will be messed up if she takes them. Why is it so important to convert everybody to your way?

J Lowe

These people, for the zillionth time, are not and were not ever "Mormons"!!

Why is it that so many supposedly educated people in the press still ask pointed questions referring to them as such???????

At least this one in this story referred back to that fact that she was a "Fundamentalist" when asked about how people converted to Mormonism.

Tired of this mess!!!!!


This Christian lady is a model for others. Good for her, thank you Jesus.


A woman moves from one cult to another and now wants to convert her old cult to the ways of her new cult. Big deal. The FLDS children don't need new religious teachings, they just need parents to follow the law. For the record, if gay marriage is fast becoming legal, I see no obstruction to a future of polygamous and polyandrous marriages. That should be an issue of state rights.


These kids have had no choices in their lives. The last thing they need is to be taken in by a woman whose primary objective is to convert them to her new faith. They need to learn to think for themselves before being spoonfed another set of beliefs. How traumatizing would it be for a kid to be removed from his or her family and told "well now you worship this way"?

Besides, I think most of these kids will go back to their parents once family plans have been established and the parents have agreed to follow certain guidelines. Y'know, like "I promise not to let my daughter marry a contemporary of her grandfather and not to kick my son out of the house when he brings home a Backstreet Boys cd."

Wacked out

We need to trust people, but having proper information is necessary. this 'baptist' is full of hate and misinformation that she spews to the willing ears of bigots who not only hate mormons, but hate anything not clapping hands and donating money so the preacher can eat.


"Born and raised in Hildale, Utah, Mackert said she became the sixth of seven wives to a 50-year-old man when she was 17. "He was older than my father,"

Amazingly selfish and cruel men. This is just a travesty for all the women and children involved in this counter-culture. Brainwashed to believe that they will never find a decent spouse their own age that will be true to them. The suffering of the children has been brought upon them by these men who have abused their power and the grown women that condone the behavior.

Return the Kids

The FLDS need to agree to stop breaking the law, then the FLDS kids should be returned to their mothers.

The FLDS need to agree to:

--stop abusing their kids
--stop forced marriages, especially of underage girls
--stop kicking boys out for trivial offenses
--stop re-assigning families to different fathers
--stop abusing the welfare system
--start keeping proper records of births, marriages, etc.
--open their society so that members are free to join or leave as they see fit
--enroll their kids in public schools or create a private school monitored by the state so that their kids can receive a proper education

A, B, C

A: So she wants to adopt some of the children and convert them to her new found religion - Baptist which teaches that all other religions are evil and not christian.

B: People are starting to line up on the band wagon to adopt these kids. Won't surprise me if most of them are from Utah. These kids are going through heck right now and she wants to add to it by trying to convert them to another religion.

C: the Baptist are big into missionary work and pay the support of missionaries in the field just like they pay the pastor to preach rather then teach them on Sunday.

Not Again

Mary is well-meaning, but terribly misguided.

These kids need love and someone to care for them.

NONE of the fostercare volunteers should be allowed to try to re-educate the kids, especially with regards to religion.

ANYONE -- Baptist, Catholic, LDS -- trying to gain custody of these kids for the express purpose of forcing their religious beliefs upon these kids should be banned from the fostercare program.

Marie Devine

For the well meaning people who are concerned the children do not get to think for themselves, this is relatively new in our culture and look what has happened.
Essentially it is like asking a four year old to babysit for a four year old, or a twelve year old to babysit for a twelve year old. They do not have experience to understand consequences; that is where the parent's understanding comes in and why the word of God must guide the parents. They are as blind as children unless they have been taught God's guidance and wisdom.

Self discipline is having guidance and then conforming to that guidance. I expect that anyone would be delighted to have those children who love God and have good control over themselves and honor their parents and authority.

Children of our culture are confused with too many choices to go into things dangerous and unfulfilling, looking for friendships to be fulfilled because their parents are off working for money to support our greedy covetous lifestyle. That is slavery by the name of employment. Create a self sustaining garden paradise and treasure and protect your children with God's word. Exceptions occur, fear not.


This lady was FLDS.

Clearly she considered herself a Mormon when she was in that cult.

FLDS, LDS, both religious children of Joseph Smith.


As an Evangelical, I can tell that this dear woman is definetly "blurring the line".I know many will disagree with me, but Scripture tells us that Mormons are"saved".Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,and that God raised Him from the dead, and thou shall be saved.That's it! The other issues, such as Temples,full immersion Baptism,etc. are not Salvation related issues!We do not condemn people to Hell that disagree with us.There are people in my congregation that I don't agree with.But, I don't say to them, "Satan,get thee behind me." As far as LDS upset over being identified with FLDS, is simply the sameness of the name. For example, RLDS and LDS.RLDS is no longer thier official name in part because of the confusion.

Paid Pastors

Read 1Cor 9:4,5,7,11 or read it in context paying ministers is Bibical,Read D&C 42:73"And the bishop,also,shall receive his support, or a just remuneration for all his sevices in the church."
Modern day LDS Chaplains. Paul took money from churches.

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