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Published: Monday, April 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utefan in Cali

What a great news... Congats!!!
Best wishes to all of them. GO UTES!!!!!
Just want to note that Utah Atheletics dept. needs to put some efforts and sell their players more, starting with the improvement in each player's profile and add some of their highlights, if hey have one. They have not yet even updated them with 2007 season results.


What happened to Bryan Kiel?


Great job. Go Cougars and Utes. Lets make a statement in the NFL.

to Eric

He was over rated, the usual cougar!!


Eric, Kehl was drafted. This article is about free agents.
Thats tight that Jason Boone was picked up by the Saints after being injured early in the season last year! Congrats to him!


Did Victor Filipe (Western Oregon) get drafted at all? If not, did he sign on as a free agent anywhere? Anybody know?


Kehl went #24 in the 4th round to the NY Giants superbowl champs.


Look to the right at the "most popular" section entitled "NFL draft: Kehl thrilled to go to Super Bowl champs." Then you can figure out what happened yourself.

Utefan Cali

"If they have one", says it all. How about that pass defense on 4th and 18. That was about the only highlight they had all year. Oh yea, I forgot that was a Cougar highlight.

to Eric:

its Bryan Kehl. He got drafted in the fourth round. 123 overall.


The Cougars' Bryan Kehl was drafted in the fourth round by the Super Bowl champion new York Giants. he was the 123rd person drafted.

re: Eric

Kehl was taken in the third round by the Giants


Steve Tate was drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round. That's what he said last week.

Thanks DNews

I usually don't like to have to look for sports info in the DNews because the comments are so bad, but I couldn't find this info in the trib. Thanks


Never said anything about being drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round. Man, why do I continue to read these comments?


congrats jason, show the nfl that a country boy from fillmore, utah can make it in the pros. millard pride boone


I repeat-None of these free agents will be a contibutor to the teams that took them. Get on with your lives young men and apply your degree towards something that will benefit you and your future and families. Free agents are a dime a dozen. Less than 3% ever make it. Reality is what matters not fantasy.

Aggie Fan

No love for the Aggies? They had two players drafted. More than the Utes & Cougs.

Re: None

Although you are correct that the likelyhood of a free agent makes a huge impact on a team, it is better to be a free agent than be drafted in the 6th or 7th round. That way, you are available to have looks by several different teams, vs the 1 and done.

hey ya'll

this should tell you , just how good the state of Utah is presently looked at as having no game at all! so don't try to make mickey mouse stuff look like super man stuff!

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