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Published: Sunday, April 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh whatever. They're probably inventing these boys, in an attempt to further convince the public that CPS screwed up. Even if it is true, 2 lost for over 400 saved is a small price to pay.

AZ mother

While I agree with CPS attempting to protect these children, I don't see that the fathers are to concerned. As for (and I quote) "Even if it is true, 2 lost for over 400 saved is a small price to pay". Would you like it if those two were your children. What a lack of compassion statement.


Two lost over 400 "saved" is a small price to pay?" What an outragious horror! My friends in Europe and Australia cannot believe what is going on in the US, although some of them express contempt for the US justice system that I find myself incapable of defending under these circumstances. To think that this is the same country that gave shelter to those who were mistreated in the "old countries" for their religious beliefs! The Baptists better remember that they were once as persecuted for being "heretics" as these people are. As revolting as I consider polygamy to be, it does not justify to do what the authorities in Texas have been doing. Only the totalitarian regimes of this world behave in such a way. Those among us who call ourselves Christians better remember to behave as such. Where is the love and compassion? Where is the Samaritan's creed? Would we like to have our children taken away from us in such an absolutely cruel way? Why do some amongs us aplaud this travesty? This is the way of the Beast. Saving the children? What a hypocrisy!


ayzel you are kidding right? Please say your kidding about losing two children is a small price to pay.



I agree with ayzel. The flds have lied about so many things they are most probably lying about this, At least the children are now out of that dreadful compound.

2 lost is a small price?

Then why don't you hand over two of your children?

How cruel, heartless, and mean to suggest that the complete loss of two children is just some sort of bargain or collateral damage , a small price to pay. You sicken me.


I, too, am not very sympathetic.

There is no way two kids are missing. They could not have escaped the ring of media and lawyers surrounding the town. Most likely the 'loss' is due to misidtification- a problem caused by the 'parents'.

I also doubt the woman has only two kids- and 11 year old and a toddler.

Told ya so...

When it was found earlier that the jack-booted thugs didn't have an accurate count of how many children they ripped from their mothers' arms, I commented here saying that this very thing was going to happen. How many more children is the state of Texas going to lose? Oh well, those children aren't their children...just the children of some "weird" religious sect.

When this is all over and the lawsuits are all done, the FLDS church is going to own the state of Texas.


why wouldn't they know where the boys are if they are actually missing? Shouldn't a list be kept of who went where?


I love this stuff indicating that "saving" a few kids justifies trashing the same American rights and principles that millions of our forfathers gave their lives for. If your bleeeding heart can't stand a few childrens at risk, just spend your energy fighting legalized abortion (ie, reproductive freedom). If the constitutional issues were worth a million plus of our lives, how can we throw them away upon the first vague allegations child abuse? Why not investigate, identify the individuals who have actually broken the law, arrest, try and punish them? It is, after all, what we do to everone else alleged to have broken a criminal law in this Country.

Depriving a person of the most basic Constituional liberties based solely upon membership in a religious (or any other) group, without independant inquiry into that persons conduct, without hearing, right to counsel, etc, is supposed to prohibited by our Constitution and American heritage. The terrorists in Guantanomo (not Americans) have been afforded more Constituional protections than these Americans have.

Susan in VA

I do not agree with the beliefs of the FLDS, however I do believe these children should have been housed with their mothers. The two boys are children of a loving mother who is worried sick about them. (ayzel... small price to pay? not if they are your kids) This whole thing is a travesty of justice and reminds me of the taking of the Native American children. i thought we had learned better. Just because they are different doesn't meke them abusive... sheme on the Texas CPS.


You mean it's a hoax like the call that "justified" the raid? I guess the flds are fast learners.

bj in Utah

some say patriotism, some say religion, I say the Texas state Child protective services is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Our own state agency isn't much better. "We did it for the children", they will say with quivering lower lip. The road to Hades is paved with good intentions. The FLDS church might well have a problem with polygamy, but to raid an entire community with storm trooper mentality and abduct all the children without evidence, only unsubstantiated second hand information is just plain wrong!

inept cps

I said it before and I say it again. They will lose someone. There will be a tragedy. The chance of a death is high. There will be a coverup. CPS and the foster care system is undertrained, underpaid, an self-admittedly overwhelmed. It's Texas's own Iraq quagmire. But, hey, it is a nice retirement plan for the combatants.


WRONG that all the children were taken from individual households without proof that that household was involved in underage marrage --- A TEXAS ROUNDUP

WRONG that some FLDS participate in underage marrage --- CHILD MOLESTATION


When they were at home with their parents we knew where they were.
Wait until some die or are molested while in "protective custody". It is only a matter of time.


WTF? It is not the responsibility of the mothers of these children to ensure the CPS has the correct count, is it? I mean, a government agency with the power and authority to enter a home and break up a family should have its accounting ducks in a row, shouldn't they? Is it too much to ask that a government agency with the power and authority to enter a home and break up a family ensure accurate records are kept, children are accounted for, and mothers and informed as to the status of their children (even if they aren't allowed to visit)? First it was 416 kids taken. Now its something like 437? And a mother says she can't get ANY information on her two children?

"Those (allegations) are absolutely false. No one from CPS would say that," Van Deusen said. The best legal defense I've heard to date. I wonder if "No one from the FLDS church would do that to a child" will stand up in court, or in public opinion. What a travesty and a shame. I hope this leads to some serious revision of CPS in Texas.

Kris in AL

On what grounds did they remove infants? While the "threat" to older female children seems to be substantial, where is the threat to the babies? Where is the threat to the boys?

How does the constitution justify removing breast feeding babies from mothers who are not suspected of physical abuse?

While I think the adults in this compound are extremely wacky, I see no consitutional justification for removing the children younger than 8.

Disgusted with Texas

Good thing Texas decided to come in and keep them safe. Mass herding doesn't work so well!

I do not condone any abuse, but that includes abuse by the government officials who ignore the constitution and deny Americans their rights.


Go to Scout Camp and lose track of two young boys, and listen to the howl. Every soul is great, or maybe not!

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