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Published: Friday, April 25 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is fine. This loss will wake them up and ensure they take nothing for granted from here on out.

Sad, mad, frustrated

I would be glad to hear that each player had to shoot freethrows tomorrow until they had all hit 1000. That is horrible to shoot like that at home.

The Rockets definitely played like they wanted it more. They got the rebounds that the Jazz were getting in Houston.

Why let them back into the series? They have shown that they aren't quitters...YIKES!


Hey Jazzies you didn't think it was going to be easy did you? Last night was the first time the Rockets team from the 22 win streak showed up. Balanced offense and relentless hustle.
Take comfort in the fact that the Jazz have only lost 5 times at home this year. Of course two of them were to the Rockets. Any way great game guys. The Jazz are worthy opponents. It is a long shot for us, but maybe this series can go 7 and be another one of the epic series the Rockets and Jazz have had over the years. Go Rockets!!!!


No more sweep talk, eh Jazz fans? Even if you get past us, which doesn't seem likely now, what do Jazz fans speak of next?

Maybe the sweeping will be by LA? Oh well, ya'll will have fun booing Fisher, won't ya?

Dmitry from Moscow

D Will messed up the last play. Instead of forced shot over Landry he needed to pass to WIDE OPEN BOOZER (he got Landry in the air already) - that was 100% game winner. That would have been an act of a MATURE STAR.

I don't want to talk about free throws, rebounting, diffence pressure, and not utilizing whole team (in second half AK was ignored like last year). Officiating was bad - clear call on TMac block of AK lay up. Seemed like refs wanted to keep the intrigue in the series and pay Hou back for game 2 offensive call during last possession.

But that is an important loss if Utah wants to win the title this year. The message is clear - do not underestimate the opponent.

New York Jazz fan

Man, I wish the Jazz could have those last 15 seconds back. I know that Sloan trusts D-Will and let them go with it but people weren't in the right spots and it looked like some didn't know what to do.

That being said, they did have Boozer open twice in that 15 second stretch but I understand D-Will still taking the shot. If he would have missed, Boozer would have been there for the put-back.

Props to Houston on a great defensive effort on the last play (blocking it then keeping it from going out of bounds? sick) Game 4 will go to the Jazz though-- sorry guys!


Blame this loss on the coach and Boozer for one thing - why did the Jazz started the tempo of the game so slow? Missing a whole lot of those freebies (free throws) will definitely give the W to the Rockets!!! Definitely a winnable game Team Jazz but you have disappointed a lot of Jazz fans last night!!!

Hey Tex

"Even if you get past us?" How many points did you score last night?

Calm down everybody

It's one game and the Jazz lost. I've been a Jazz fan since they came to Utah and this is typical Jazz fan response. Everybody always know what to do better than Sloan. If everybody knows so much go get a job as an NBA coach, win 1000 games, and then get back to me with your suggestions. This is a young team and these are the kind of games the players will learn from. Sometimes in sports the ball just doesn't bounce the right way.

RE: Sad, mad, frustrated

Mega-dittos on free throw practice. The Rockets made the most of their few free throws, while the Jazz took a ton and missed a bunch.

They also need to learn to defend without fouling, which isn't as cut-and-dry as shooting free throws but should be addressed. The Rockets have been great in interviews with ESPN and TNT at spreading propaganda (i.e. whining) about the idea that the Jazz commit a lot of fouls. Say it enough times, and it becomes true. The refs must be listening, but the Jazz are doing their share too.

Until the 4th quarter, the Jazz actually held the fouls somewhat under control. The first two minutes of the 4th quarter wrecked them, because they had to play soft defense the rest of the way once they were in the penalty. No individual Jazzman got into serious foul trouble. But when every player has two or three, they add up for the team.

Could John and Karl come in and put on a defense clinic for the Jazz sometime in the next few days? Those two so-called "dirty" players were great defenders and could teach today's Jazz all about "smart fouls."


I couldn't find a clue why they escort one of the fans out of the arena? Do you have any clue why? Bad refs + team out of sync = Jazz loses.


A bit of arrogance on display especially by Boozer last night. Is it really necessary to pass "through" three opponent players to run Sloan's 1927 offense?


At least the Jazz are "good guys"

Rockets played better

It's not that the Jazz played poorly - it's more that the Rockets played well. It's nearly impossible to sweep a playoff team and I expect this series to go the full 7 games. Utah and Houston are very even talent wise and I wouldn't be surprised to see the series tied 2-2 after the next game.

Houston Fan

Houston finally showed it's true colors last night. This was a slit to the throat for Utah and it will be hard for them to bounce back. Rockets will win the next 3 games to take the series.

Go Rockets!

RE: Calm down

Yeah sure you've been a Jazz fan since day one..."I've been with them since the Salt Palace days..."

What a joke that is - is that why they used to play games in Vegas because of the "great" support and "best fans in the league"

The only thing the Jazz will earn is a chance to be smoked by the Lakers.


Let's make one thing clear Tex. Houston hasn't won a playoff series since 1997. T-Mac is on the cuff of going 0-7 in the first round. The best thing the Rockets could do is dump T-Mac but nobody is going to take his $19,014,187 salary and is "veteran leadership" to match. I can't believe he said that the Rockets don't have any "veteran leadership". How long has he been in the league? How much money does he make? He makes as much as Tim Duncan but he always finds an excuse not to be the man. If you can blame it on the officiating, throw your coach under the bus and point the finger at other Rocket team members there is a secure place for you on the Rocket roster.

Definition of consistency

2008 -- TBD

2007 --lost to Utah, 4-3, first round

2005 -- lost to Dallas, 4-3, first round

2004 -- lost to LA Lakers, 4-1, first round

1999 -- lost to LA Lakers, 3-1, first round

1998 -- lost to Utah, 3-2, in first round

1997 -- defeated Minnesota, 3-0, first round
defeated Seattle, 4-3, conference semifinals
lost to Utah, 4-2, conference finals

Still Easy

I'm glad we got the roxs in the first round. The way we played games 2 & 3 we probably would have lost to a real playoff team. That being said, I still say Jazz in 6 and then we go down to LA. Fun year and good Houston has something to take home after another first round exit.

That was the worst 3 quarters I have seen the Jazz play in a while, and we still almost won! I was very surprised to see they still had a chance after all of those missed shots.


Hey Tex. It doesn't seem likely that we'll get past you? You guys have won one game in this series not four. We still have a 2-1 lead. Tell us that its not likely when you guys win again on the road


Been reading their own press!!!!!! Could lose this series. What a joke that would be.

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