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Published: Wednesday, April 23 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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good site

I wonder if they find more than they are looking for with DNA samples. Underage girls with children not from older man but a secret boyfriend?
check out the site captive flds children dot org. It is disturbing, looks like Iraq not Texas.


Looks like only the legal daddies are showing up to claim their kids. Where's Merril?


With the given situation, DNA testing is the only real way to determine family relationships at this point. This could have been cleared up simply by the adults from the FLDS coming forward and giving accurate names and family relationships. At this point the adults are the ones creating this problem. There is no longer any doubt as to whether or not polygamy laws have been broken. It is now a question of whether or not the state and government are going to take appropriate actions to correct this. For those found breaking the law, they should go to jail. While I respect the individual rights of any group to workship as they decide, breaking the law does not fall under individual rights. There are too many reports of abuse and problems associated with this way of life from those that have lived through it. While the present situation is difficult on the children, they will soon have a better understanding of what is beyond the barbwire of their world.

Where is Merrill

Merrill Jessop is the Leader of the YFZ Ranch and you would think he would be the spokesman but he is MIA. Isn't it normal for the head of any organization to be the spokesman if they are accused of any wrong doing. He is supposed to be the one with all of the answers to accusations. But Merrill Chooses to send out the women to do all of the talking. Does this seem strange?


I am no friend of this religious sect, but people who are religious need to look at the greater implications of this issue. In America it wasn't long ago that young women were married. My Pastor (Baptist) married his wife when she was 15 and his wife's mother was married when she was 13! I don't agree with marrying young, but at what point does you disagreeing with someone give you the right to exercise the power of the government to seize their children? 1)Taking these children from their parents is unnatural. 2) I still haven't heard that they found the person who originally called with the complaint against her husband 3) These FLDS kids all look fairly healthy to me 4) One man with several wives (while I don't agree with it) isn't any worse than the 25 year old single mother with 4 children from 3 different men on welfare. If there is a domestic dispute with a woman and her husband- ok, send in a police unit to investigate. Otherwise, leave these people alone.


I wonder what the reation of those parents who are claiming the girls versus claiming boys since the FLDS is notorious for casting out male children in order to reduce the competion for the elder males.

This may end up being a benefit to them.....a legal was of gender cleansing.

Just asking??

I have a question, my brothers married my husbands sisters, (we are very close) Come on, we live in California, we are not weird. Would the DNA of our children be the same? We always thought it was good that our kids would have many kidney doners if needed. If the "compound people" had the same situation, would that further confuse the issue?


I will take you at your word that those people were married at those ages because many years ago that did happen in this country. We also had slaves in this country at one time but that does not make it right. The difference is your pastor was a one man and one woman marriage and I am sure his wife was not forced to marry him by a "Superior"

Give the children to the parents

Give the children back it is a crime to take these children from their parents
without a fair trail


As soon as the children are swept under the rug, this story will lose all its juicy excitement, and the masses will go back to which politician to keep from getting elected, or which professional sports team to root for.

In a few years, when the economy has fallen apart, people like these "fundamentalists" will be one ones getting the last laugh, since they, and people like them, are the ones most self-sufficient. Maybe when the government can no longer afford to keep these children imprisoned, they'll be forced to give them back.

Re: Give the children back to

A trial will take 6 months to a year. How many more acts of child rape will happen during that time? I would venture to say hundreds.


Why? This is TEXAS, after all. End of the bible belt and justice is fluid.

Cameron Berry



Why? Because the FLDS culture is full of abuse, both physical and emotional. Check out Carolyn Jessop's book "Escape" before condemning the Texas authorities.

to avengeance

These people are a burden on our economy, because these women are "spiritually" married, they are able to get welfare and food stamps. The church owns all the property and all income from the members go into the church, so they do not pay taxes and are able to outbid people on jobs, cause of their non-tax status. These kids have been provided for by we people who they are told are evil, but now our taxes to give them a free ride.

Poligs need to trade with China.

In China, they have a 1.5 child limit, that was the last I heard, they also think that male children are more honorable, so they do not want female children. So since the Polygamist's throw the boys out and the Chinese don't want the girls, maybe they need to do a trade. Actually, I don't believe that, both cases are disgusting, and so unfair to children, where are the boys?

Oh and Cameron, did you not read the instructions to not type in caps? We all like our opinions and want them to get noticed, but we need to get over ourselves and do things the way we are asked to, just as the people in Texas are following the laws, what we hear and what they know are very different.

Re: good site

FLDS propaganda so they can get their kids back and continue abusing them.

To Cameron Berry

This case is UNDER INVESTIGATION. There doesn't have to be any PROOF while it is being investigated. In the meantime, children must be protected from possible further abuse.

Why is this so hard to grasp?

20/20 on ABC

John Quinones on 20/20 Did a story with Brent Jeffs who was sexually abused,as a young boy,by his Uncle Warren Jeffs and Warrens Brothers. He tells of many more that were abused and how the women and children are being abused in the compound. Do an internet search for Brent Jeffs. He's Been There. Read his story and see how many still say Texas is Wrong.


evidence, charges, trial, verdict (PROOF), sentence

Some trials can take months, if not years, to be completed, after the initial report of an alleged crime.

Are you suggesting that CPS should just leave children in a potentially abusive situation until actual proof (that is, a court verdict) is decided?

Sorry little 13 year old girl. We suspect that this old man is abusing you, but until we get him in a court of law and PROVE that you were forced to marry him and that he's sexually abusing you, you'll just have to continue being abused for a while.

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