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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It was actually Greg Newman that helped Robert Johnson throw the ice cold water on Weddle. Good article!

Brent Casteel

What were Brent Casteel's stats? I want to get them out early to all the Heisman voters.

Couldn't be there

Well I have been planning to attend the R/W game but work got in the way. After reading all the recaps I am still a little concerned about the QB situation. Maybe it wont matter to much though, for ever bad thing I hear about BJ, I hear two good things about the RBs. Can't wait for them to play in the Big House. Go Utes!!

Dumb or what

Was what Eric Weddle did dumb or what? Trying to play with no helmet or pads? That was brilliant Coach Kyle to let him do that and take a chance on ending his pro career. Good thing he didn't get hurt. Weddle & Whitingham: The Saga of Two Guys Sharing Half A Brain.

Need a better QB

I think our offense is still not going to be as good as they could be this year because of the QB spot. I wish we had a truly talented QB like Max Hall. That guy is a real stud. I hope Kyle had the team work real hard on the onside kick play cause we're gonna need it this year.

nice comment:

By a dumb cougar fan, Hall is not that good I could throw the ball 50 times a game and look good too.

utah ute 72

To: need a better QB.

Max Hall in the Utah system would be a lot like -- Tommy Grady. Immobile Quaterbacks just can't run it.

Re: Dumb or What

Yup,...I'm pretty sure the only pads you need to kick a extra point in a practice game is one shoe. And I don't think Whitingham told him to run after the kick. I'm not sure it's Whit's or Weddle's IQ we should be looking at.


Weddle also should wrestle around with little kids, go to a concert, drive anywhere, or walk up and down stairs because he might get hurt...

He should live in a bubble...

He is a grown man and makes his own decisions, and he knows his own limits...

As far as quarterbacks go, we will be just fine...if you all don't remember right, we have one of the best defensive secondary's in the nation, and the defense is usually ahead of the offense early in the year, as the offense needs time to gel...

I am looking forward to a great year for the Utes, as we have gotten much better, while the TDS seems to be the same except for losing their best guys on defense...

Here is to another MWC championship after a few years off!


Hopefully we can jump on a bunch of teams early and get some of these young guys in to get some reps. I think Johnson is going to have a decent your, but probably not anything special. Louks will definitely see some time. I hope Manis does also. My guess is Christopher will redshirt. Go Utes!

To utah ute 72

Yeah, I bet you can throw a football a mile, too. Now all you need is a time machine. Now get out of here because you've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak.

Nice comment?

Max Hall is a preseason All-American. I'm confident that you could not throw the ball 50 times a game and look good too. He's better than your guy. BJ could have been amazing but he's injury prone do to the type of O the U runs and hasn't had a real shot to show what he can do. Also, Casteel as a Heisman Hopeful? Come on guys. The only time his name has been mentioned as a Heisman candidate is when he graciously predicted that he would be the next one from the U to win it. Delusional, everyone of you. Harline is still very very open, and Magic Happens!

Get a sense of humor

Casteel was joking about the Heisman. I know in Happy Valley life is very serious and there is very little to joke about, so I can understand why it is so hard for Coug fans to understand when someone is joking.

Football Fan

Hall is a great quarterback. My favorite play of his-which he has mastered-is the one where he holds the ball too long and gets hit from behind-then fumbles the ball. If the defense recovers, it's just icing on the cake. He must practice it all the time because he executed it flawlessly last season. Must be living right on and off the field.


The only thing worse than BYU football is BYU fans.

Enough already

BYU fans, we get it! You don't like the Utes, so spare us your comments. Actually, this is probably casting too large a net, because many BYU fans are decent people and sports fans. The incessant infantile commentary from the "Cougs" probably originate from about six 12 year olds whose mommies and daddies have failed to properly monitor their computer activity.

So to you delinquents, I say: have the decency to freshen up your pathetic smack one in a "blue" moon. Wow! You got us with that Harline is open and magic happens! And Brent Casteel, yup, he probably won't even be a candidate. But, since he made that remark as a froshman and is now a redshirt senior, it never gets old.

Don't you dolts have a downline you ought to be out managing (or building)?

Hall vs BJ

Does this even have to be compared? Im a Ute fan but a realistic one too. Max hall is better than Brian Johnson.


I thought comments that were "abusive, offensive, and off-topic" would not be posted. Why does the DN post all these postings that fit all of that criteria? Please be true to that red typing, so those of us with a sense of sportsmanship can read these comments without having to read such stupidity. PLEASE PLEASE don't allow posts that completely bash a school and its people. It's very offensive.


the article leaves me with the impression that the Utes were not that serious this spring. Weddle playing in the game as an alumnus???? not impressed. Sakoda should be kicking for both sides. the real players need the experience.

Re: utah ute 72

Hey Uncle Rico,

I bet your team would have taken state when you were in high school if they had just put you in during the 4th quarter.

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