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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"It is shocking and alarming to Christians that so many LDS seem to be supporting the FLDS. There is suspected child abuse going on."

The only reason "Christians" aren't outraged at this affront to civil liberties is because FLDS is "different" from you. If these were Baptist men abusing Baptist girls in the basement of a Baptist megachurch, do you think Texas CPS would take every child from every household that attends the church? Of course not. Baptists aren't "weird".

If CPS came to your homes and took 200 or so of your daughters, you think they wouldn't find four or five (about 2% of the total) that were abused? Be honest now.


"Utah will never do their people justice because the LDS still believe polygamy is the way to eternal salvation."

The LDS church supported the Short Creek raid publicly, and suffered a public relations disaster as a result.

Google it.


FLDS is in no way a 'religion'.
It is simply a cult.

Hey "G"

There is an affront to Civil LIberties, but you seem to be very confused as to the victims. You seem to consider the "victims" the whole of the FLDS. You seem to not be familiar with the group and how they function.

A woman has a son. He turns 13 and is reaching puberty at an early age. The girls in the compound notice this young boy and find his "comely." Church authorities notice his "immoral" behavior (how dare he draw the attention of girls his own age to him?!!) Church authorities tell him to immediately leave the compound. Do you understand immediately, or does that confuse you? No other family, including nursing mothers, takes him into their home but AS A GROUP ALL SHUN him. Actually it is child abandonment.

The real question is: Why are so many here not outraged at the communal nature of the abuse.

Hey Hey G

Would you try and reason with Charles Manson's "family?" ... well would you? ... so don't even both with these types!


This matter of draconian misuse of power by CPS is nothing new. It follows the feminist agenda: "All men are potential rapists", and if that doesn't work, " I felt threatened" These man-hating women can "feel Threatened" at the drop of a hat and call out the guns on anyone who opposes their agenda.

What happened to the First Amendment? (we all know that it has been diminished by the Bush administration) This matter should be tried on a case by case basis. Wholesale arrest and the punisment of babies is shocking and unconstitutional.

And no one of power or consequence steps forward to mediate. The LDS are too afraid of messing up their public image to be Christians, and the politicians have the same problem.

I often wondered why Clinton didn't come forth as a peacemaker during the Branch Davidian raid. That was a travesty of justice and this is just another black mark on the state of Texas.


I was also heartbroken to think of my own child to be taken away from me. Then I thought about my daugter being taken from at 13 and given to old man to rape and impregnate. I hope that Texas can save a few daughters and sons!


These are not just women marrying young. These are women being forced to marry relatives!! Incest is not right. This seems like a big undertaking to find the truth and do what's best for the children. I hope the state of Texas handles this well.


Government run amuck. What reason will they need to strip your kids away? Perhaps I should make one phone call and tell some lies. When some govt. agency shows up at your door to take your kids, then you'll understand. Keep justifying this type of governemt action and you'll be the next one fighting to get your kid/house/land/money/life back.

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